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Happy Thursday Wrestling Fans, and welcome to another edition of…..wait for it… The Wrestling Roundtable. This week we make our predictions for Battleground, which can be seen on Pay Per View for only $54.99. Or I guess you can watch it on some Network for just a little bit cheaper than that.

This week Josh is out of town so he will not be joining the Roundtable this week, but he should be back at it next week.

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings.

1. Seth Rollins- Is the WWE Champion ready to conquer the Beast?

2. John Cena- Cena needs to be at his best again when he faces off against Kevin Owens.

3. Brock Lesnar- The Beast wants his title back, will he get it this Sunday?

4. Bray Wyatt- Seems to have Roman Reigns’ number.

5. Kevin Owens- Can this guy be any more hated….by everyone?


This week in professional wrestling. 

Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 1998.

The NBA invaded WCW as Dennis Rodman teamed with Hollywood Hogan and Karl Malone teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to face off at Bash at the Beach.


Here are the questions for this week. 


With Smackdown supposedly moving back to Friday nights, and will be held LIVE, just like Raw. Will that spark your interest in the Smackdown product again? Or will Smackdown still be “just a B show.”

Steve: I can only hope that Smackdown gets better. I have to admit that I am really not a fan of Smackdown, and the reason I am not, is because have the time, I already know what is happening. I do think that once it goes LIVE on the USA Network it will draw better than it has been. I will probably watch, just like I DVR Smackdown right now, but end up fast forwarding through half of it. Ultimately it is still a B show, and it will always be a B show as long as Raw is around.

Eric: Smackdown is rumored to be moving to Fridays and will be shown live every week. Although Smackdown has a long tenure in the WWE and has been around for many years, I still feel Smackdown will always be the B show in the WWE. Raw will always be the A show in the WWE.  It has been on the air for over 20 years and widely associated with WWE. Smackdown just can’t live up to Monday Night RAW. Every wrestling fan knows it’s the biggest show of the week and what we all look forward to. I kinda consider Smackdown like WCW Thunder.

Chad: Even with the rumored move to a live Friday Night Format; Smackdown will also be the B show now I do think the live format will help at least in viewership with the results not being known the day after Raw; but Monday Night Raw is associated with the WWE and some of the most important moments in the history of business. Knowing what happens has dampended Smackdown for me but hopefully with the change it does come back



What are your bold predictions for this Sunday’s Battleground Special Event?

Steve: I will make two predictions here for Battleground. First, and this may shock you, but Seth Rollins will defeat Brock Lesnar clean. Why will this happen? Because the WWE needs to really solidify his championship reign. I think that they know that they have made a mistake by having Seth take the high road in most of his title defenses, even the way he won it was cheap. If they really want to make Seth Rollins a star and the face of the company, he has to beat Lesnar cleanly. Second, I think that John Cena will retain his championship against Kevin Owens. I cannot see Owens winning the title quite yet, but ultimately he will see WWE gold.

Eric: This Sunday WWE will present Battleground on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. I am supposed to make a bold prediction. I predict Kevin Owens walks out of Battleground as the US champion. Brock Lesnar wins the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. All the other matches on the card, I couldn’t care less about. I think those two matches will steal the show, the rest of the show will be rather meh mediocre at best. I think the WWE should have taken the month of July off from ppvs and worried about building up SummerSlam. So we shall see what the WWE does this Sunday at Battleground.

Chad: After looking at everything associated with the card as it stands right now. My 2 Bold predictions are as follows Kevin Owens will defeat John Cena to become the US champion I believe that his loss in Japan for the NXT title will fuel him to overcome Cena. In the main event I have to say the Seth Rollins goes on a trip to Suplex City ***** and comes back without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.



Do you think Sheamus will be successful with the Money in the Bank, or will he be just the third person to fail to successfully cash in the briefcase? When do you see him cashing in?

Steve: Its hard to tell. I mean he has not even threatened to cash in the MITB contract since he won it last month. Right now he is in a feud with Randy Orton, and I just don’t know what they are going to do with him at this point. I do think that Sheamus will cash in probably sometime early next year, but I will say that I don’t think that Sheamus will walk away with the championship.

Eric: This year’s Mr. Money in the Bank is the one and only Sheamus. This award has been won by many legends such as Edge, Rob Van Dam, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler just to name a few.  My prediction though for Sheamus, I think he will join the likes of John Cena and Damien Sandow and cash in money in the bank  but will NOT win. I don’t see the WWE having anything for him as the top guy. He hasn’t gotten over with the fans as a heel like the WWE had hope he would. I think he will try and cash it in at possibly Survivor Series but when he will try and cash it in, he will be unsuccessful and will lose his money in the bank contract. I just don’t see anything happening with Sheamus cashing in his contract.

Chad: I think with this year’s Money in the Bank; WWE forgot they unified their World titles by having Sheamus win the match; when they had a Raw and Smackdown Heavyweight belt Sheamus was in that mix for a major championship. However, I don’t see him being able to successfully cash in the briefcase as of right now because I see the champ being Lesnar and I don’t see WWE killing Brock’s momentum by having him be cashed in on twice in a row.

Adam Rose

Is Adam Rose’ gimmick now with Rosa Mendez ultimately going to hurt him? Or, is this best for his character?

Steve: Adam Who?? No this makes absolutely zero sense for Adam Rose to disband his Rosebuds, and form a courtship with Rosa Mendez. He was fun to watch with the Rosebuds, and it is just intermission when he is on right now. Just a stupid gimmick if you ask me.

Eric: Adam Rose recently has dropped the Rose buds and gone with only having Rosa with him. I think this has just hurt him. I think the WWE built him up so well and I thought they actually had something with him but it didn’t plan out as they had hoped and was a flop. Adam Rose has been on a downward spiral for quiet a while now and I think it’s only a matter of time before he is either fired or moved back to NXT. When he was in NXT, he was hot and then when he was first announced coming to the main roster I was excited but he hasn’t done anything and now he don’t have the rose buds, I could care less about him. Like I said if he keeps going in the direction he’s going now, it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone.

Chad: After watching the ESPN NXT documentary and that featuring Adam Rose and the company’s attempt to find something that worked which turned out to be the Rosebuds. To see the company remove the Rosebuds and go with Rosa Mendes I just can’t even understand that reasoning.


tough enough

Would you agree or disagree that Tough Enough, so far has been a failure?

Steve: I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Never liked Tough Enough, Never watched Tough Enough, so I could care less about Tough Enough. It makes no sense to even have this with NXT as solid as it has been. Just my opinion. I would have to say that it has been a failure, just because I don’t watch, and since Josh is out this week, I will be the heel of the group.

Eric: The return of one of the first reality shows tough enough has been a big failure for WWE. I can remember when the show first debuted years ago, I was excited for it and I watched every episode however over the years it has just gotten dull and boring. Also a fun fact, no winner of tough enough is still currently employed through the WWE. So the competition is kinda pointless. I think there is way better things the WWE could be doing now a days and tough enough isn’t one of them. I enjoyed it back in the day, but now it’s just an epic fail, kinda like Adam Rose with Rosa as his manager.

Chad: This Tough Enough has been a disappointment especially with the success of NXT. I personally loved the original Tough Enough reality show hosted by Al Snow on MTV. It was a interesting look at the inner workings of getting to WWE. But after having the more prominent names in professional wrestling come non-winners (Miz, Morrison, Ryback Kenny King, Matt Morgan) than from the champions especially Daniel Puder almost making Kurt Angle tap out in a shoot fight on Smackdown. This Tough Enough has been a disappointment especially with the success of NXT

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