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Think… it does a body good…

It’s real simple… if, you don’t excercise your muscles they tend to get weak and flabby… I been told the brain is a muscle… so, it needs excercise, too.. try to think once in while…excercise that grey matter and make it strong and useful. brain

We already got enough dumbasses with withered brains running around this old world from what  I see in and out of media sources… 

It’s the heritage… stupid… really…

joe1Confederate flag wavers keep on saying it’s not a racist symbol they wave… rather it is a symbol of their heritage and history… however… the Washington Post did a poll that revealed some interesting points…

It seems that since the white power asshole, terrorist, and, racist du jour, Dylann Roof murdered nine black people in a South Carolina church, the stuff done hit the fan over flying a symbol of the Confederacy over the South Carolina Statehouse, and, ultimately, it was decided to remove a rebel battle flag that has long waved over the Statehouse and whoa Nelly; Katy bar the door… a furious debate done got ignited.

Prominent rebel yells in defense of the confederates’ symbol were exceedingly similar to these words of Chris Sullivan, a “Sons of the Confederacy” member who said… “It’s a symbol of family and my ancestors who defended the state from invasion. It was about standing up to a central government. The things that our ancestors fought for were not novel and they really are the same issues we have today.”sons of confederacy

Now, I’m not a big expert on American history to the point where I can even vaguely claim I am knowledgeable about all there is to know about the topic… but… I do know this… a quick trip to Wikipedia says…

In the 1860 prez election the elephants (a much different bunch of elephants than what we have today I must point out) were led by Old Honest Abe hisself. One of their prime planks in their campaign platform was that they opposed the expansion of slavery into U.S. territories.

Long story short the elephants and Honest Abe won the election… this really pissed off some peeps down south and before old Abe could even be inaugurated, seven slave states with agrarian/cotton based economies created the Confederacy…

Outgoing donkey prez, one James Buchanan, as well as the incoming elephants said that there secession shit was frankly… illegal.

When Abe was finally installed as the prez he said in his inaugural address that the Union would not start a Civil War.

Confederate forces seized a bunch of federal forts within territory that the so-called and self-declared rebs said was theirs…

A confab was formed in an attempt to resolve this hoorah… it failed… war was imminent.civil-war-presentation-2-638

On April 12, 1861, the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter… Lincoln called for every state to provide troops to retake the fort… four more slave states seceded and joined the Confederates… they now totaled eleven.

Ummm… seems to me like the South… aka the Confederacy… shot the first shots and not the Yankees or the union. Or… in contradiction to that “Sons of the Confederacy” member claim that the South was only protecting itself from invasion, it appears it was the South that done did the invading or an incursion into the Union.

As for what they fighting for…. standing up to a central government and the same issues we have today…

Lets grok something that the Confederate “Vice President”… Alexander Stephens once said… “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science.”

Let’s hope that what good old boy Stephens said is not what these confederate flag wavers really want but truth be told… its probably damn well so on some level or another…

So… enter in the fray the Washington Post… it did this poll to see just how knowledgeable about Southern history and heritage that these confederate flag wavers really are….

(The Post’s data comes from a survey of 522 white people in Georgia conducted by the Survey Research Laboratory at Georgia State University in 2004)

The Post wrote… “This survey was designed to assess opinions about three different potential state flags that were being considered at the time: one of these flags prominently featured the Confederate battle emblem.”

And, knowledge about Southern history was measured with two questions:

“Whether the respondent could correctly identify the famous Union general, William Tecumseh Sherman, and the number of Civil War battles the respondent could name.”

Simply put… at least to me… the results were not surprising at all…

Whites who are more knowledgeable about Southern history were less likely to support the Confederate flag. But, as ignorance of Southern history rose, so did the support for Confederate based flags.

Now… grok this… whites who could name at least two Civil War battles and then know who Sherman was… only 34 percent approved of flying flags of the Confederacy…

While those who could not answer any of the two questions… then saying they were proud to wave Confederate flags rose to 73 percent.Heritage-Is-Hate

The Washington Post declared… “White supporters of the Confederate battle emblem are distinguished not by their knowledge of Southern history but rather (by) their ignorance of it.”

The Post found a whole passel of other stuff, too…

Like… white peeps with negative attitudes toward black peeps are more likely to support the waving of Confederate flags…

Imagine that…

So… if, the claim that waving the Stars and Bars, or any other rebel symbol, is about heritage then it is obviously a heritage of ignorance of the facts that results in discrimination and oppression of just about anyone not like themselves but mostly and specifically… a continuation of discrimination and oppression of black folks.

