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Always talking about bad stuff here and now in this column it seems… and… then something comes along that cracks my heart and makes me more than a tad misty eyed and sort choked up all inside… but in a good way… Love may be a second hand emotion that can take and break your heart but it also can pick it up and put it back together again… or… in breaking it can be strengthened more than ever thought…  love…

And it can be found in sometimes in ways a person may have never thoiught it could be…

Then there’s justice… and, that’s another story entirely…

What’s love got to do with it…

joe1If ya’ll read me in this space with any regularity then ya’ll know I am very large on berating on any asswipe who do evil unto animals… I personally despise those troglodyte cretinish less than human pukes.

Clear enough for any newbies reading me today?

Hope so…

Simply put…there ain’t… at least in most parts of the U.S. of A…. any critters that twill do most of us folks any harm… usually even wild animals just wanna go the other way and avoid us. Yeah, there are some examples of mountain lions or bears or some other critter attacking peeps but really those are the big exceptions and not the rule…

And… as far as pets.. .like pup dawgs or cats… or any other household type animal… why would anyone wanna do them harm? All they want from anyone is a little kindness and some food, water and shelter from the storm. And, then talk about loyalty… they will think you are the greatest thing to have ever happened to them. As long as you do what’s necessary to make sure they can adjust and adapt to what goes on in your home with a little patience and a lot of love, and, then damn, the critter will be a part of your family…

But nuff about that…

What I really came to do today is talk about something I recently read somewhere… I actually forget if I found it online or in the pages of the NYDN… any way…

This cough my attention…

“He went to doggy heaven as a happy, pampered pup who finally knew love.”

Huh… what’s that all about now?

Just this… down Georgia way was a sad case of a little mixed-breed pup dawg named Chester who was waiting for his turn at the gallows pole… that is… he was abandoned at a high-kill shelter and covered in matted hair and tumors… with no chance in hell that anyone would even think about saving the poor little pooch from going through death’s door.chester12n-3-web

That is until Nicole Elliot walked through the door and into his life…

Nicole Elliott took Chester home. .she adopted him despite the fact he was terminally ill… she decided to give Chester one “awesome final ride”.

She spoiled him with hot dogs, ice cream and belly rubs, taking him on swims, shopping sprees and giving him soothing oatmeal milk baths.

And she created a Facebook page…. .Chester’s page… that told his story… “Chester’s final journey.”

The page had more than 76,000 followers…

Notice the past tense of that last sentence…

On Friday last, Nicole wrote… “I have written and erased this post several times because I feel like once it’s up it makes it feel so final. I am so sad to tell everyone that my sweet baby Chester has left this world. I am heartbroken, but at the same time I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I held him until his last breath and then some. I told him it was ok to let go, and how loved he was. I know without a doubt Chester died knowing that he mattered. He knew love.”love an animal

“He is now pain free and running around with all of your babies that have gone before him. Chester’s journey with us was too short lived, but his presence with us will never be forgotten. Thank you all for loving him. He will always hold a special place in my heart.”

I can’t add anything to that… would that we all could love as free and strong as that…

Nicole you did good and there will be a special place for you next to Chester when the time comes… but with a soul and heart as strong as yours… full of love and kindness as yours… may that time be long in coming… we all need folks like you in this world to carry on with the true meaning of what life should be about…

You did damn good Nicole…

 Justice for all… 

We all, by now, have heard demonstrators who took up Eric Garner’s last words and made them into a mantra…a cry… for justice… “I can’t breathe.”

Eric Garner was the man NYPD rousted on a Staten Island street because he was selling loosies… single ciggies… and decided he needed to be taken into custody for such a heinous crime. An officer… Daniel Pantelo… placed him into a choke hold… a departmental frowned upon move that is supposedly not allowed. Garner more than few times cried out that “I can’t breathe”… and then he wound up giving up the ghost while lying helpless on a cold hard cement sidewalk.garner12n-29-web

Garner, the married father of six, was declared a homicide victim after an autopsy by the city medical examiner… officials said he died from the chokehold and compressions to his chest.

