Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes

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Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes


Hitchcock is one of those names that more people know then possibly his movies. Ask the average fan to name a Hitchcock movie, and after Psycho, they might have trouble, even more will have trouble after the Birds maybe North By Northwest and a few others. I’ll admit to only seeing a few of his movies, and none of his Black and Whites.,

The Vanishing Lady 1But recently I came into possession of a Hitchcock collection. Yup, 20 movies, a good many of them in England.

So I’m going to be working my way through these, and I’m going to be doing these a little differently. Instead of a 10 point scoring scale, I’m going to be doing a simple thumbs up and thumbs down on this one. If I can see ever getting into this one again, its getting a thumbs up.

We have a fairly dynamic cast of characters here. We have our Heroine, we have a Handsome Stranger that wanted to record folk-dancing, who ends up being a bit of a jerk, a doctor who seems to know too much, two British guys to seem way to worried about getting to a cricket game, our heroine’s two friends, a Businessman and his side piece; who wants him to leave his wife. Then some old lady who is way too friendly for some reason, and awaiting the train, our heroine’s fiancee who she is marrying for some odd reason. Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 classic, the Vanishing Lady!

The Vanishing Lady trainThis one is a pretty good mystery, well, two in one actually, with what is going on with the Handsome Stranger, and what happened to the old woman. You would think that the Handsome Stranger is only after one thing, but he doesn’t come off that way oddly.

There is some Black and White oddities, the bad cuts, the look that some of the outside shots are done by a crew and a camera completely unrelated to the inside crew. Some of the train scenes are a bit toward awful- almost like you see in really bad history black and white shots.

The acting is pretty good, everyone looks polished, and you could almost see this being a luxury liner (ala Titanic) or even a high-class plane ride if this was redone. You would almost think that this movie could be done today, and would be interesting to modernize the script for today’s world.

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I will give this movie a thumbs up. I think this is well acted, well written and if you do like black and white movies, worth the time to watch it. I do feel the movie runs a bit long- there is a scene near the end that just goes on FOREVER when we finally find out what the whole movie is about, and at this point I’m wanting the end. I don’t need a 15 minute action scene. I need the end. 6

I’ll be back next week with the next movie of Alfred Hitchcock. Our score stands at 1 for 1.

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