So… now… exactly why should anyone think that waving a confederate flag… especially, over government statehouses is okay?

I’m waiting for a logical answer, and, please, don’t tell me it’s all about your heritage…

Because, frankly, the Washington Post and my own ability to read, analyze and think independently both came to the same conclusion… most rebel flag wavers don’t know diddly squat about any so-called Southern heritage or history…

And… as far as I’m concerned some peeps just wanna wave the damn things because they like being ball busters with a side of racism to go.

Heritage part duex…

Okay… now that we know that most peeps who go around waving confederate flags and say it’s all about their ancestors and their heritage and not about racism or any of that other slavery stuff are stupid and/or ignorant… orrrr… a bunch cowardly no account damn lying sobs.

So… what better way to show how stupid and ignorant peeps can be then go to places where the first black prez… the Bamster… of these Yew-Nited States of America was to appear and greet his with a bunch Confederate flag waving yahoos.

That’s almost akin to greeting someone like Albert Schweitzer… or, maybe, worse yet… Albert Einstein… with a bunch of flags with swastikas.

If, you recall I recently wrote in WTF about this black woman who was hanging around with a bunch of peeps who wave the flag of the rebels and joins in and says she does because it represents folks who fought against big government taking over our lives…

My attitude?

Okay… yeah… whatever… different boats for different folks… but still… I find it a tad scary that someone who is black would join in with a bunch of Confederate flag wavers.Duncomb

Now, I hear when a bunch of these Confederate flag wavers greeted the Bamster in Oklahoma City, they were led by a black dude by the name of Andrew Duncomb… in fact, he was the leader of a 30 truck procession, full of white pro-rebel flag wavers who went through the Oklahoma City metro area on Monday.

Mr. Duncomb has a Facebook page and it’s full of shit eating grinning rebel flag waving white peeps. And of course Duncomb, who calls himself “the black rebel,” says waving the rebel flag is all about “heritage, not hate.”

And again… I find that a more than a tad on the scary side of things… can’t put a final definition on why… just got a funny feeling about people like Mr. Duncomb who goes and does something like waving the flag of people who back in the 1800’s wanted to keep peeps like him in bondage… or… if, you would… slavery. That’s the heritage he wants to promote? Really, truly and honestly?oklahoma greeters

Now, just forget how damn insulting this was to the Bamster and his family… these flag waving rebel yellers… just what goes through a man’s head who happens to be black when he picks up the standard of a group of peeps who once upon time anted up to fight a war over whether he and his kind of folks would be kept in servitude forever and ever because they supposedly lacked the ability or the capacity to fit into the white man’s world..

Think about that…

 Just give me hole to recline in…

Just to show it ain‘t just conservatives who can say some really stupid stuff sometimes…

Recently, on the Morning Joe… which is one of the more even handed of conservative point of view shows…did a story on Barack Obama’s comments regarding the growing sexual predation evidence against Bill Cosby and the show’s liberal conscience view point person… Mika Brzezinski… said, “Well, that’s calling a spade a spade.”

Talk about your “Please, find me a hole to crawl into…” moment.

Think about this…

Now, just in case you haven’t discenrned it, yet, my politics can run very leftward of the center point on political and social stuff…

But, I can also be very conservative and sorta rigid on other stuff.

I like to think of myself as someone who has a brain inside his head and can use it.. in other words   I can think for myself…

Well… as I was scouring the internet for some images to add to this week’s WTF column I came upon an image that frankly sorta shocked me…

I mean, with all this confederate flag  stuff going around and the back and forth and my obvious stance on the rebel flags and banners, I kinda saw the image and said …”Really??!!”


Think about it… they used that symbol for one of their campaign messages/images?

Guess, it was a diffrent world back in them days… huh?

Nobody can think around here?

Last Thursday (7/9), An FDNY ambulance crew responded to a 911 calls in Hamilton Heights and found an elderly woman who needed transport to a hospital.

They did what good Ambulance folks do… got her down into the ambulance and started to drive to assumedly the nearest hospital. They soon found their route was blocked by a big–ass truck and to make matters worse a bunch of cars were double parked along the street.

The ambulance was at an impasse… so… EMTs called for another ambulance to take the woman to the hospital.

