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Let’s get started with yet another match on David’s Dream card. Here is what we have so far. The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Road Warriors and the Power Warrior, Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Tommy Dreamer, Randy Savage & Magnum TA vs Triple H & Paul Orndorff.

Next match on tap is a singles match

Kurt Angle vs Mr Wrestling II

kurt      mrwrestling

Why this match?

Well, two problems, I want Kurt Angle in there with a star- guy might be the GOAT in ring talent of all time, but I’ve seen him with everyone. On this card, I’ve had him in a ladder match with Shawn, an Iron Man with Bret, the Fall Brawl and even a three way dance. I wish I had seen the original Mr Wrestling. Considering how special he was as a legit stretcher, it would have been fascinating to see this one. Mr Wrestling 2 was a more modern era face, but someone who made a simple kneelift seem almost as devastating as a powerbomb. Again, I would cheat and use Mr Wrestling, but I’m nothing if not a stickler for the rules.


And here are the questions this week.

Dennis takes us back to Wrestlemania IV


I was watching Wrestlemania IV and had two questions. First, Did Ricky Steamboat have permission to bring his baby to the ring? Seemed kinda odd to me that be brought a baby in the ring. Also, why didn’t they have Steamboat go over against Valentine and set up a rematch against Savage from Wrestlemania III?

To answer your first question on why the WWF (at the time) did not do a rematch between Savage and Steamboat. This was actually going to be the case leaving Wrestlemania III, Vince had in his mind that they would have yet another epic rematch at Wrestlemania IV, quite possibly again for the Intercontinental championship. However, as I stated many times before, Steamboat had a baby in the summer of 87, and took some time off to be with his wife and new baby. This did not set well with Vince because of the timing of Steamboat’s push. They were pushing both Steamboat and Savage to be a part of the main event and a potential World title run. Now as the brackets went, sure Steamboat could have gone over Valentine, and set up a match between he and Savage in the second round. However, the problem was, Savage was set to win the tournament and it was not going to be the match they would have wanted between the two. They were both faces at the time, and putting a face vs a face back then was really unheard of.

As for your second question, Yes Steamboat had permission to bring his baby down to the ring. Vince was worried about liability, not so much getting in the ring, but coming down the isle, he was worried a fan may try and touch Steamboat and he would drop the baby. Some extra security was in place to make sure that didnt happen.


Our very own David from Shreveport LA chimes in with a couple of questions.


Side Question. How come Mike Morgan isn’t a star? I never could understand how he had all the talent and look, and could talk, but did jack squat.

Morgan had some back stage issues not only in the WWE, but also in TNA wrestling. He was very difficult to work with in and out of the ring. He had the look, and the talent to make it in this business. Honestly, I don’t think Morgan had the drive or desire to be on top of the business. If you look at the guys who have held a World title in any promotion. You can take a look at their work ethic, and the amount of time that they put in to make themselves, and their character better.


Has there been any wrestler to main event all the major PPV events from WWE and WCW? Main event meaning final match on the card. PPVs include WWE Mania, Summerslam, Survivior, Rumble. WCW include Starrcade, GAB, Fall Brawl, Havoc.

So Eric and myself researched this until we were blue in the face, an we found out that Randy Savage was the only one who has main evented in these pay per views. Savage faced Dibiase and Hogan at Wrestlemania, He main evented Summerslam 88 and 89, He main evented Survivor Series 88, He was in multiple Royal Rumbles. Then we switch over to WCW where he faced Ric Flair at the Great American Bash, Hogan at Halloween Havoc, was involved in War Games at Fall Brawl, and also faced Flair at Starrcade for the WCW championship. So as far as being in the main events in all of these, there is no Hogan, no Flair, no Big Show as when I first heard this question those were the first that came to mind.


Doug asks a question about reigning champions

Do wrestlers get to take home their championships when they are the current champion, or do they have to keep them with management in WWE?

Sometimes. They are allowed to take the title home with them if they are featured in special events like a talk show, or something like that where they would have the championship with them. Typically however, there is a representative of the WWE with them. There was an occasion where a wrestler actually lost the championship belt, and they were forced to have a replica title made for that match. It also happened in 1990, not so much a wrestler, but someone forgot to bring the Intercontinental Championship belt to the arena. This was the finals of the Intercontinental championship tournament between Mr. Perfect and Tito Santana. If you watch this match, in the end you see Perfect celebrating with one of the WWE Tag team championship belts. So usually there is a representative there whenever a wrestler has the championship outside of the arena.


Joshua from Paris IL. wants to know about damages


There have been several occasions where wrestlers have destroyed high priced vehicles on Raw, or on other big shows. My question, is do they just buy these cars to destroy them? It doesnt make any sense to ruin such a nice vehicle. Like when Austin poured cement on McMahon’s Porche? That was like a 50,000 dollar car!!!!

Interesting because I was wondering the same thing. I found out that these are in fact real cars. However typically they are factory made and floor models. So they are not cost a ton of money. Still they would still cost an arm and a leg for traditional homes. They also get cars donated to them by manufacturers to promote their cars. So sometimes the cars don’t cost McMahon a dime. But hell, I would take a manufacturer’s car that would be worth 50k!



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