A grand jury declined to indict Pantelo… the perpetrator and person who did the most to cause Garner’s death.

None of the other cops at the scene… at least eight who did not a thing to assist a helpless and dying Garner… faced any criminal charges.

Two EMTs and a pair of paramedics, who were at the scene, were suspended due to the fact that they offered no aid to Garner, either… they failed to provide a stretcher, oxygen or any help of any kind to Garner.

The paramedics have since been returned to duty…. the EMTs still cannot have any contact with patients.

Garner’s mom says… “It’s hard to imagine that it has been a year and nothing has gotten done. Still haven’t gotten any justice. The police officers (involved) are still walking around there free, still out on the street.”

Garner family’s has retained a lawyer and they say they intend to sue NYC for $75 million. Sources say the attorney is in talks with the city Controller that could result in a settlement.

(The family had until Friday, a year from Garner’s death, to file any lawsuit, however after some back and forth it is now reported that the family has accepted the largest settlement ever from NYC in an unwarranted death caused by cop… rumored to be at least $5.9 million.)

And while a possible federal case against Pantaleo was growing this here is the truth of the matter as I sees it… a man was selling loosies… whatever history he had with the cops… because I believe there was something more involved between Garner and the cops besides just selling these damn loosies… it should have had no bearing on what went down on that day. Somebody should have been called… someone with more power than the damn ineffectual sergeant at the scene… that just could have said… “Let’s every one back off…. Let the man walk away… we can contact him later and deal with this when things settle down a bit… this ain’t the crime of the freaking century… its just loose cigarettes…. “

That was never done…garner12n-33-web

Now… NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, just last week, signed an executive order that named state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as a special prosecutor in cases of police-involved civilian deaths.

Gwen Carr… Garner’s mom… was there when the governor made the announcement… she said it was “a day of justice.” And, then wondered if there would ever be a day of justice for her son.

Carr, just a few days before the first anniversary of her son’s death, sat in her apartment alongside a shrine to his memory… a seven-piece art collection on a wall that memorializes him in photos, collages and drawings… one shows her son’s face with the words… “The Injustice Stops Today.”

Carr believes Garner’s death was due to the hue of his skin…. “I always say, if Eric Garner was white and in the suburbs and doing the exact same thing my son was doing, this would never have happened. Being that he was who he was, they just felt like he was a nobody.”

A year goes by and we have learned the city pays out a $5.9 million pity payout to sooth the city’s conscience and stop a potential quagmire of a legalistic briar patch… and… justice is lacking in the way it has served us all… a man is dead… a family is without a dad… a community is still dealing with the aftermath of Garner’s death… even to the point that now cops are loath to physically confront peeps in the neighborhood and crime is on the upswing, while no one was even held slightly responsible for anything… not the cop who applied the chokehold… nor the eight cops who stood around doing nothing… or any of the medical personnel either at least four by my couth who did absolutely nada to try to see if Garner was breathing uninhibited or not. Not a damn fucking thing by every account that I have ever read… and not some solitary person was ever brought up o nchjarges of any type of neglect whatso ever… but the city give up $5.9 million that is supposed to make it all go away… make all better… or at least less hurtful.

Justice in America is not supposed to be like this… justice is supposed to be about accountability, atonement and correction… justice denied to one person… be it Eric Garner… or anyone else… is justice denied to us all…

Justice sleeps in the concrete jungle and we should be afraid… very afraid.

Say what?!

Now… we all know that as Eric Garner was laying on the the sidewalk gasping his last breaths that four medics arrived from Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) and did nothing to assist Garner. But now I have just read there was no EMS officer was there that could have helped them to navigate through the crowd of cops that surrounded Garner.

Huh? What’s that? An EMS officer?

Turns out it’s a cop that could have had a huge effect on what them RUMC peeps could or could not do to help Garner.images

Vincent Variale, president of the FDNY’s Uniformed EMS Officers union, said, “Having an EMS officer at the scene is imperative to make sure patients are getting the proper medical care. The police are trained to protect and secure the scene… we’re the ones focused on patient care.”