By this time, 40 minutes had gone by… luckily… according to the FDNY… the elderly woman’s injuries were not life threatening.parking5-web

Now, outside of just ramming some of the double parked cars… which in my book would have been justifiable…

I guess the most logical thing would have been to do what a witness at the scene told a reporter… “I don’t know why they just couldn’t reverse down the block.” 

Hopefully, the cops came to the scene and plastered tickets on everyone of them double parked cars and that big-ass truck…

Ya know… uhhuh… what they shoulda done was towed all their freaking vehicles to the impound… now, that woulda been justice to all them dumbasses who think they can just do what the fuck they want and suffer no consequences.

Talkin about justice…

Certain times demand certain needs that need to be met regardless of how they are carried out…

Most times I abhor violence… particularly violence that causes any person serious and unnecessary harm to their beings…. I also abhor police brutality… however… as I just said certain times there are certain causes that need to be treated with certain actions… actions that might not be deemed in the most acceptable light.

Everything you do has an effect on every other thing around you in this world… near and far… small or big… you just never know. I believe that… no one exists within a vacuum…

And all that you do has an effect on all that there is whether or not you understand or realize it….

Now where all am I heading here? 

Just here… sometimes some peeps need a good damn slap upside the head… or maybe to trip over a mop handle that was in a hallway as they were being led to their lockup… sometimes stuff that normally would be unacceptable sometimes needs to get done and I don’t think it would really upset the world’s apple cart or its serendipity or karma….

In fact it would probably reset it all to the good…

For instance… recently there was some asshole who raped an 82-year-old Brooklyn grandmother.rape

A four-day manhunt for the 18-year-old scumbag ended after his mom tipped cops to his new cell phone number and police were able to track him down and nab his ass.

I mean would it really fuck up the world’s karma if the dude hit his head on a patrol car door as he was being taken downtown for booking?

For instance… a Connecticut woman left her 4-month-old baby in a hot vehicle for 30 minutes… the reason… she was in a gym doing god knows what… hopefully she was exercising with dumbbells and not trying to hook up with another sort of dumbbells.

Cops were called to a parking garage when a citizen heard the baby crying then spent several minutes searching the garage to find the child. When she did she called 911.

Due to the windows being rolled up and the doors locked, firefighters forced the doors open to rescue the baby.images

When the “mother” returned she told cops she was in the gym… during the questioning it was found that the “mother”, earlier that day, had left the child alone in her car an hour when she went to… yep… the gym.

The child was taken to a hospital for evaluation and released to her father, police said.

“The baby is safe tonight thanks to the concern of this caring citizen,” the department said in a statement. The “mother” was busted on two charges of child endangerment and was being held on $10,000 bail.

Remember that mop handle? Would it really fuck up the balance of the universe if when a cop was taking her down for fingerprinting that the “mother” tripped and the mop handle hit in the face? 

Remember when I wrote about the poor dog that some asshole had taped its snout shut and it was touch and go for awhile whether the anima would have to be put down or not due to the injuries it suffered from the abhorrent act?

Well, that dog is doing exceedingly well, at last report…. That’s the good news….

Here’s some bad news…

Another dog has been found with its mouth taped shut, this time along a road in Denver.

Luckily, some good folks came by and saw the poor dog and did something.muzzle-1-web

Carl Allen was one of those folks and he said…. “The dog was standing still and we just saw the white tape on the mouth and I said ‘is that a dog with its mouth taped shut?”’

Allen stopped his car and got out… some other folks did the same… the dog was scared so shitless it was shaking like a leaf in the wind… it tried to run… escape.. probably thinking in its brain “Shit… now, what he fuck do these damn humans want to do to me?”

Allen said, “We just kept trying to pet it and tell it that everything was OK that we’re just trying to help you.”

Allen and others called for assistance and shelter workers were able to get the tape off and the eight-month-old pup dog is resting comfortably.

Hope they catch the muthers who done this…

And… wonder where that cosmic mop handle might be?

Choking Tiger when he’s down… 

Some sportswriters lately have been writing that Tiger Wood is a choker on the golf course… especially, in big tourneys like the just completed British Open where he once again failed to make it past the second day of play and into the last two rounds of competition of a major tournament.

Just wanna say that Woods had, at one point in his career, compiled stats in golf that no one… not even the majors leader Jack Nicklaus… had ever done.tiger2

At one point Woods was well on his way to being the greatest to have ever played the game… that is until his brain went south after he publicly embarrassed himself and wound up having his wife leaving him over his serial sexual escapades outside of his marriage… he once said he thought due to his wealth and his excellent status in his sport that the was a privileged person who could essentially do things that the commoners couldn’t.

