Espy Ballot part 3

ESPYLast Year, Earl and I went through the ESPY ballot and made our picks. This year I opened it up to the entire 7# panel.

I’m going to go in reverse order, so you can make your picks with us as you watch the show.

This section here, is the biggie, we know, or should know, who these people are, and this time the panel knows all and can really see who deserves the awards that mean nothing.

Let me also state I HATE the fact that Disney moved this to ABC.

Best Coach/Manager
Geno Auriemma, UConn Huskies
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors
Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Blue Devils
Urban Meyer, Ohio State Buckeyes

Jim: I’m going with Urban Meyer.  he’s done it with every team he’s coached, and he’s proven he’s simply the best right now.

Steve: Urban Meyer, Ohio State Buckeyes- Led his team to the National title with a third string QB.

Joe: Geno Auriemma.. time he got recognized for what he has done at UConn… to build and then keep that program on top  for so long, and be as dominate as the Lady Huskies are, is a remarkable feat.

David: Stunned Joe went with Geno, I mean really.  I’m taking Urban Meyer, simply because he did it from the 4th rated team in a single elimination tourney narrowing out The Hoodie.

Best Play Pick Top 3 in ORDER  Odell Beckham catch
1. Odell Beckham catch vs. 16. Albany goalie lacrosse goal
2. Bahamas Bowl Hail Mary vs. 15. Dwayne Bravo cricket catch
3. Lionel Messi goal vs. Jerian Grant dunk
4. Malcolm Butler INT vs. 13. Josh Sheehan triple back flip
5. Stephen Curry step back 3 vs. 12. Ameer Abdullah TD run
6. Ronda Rousey armbar vs. 11. Gerald Green dunk off the glass
7. Tyler Ennis goal vs. 10. Shoni Schimmel circus shot
8. Kevin Pillar catch vs. 9. Jeremy Menez goal

I just Had them pick and rank the top 3.

7 pts Ronda Rousey armbar (Jim 3)(Joe 2) (David 2)
6 pts Odell Beckham catch (Joe 3)(David 3)
2 pts Josh Sheehan triple back flip (Jim 2)
1 pt Dwayne Bravo, because he’s just something special. (Jim 1)
1 pt Tyler Ennis goal (Joe 1)
1 pt Malcolm Butler INT (David 1)

Best Gamesuper bowl 49
A’s vs. Royals, MLB AL Wild Card
Spurs vs. Clippers Game 7, NBA Western Conference Quarterfinals
Patriots vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl

Jim: Personally, I give it to the USA Women’s team yesterday, but the Super Bowl was just a fantastic game with an ending that will be talked about forever.

Steve: Patriots vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl- Any SuperBowl that comes down to the final play has my vote.

Joe: Pats beat Hawks.. .came down to the last minutes and the Hawks blew it but still an exciting finish.

David: Can we top the Super Bowl? Heck no.

Best Upsetkansas-city-royals1-
Georgia State over Baylor, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
Kansas City Royals wins AL Pennant
Mississippi over Alabama, FBS

Steve: Kansas City Royals wins AL Pennant- Only because how they did it, in a sweep over the Orioles.

Jim: Oh, easy pick.  To overcome the beasts with unlimited wallets is amazing.  I give this to KC all day long.

Joe: Kansas City… Nobody picked them to do anything and they almost won the World Series.

David: I have to go with the Royals here, not only was it a season-long upset, not a simple one shot deal, but they did it against some major funding.

Best Record-Breaking PerformanceKlay Thompson
Lauren Chamberlain hits 91st home run in NCAA softball
Devin Hester takes punt in for 20th touchdown return
Peyton Manning throws record-509th touchdown pass
Klay Thompson scores 37 points in a single quarter

Jim: Peyton and Devin are in the twilight of their careers. They didn’t break a record because of some great “performance”, they just hung around long enough to finally get it.  Lauren Chamberlain missed 25 games last year and only hit 12 HRs, and still broke the record this year. That’s DOMINANCE.

Steve: Klay Thompson scores 37 points in a single quarter- He did WHAT??? Thats what I remember saying when I heard this.

Joe: Lauren Chamberlain… Truthfully none of these really impresses me…  so I guess setting a HR record takes he cake.

David: Peyton and Devin are compiling records, you play long enough, you get enough chances, and you can do this. Lauren is similar- over the course of a season. Klay is busting out once and destroying the other team.

Best Breakthrough AthleteJordan Spieth
Odell Beckham Jr, New York Giants
Mo’ne Davis, Little League Baseball
Cardale Jones, Ohio State Buckeyes
Jordan Spieth, PGA

Jim: Hard to go with a golfer in this category, but come one.  He’s crushing.  Jordan Spieth.

Steve: Mo’ne Davis, Little League Baseball- This girl made a name for herself and put herself on the map.

Joe: Jordan Spieth… Masters and US Open back to back… nuff said.

David: This one is a bit hard to guess. Define “breakthrough” Its almost like the Best New Artist Grammy. I got issues with a Little Leaguer and a Buckeye that might not be starting this year. Spieth might be the best choice, since if Eli had thrown a better ball, we would not be talking about Beckham.

Best Championship PerformanceAmerican Pharoe
American Pharoah, Race Horse
Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants
Lauren Haeger, Florida Softball
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Jim: If it’s “Championship Performance”, eliminate Haeger and LeBron.  They didn’t win a championship.  And since this was the first triple crown in 37 years, I’d have to go with American Pharoah.

Steve: Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants- Absolutely dominant in the playoffs to lead the Giants to the World Series title.

Joe: Pick is American Pharoah… Almost went for LeBron because of how he almost single handedly won the NBA title for the Cavs but how can I ignore the 1st Triple Crown winner in what seems like a gazillion years…

David: How exactly is LeBron and Haeger a champion? Anyway, I’ll take a horse here. Simply because he did all the heavy work in winning.

Best Female Athleteronda-rousey
Ronda Rousey, MMA
Breanna Stewart, UConn Basketball
Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
Serena Williams, WTA

Jim: Ronda Rousey, and quite honestly, nobody is even close for second place.  She’s the most dominating force in sports in 2015, male or female.

Steve: Ronda Rousey, MMA- Close here between Ronda and Serena, but Ronda could kick my ass. So I pick her.

Joe: Pick is Serena Williams… was really tempted to pick Breanna Stewart… but… see the comment for LeBron… she is the best in the world right now in my opinion.

David: Rousey by a mile. She crushes everyone, and almost all of them are at the top of their games, and could easily be champions in their own right except Ronda is standing in their way.

Best Male Athletelebron
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
JJ Watt, Houston Texans

Jim: JJ Watt.  Had LeBron won it all, I’d pick him. Curry had an amazing supporting cast.  JJ Watt can single handedly change the outcome of a game.

Steve: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors- Have to go Curry here with the amazing things he was able to do on the court and led his team to a championship.

Joe: Pick is LeBron James… Because he is that good and is capable of just taking over a game and dominate.

David: Hard to figure this one out. I can’t take Curry or Rodgers- How is Aaron a nominee here? JJ Watt and LeBron dominated their sport, but neither won the title. Since ESPN is not about to let LeBron walk out of here without an award, I’ll give him this one.


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  1. Stunned that I picked Geno… really?!

    The man deserves the recognition… he won’t win, but, with my vote, I’m giving him his due, at least.

  2. Steve picked Ronda over Serena because Ronda could kick his ass…? Umm, Steve….Serena could kick your ass too. 🙂

  3. now, David be nice… but… that little leaguer could probably kick this old man’s ass, too.

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