In the video that surfaced after Eric Garner’s death it shows that none of the medics supply Garner medical assistance… no oxygen or CPR.

Variale says, “I assure you, if an officer had been there, those medics would have, at the very least, administered oxygen.”

The NYDN reports that only two EMS officers were covering the entire borough of Staten Island back on that fateful day… one was already at a cardiac arrest call while the other was 23 minutes away and by the time the officer got to Garner… the incident was over. Garner was dead.

Variale adds this… “EMS has one officer for every 20 employees… that ratio doesn’t comply with federal, state or city standards.”

Variale contends that NYPD is supposed to have one supervisory officer for every seven cops, and the FDNY should have one for every four firefighters.

Ain’t that a kick in the head and the ass… that’s the reality according to Variale… if NYC was complaint with federal or state or city standards Eric Garner would probably be alive today…

What you talkin’ about, Jeb?

5) The NYDN ran an editorial the other day that said… “The millions of Americans stuck against their will in low-wage, part-time jobs deserve serious attention from presidential candidates, not the cynical gotcha attack that Democrats have zinged at Jeb Bush.”

The NYDN went on to describe how Bush met with editors of the Manchester, N.H., Union-Leader and restated his goal of achieving 4% economic growth… almost double the current lackluster rate.

He was quoted as saying “We have to be a lot more productive. Workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we are going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”

The NYDN said that Bush had just said “delivered a dead-on diagnosis of a central challenge facing the country, still yet to fully bounce back from the Great Recession.”

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush

And, then newspaper said that the Donkeys quoted the Bushie clan dude out of context when they accused old Jeb of slamming America workers when they keyed on the mere six word phrase… “People need to work longer hours.” Essentially calling America’s work force lazy ass bums.

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee said, “Easily one of the most out-of-touch comments we’ve heard so far this cycle.”

Hillary said, “Anyone who believes Americans aren’t working hard enough hasn’t met enough American workers”

So the NYDN editorialized “Spare us the disingenuous dudgeon.

“Fact: Just 63% of Americans have jobs or are actively seeking them… which is the lowest workforce participation rate since the late 1970s, and is still heading downward.

“Fact: The ranks of those employed includes a whopping 6.8 million people who are stuck in part-time jobs… and the diminished paychecks that go with them — because they can’t find full-time work. While the number is declining, it’s still 3 million higher than before the recession.

“Bush was clearly referring to this lingering plague of underemployment when he spoke of “longer hours”… and his Democratic attackers just as clearly knew that.

“They are playing one of the oldest games in American politics… wrenching an opponent’s words out of context to spin them as outrageous.”

Just gotta tell you… I read what the NYDN reported and when I saw them six little words… first thing I thought… he was calling us workers lazy ass bums, myself. 

Next time try to say what ya’ll mean and mean what ya’ll say and leave nothing to interpretation…

And, when a news rag tries to editorialize maybe they ought to try and be clear that they do the same.

Some stuff running through my brain…

Seems the news wire services been saying that it appears that Bill Cosby gains his “conquests” over women by plying them with drugs like Quaaludes… better known as 714s back in my long past druggie hippie days…Icebreaker

Now, the one thing I know about the old Rorer 714 is it usually makes you limp as fish if ya’ll take enough of them… for person unused to them… one can have a very “downing” effect. I remember my first time doing one and it was to say the least as if everything around me was like I was in a slow motion movie until I feel like a limp wash cloth onto a couch.

Now, knowing this…

Why in the hell does Cosby wanna have sex with a wet wash cloth? Hell, get a damn blow up doll, puff it up to three quarters of its full size and it would probably give him the same physical effect and he woulda saved a hell, of a lot of moolah on the damn drugs.