Well, his brain fart seems to have played havoc with his game and he never has been the same on golf courses as he once was.

That doesn’t mean that he is a choker… it means he ain’t as good as he once was. tiger1

So, to all them sports writers who have the balls to say that Tiger is choking… yeah, I’m talking to you, Mike Lupica…. how about you consider the fact he is playing a game in his late thirties that few can play at on a championship level…he just might be in the twilight of his career and close to being written from the game that he might want to admit but it doesn’t mean he is choking or spitting the bit or any other tired old sayings that could be uttered unto paper or the internet.

The fact is he is just another old pro that is still trying to grab onto his glory days that just might be beyond his reach…

Doesn’t mean he deserves to be disrespected.

Luckiest man in the world… mick-fanning-attacked-shark.

Australian surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark during the J-Bay Open on Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. The competition was suspended following the incident.

He was unharmed…

surfer_mick_fanning_shark_attackFanning somehow was able to protect himself from the shark and swim away…

He was quickly picked up by an official on a jet ski.

Fanning said after making it back to safety that he was “waiting for the teeth.”

“I was just sitting there and I felt something just get stuck in my leg rope, and I was kicking trying to get it away. I just saw fins. I was waiting for the teeth.”

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  1. I read everything you said. I really did. I had a nice intelligent comment to make and then I saw the pics. Beautiful girl. Kendall is a bit skinny for my liking but she’s a beauty.

  2. 🙂
    I put those up there with you in mind… sorta… I think she’s pretty, also…a tad on the skinny side but very pretty.

    I remembered you mentioned her once and I’ve been seeing some of her pics around and said “Why the hell not?”

  3. Lil Bit on Sumter (sorry, way too much history)

    South Carolina’s Gov sent a letter to Buchanan to have him remove the troops from SC soil- in January, and repeatedly stated that the Ft belonged to the State, not the Union. Buchanan, being useless, did nothing but get fatter. (not so much like the donkeys today)

    Ft Sumter wasn’t attacked until April, when news hit that the Union was sending more troops and cannon to reinforce Sumter. (Abe didn’t give a crap, and new War was coming)

    So its not like the Union was out planting daisies in the fort. What should SC have done with a heavily fortified fort about to be reinforced with two more artillery companies?

  4. I have a weird love/hate relationship with the Kardashians. While I think they are all way too overexposed, they are gorgeous girls and I don’t mind seeing them wearing skimpy clothes. So it’s a give and take.

  5. Just playing a little devil’s advocate here.. .isn’t it the job of a legal miltiary force to take all necessary means to protect itself in the case of a probable illegal imminent attack?

  6. It would depend on if you think a state that voluntarily joined with other states to form a Union has a right to voluntarily leave that Union. If they have that right, then the fort stood on SC soil. If you think that they don’t then it was an insurrection and Lincoln has every right to send troops and materials to a viable fortified position.

  7. I am struck with the parallels of the North American colonial revolution declaration against the British and the southern Confederacy revolution against the US. Both were rooted in economics — agrarian versus industrial, with other strong factors involved (including slavery). The major difference is that the US made their declaration stick while the Confederacy did not.

    One of the exercises my eighth grade class was given in our study of American History was to debate various historical issues. I was assigned to defend the position of the Confederacy during the War Between the States. After a brief review of the differences in life style, economics, and poilitics between the North and South, I went on to argue that if the North had respected the wishes of the South and even recognized its independence, the South would have come to grips with its fundamental issues and solved them on its own. The area would not have had to suffer though “reconstruction” and the carpetbagging era. We would not be still fighting the War of the Rebellion today.

    It would have been hard on the South to win, perhaps in some ways even harder than what they experienced in losing. But even then it was apparent that the old agrarian economy was on the ropes. Whether it would have been replaced with a market economy like the North had is debatable.

    No one can say for sure what would have happened if the Confederacy had gained independence. I feel that the Confederacy would in time have become a firm ally of the US, much more so than what exists today. The Confederacy may have even led the North in the development of the human rights of its citizens.

    The Confederate flag does not represent this, of course. It expresses what the South felt was wrong but misses what it would be replaced with. This, in my opinion, is what Southern Heritage should focus on.

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