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Let’s continue this week with yet another matchup in David’s Dream Card. If you are just joining us, David has a dream card that he envisioned in his head of matches that he would have loved to see. So what is the next match on the card?

Tag match


Shawn Michaels and The Rock vs Sting and Dusty Rhodes

Why this Match?

Team WWF vs Team NWA

Vince might have an inring advantage, but if Dusty has proven anything, is he can take an asswhuppin better than almost anyone in wrestling history. Sting can also take care of himself, and if the match goes long, the Rock might actually be the first one to tire, since Dusty can kind of lay there and do nothing but take damage while getting his wind back. Lets also keep in mind that the crowd is going to be 100% NWA, even in Texas Stadium, between these 4 fan favorites.

Did you know?

Did you know that Owen Hart wrestled in the most In Your House Pay Per View events from 1995 – 1998 with 22 appearances at the shows.

owen iyh

And here are the questions for this week.

First question comes from Frosh from Rantoul

How many times did Scotty 2 Hotty actually win a match with the WORM?


After a TON of research on this question, only Frosh would make me work this hard. I found out that while the WORM was Scotty’s “finishing” move, he only won ONE match with this move. It was not even during his prime nor during his short reign as Light Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Heath Slater on a special episode of Raw back in 2012 with the WORM, but that is seriously the only match that he actually won the match with that move.


Andre the Shrimp (not from France) wants to know

How big was Andre the Giant actually? I mean, there is no way he was 7’5, maybe pushing the 500 pound mark, but Ive seen other guys in wrestling over 7 foot and they look so much bigger compared to Andre. Or was the ring smaller back then to make it look like Andre was bigger?


I can assure you that the ring was not bigger back when Andre was wrestling. You are on to something though because Andre was actually under 7 feet all. He topped out at about 6’11 and weighed about 450 lbs. To put it in perspective, Kevin Nash is actually taller than Andre.


Lance from all the way up in Maine, asks about the Ravishing one.

Was there any plan for Vince to put the WWF belt on Rick Rude? I can only remember facing Warrior for it at Summerslam, but never was a main event player.


There was some talk, sure. They had him wrestle a few times in the late 80’s against Hogan on some house shows, and on a Saturday Night’s Main Event, he again got into the main event picture in 1990 when he rekindled his feud with the Ultimate Warrior. There was some talk to have Rude defeat the Warrior for the WWE title, but it just never panned out. They decided instead to run with Slaughter winning the title as the Iraqi villian, only to drop it to Hogan at Wrestlemania VII. So yes there was some talk of it, but the cards just didnt fall into place for Ravishing Rick. He did get some World Title glory in WCW when he won the NWA title, and then called the International title, basically it was the Big gold belt which was once the WCW title belt.


Vance from Chicago asks about Owen Hart.

I have two questions about Owen Hart. First, How many matches did Owen wrestle at Wrestlemania? Did he have any prior matches prior to his match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X? Also can you tell me what Owen’s final match was before he died?


Sure, Owen had a couple of Wrestlemania matches so lets have the rundown.

Owen debuted at Wrestlemania V under the Blue Blazer gimmick in a loss vs Mr. Perfect.

Wrestlemania VII he defeated Skinner

Wrestlemania X he defeated Bret Hart

Wrestlemania XI he teamed with Yokozuna to defeat The Smoking Gunns and become tag team champion.

Wrestlemania XII he teamed with Vader and The British Bulldog to defeat Jake the Snake, Ahmed Johnson, and Yokozuna

Wrestlemania XIII he teamed with the British Bulldog as the defended the tag team titles against Mankind and Vader. The match went to a double countout.

Wrestlemania XIV he was defeated by Triple H for the European Chbampionship

Wrestlemania XV was his final Mania where he and Jeff Jarrett successfully defended the Tag Team titles against Test and D-Lo Brown.

As for Owen’s last match before his tragic death. He wrestled again as the Blue Blazer in a tag team match on the Raw prior to Over the Edge against The Godfather, who he was supposed to face for the Intercontinental Championship at Over the Edge, and Val Venis.


Matt asks me to settle a bet

So I have a bet with my friend. He swears up and down that Paul Bearer used to manage Stone Cold Steve Austin. I went back and never found anything about Paul Bearer managing Austin. Can you settle this for us? A case of Bud Light is on the line.

austinpaul Sadly I could not find a photo of them in WCCW or USWA

Well Matt, pay up because you lost this bet. Paul Bearer, as then he was known as Percival Pringle in the USWA, formerly WCCW, did in face manage a young Steve Austin early in his career. While he never managed him in WCW nor in WWE, Bearer was the first manager that Austin had.






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