Ya know them bathroom handicap stalls… come on you know you do, because ya’ll do it… go and sue them… especially, if ya’ll got a little extra girth to your body. I mean they is roomy as all get out. You can sit all comfortable without your knees in your face or scrunched ina tight ass little space that was designed for a thin as a rail short peep…Bathroom_BWF_edited-1

Can anyone tell me why they got the damn toilet paper thingies down almost to the floor? I mean it’s bad enough when they do it in a non-handicapped stall… I mean… now that small space is made even smaller as there’s no room for your legs and knees at all… but come on really… in the handicapped stall? Person with some type of serious handicap is in a wheel chair… has to use the facilities… now needs some toilet paper and ya’ll gonna make him struggle to reach over and then way down almost to the damn floor?

Who the fluck designs these things? The Marquis de Sade? 

And, what the hell is up with all them peeps that think their turn signals on their vehicles gives them total freedom from me in the next lane?images

Peep turns on his signal and just starts pulling over… that forces me to decelerate post haste… sometimes causing me to press on my brake a tad harder than I want to…the guy in back of me who already is following too closely and is texting on his freaking phone almost rams me in the ass end…

Your signal may be on but you still need to look and make sure all is clear you dumbass before you pull over your multi-ton vehicle of metal, glass and plastic into the lane that I happen to be driving in. Sorry… but it really is a fact of physics that there will be serious consequences if two articles try and occupy the same space as the other.

And don’t get me started on those dumbasse who don’t even use their turn signals and still pull into my lane…

Speaking of texting… why in the hell if there is a law against texting while driving isn’t there a law against texting while walking…

Guy comes aroud the corner of hallway… arms full of crap and he’s got his nose buried in his phone… almost runs me down… “Oh, sorry”, he mutters as he walks away still texting….

Why I oughta…

This week’s gratuitous pictures…charlotte-mckinney-white-bikini








Charlotte McKinney (23) is an American model and actress..





Another thousand words…



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  1. Joe, not all cases lead to the failure of a grand jury to indite.

    After all the other cases which have come to light regarding police misbehavior, there is the case of Floyd Dent. He was a black man pulled over by the Inkster (suburb of Detroit) police, pulled from his car, and pummeled by one officer with other police standing around watching. He could be heard on the dashcam video asking repeatedly, “Why you beating on me.” Hospital records showed that Mr. Dent suffered severe lacerations and damage to his eye socket. He was not given medical attention until long after he had been booked.

    A Detroit TV station (WDIV-TV, Channel 4) obtained a copy of the dashcam video and presented an on-air documentary of the incident. Mr. Dent’s attorney asked why the police officer was not
    prosecuted. The officer replied that he felt threatened. The dashcam video showed clearly there was no cause for the officer to fear him. The officer was asked by a TV reporter why he had pulled Mr. Dent from the car before even asking for a driver’s license, and the officer responded because Mr. Dent had tried to run away from the police when they tried to pull him over. This story was again refuted by the dashcam video.

    The police officer then claimed that the traffic stop was a result of a drug investigation, and that indeed drugs had been found in Mr. Dent’s car. Mr. Dent passed a polygraph test regarding his version of the incident including his statement that he was not involved in drugs and that there were no drugs in his car. A frame-by-frame review of the dashcam video seemed to show the arresting officer reaching into his pocket and placing a plastic-wrapped package into Mr. Dent’s car.

    It turned out that the officer had been fired from the Detroit police department for suspicion of planting evidence. An investigation was conducted by the Wayne County Prosecutor with assistance from the Michigan State Police. That report has been completed but has not been released to the public. It is interesting to note, however, that Inkster has offered $1.4 M to Mr. Dent in settlement (which was accepted) and that the officer is now awaiting trial on criminal charges stemming from the incident.

    So sometimes, sometimes, those in charge get it right. The Wayne County prosecutor in the case was Kym Worthy (who was also part of the team that nailed Kwame Kilpactrick). I don’t know, but she might have taken the route of a preliminary hearing rather than risk the problems associated with grand juries. And when we get to the point where more and more of those (including prosecutors and juries of all stripes), who are supposed to protect all of us, then (and only then) will we be taking a step toward a better society

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