NBA Free Agency: Week 1

Lets take a look at Week 1 of the NBA Free Agent market!

Do you have a problem with what the Clippers and Jordan did? DeAndre Jordan

In a world where a free agent can be the difference in playing in the Finals and missing the playoffs, I have no problem with what the Clippers did. I wish the Hornets had done  the same when ZO left. Considering the Clippers were close to having Big Baby Davis as their starting center, I’m stunned they didn’t break out barbed wire and take away his cell phone. i I do understand the “gentleman’s agreement” that the media and the Mavs are screaming. But this is an era where the difference between winning and losing can flip on a rotation player or an ankle sprain- and that means jobs and dollars. If Lebron can put his running buddies on his team and see 4 finals in 4 years- expect to see a lot of this in the future where teams want to keep what they got, and will do anything to keep them.

If only my team had an owner with shoe contacts and endorsement contacts.

I can understand the hate when Jordan goes to goes to play in Dallas- but he’s gotta play 41 in LA.

 Should the Spurs be considered the odds on favorite for the title?spurs

As long as Duncan is alive and Pops is awake and not watching Matlock reruns, I’m picking them. I think they are the odds on favorites in the West, but the Cavs should be the overall favorites just because they have less a far easier road to get the Final Four. Its like asking if Florida State or Alabama should be the favorites, if the conference champs got an autobid to the tourney.

Did the Warriors get enough for Lee?David Lee

I don’t see how they didn’t get more. This was a cap-dumping move, I just wonder if they contacted the Kings since  they cleared all that room for absolutely no one. Or at least the Blazers. I understand sending him East- but its DAVID LEE, for cryout out loud.

Who is screwed more, the Knicks or the Lakers?Phil Jackson I got this

The Lakers. The Knicks are  can’t even get meetings- the Lakers got TWO with LaMarcus and STILL couldn’t convince him to come over and be the next franchise guy. We know as long as Philbo is there, no major Free Agent is going to want to play there- and the Taxes might be a detriment. The Lakers have long been built on savvy trades and getting Free Agents they should not, but now they can’t get anyone.

How can Portland recover losing 80% of its starting roster?portland trail Blazers

I don’t think they can, this year. The only option, really is to hope that Lillard has a good year, and LaMarcus doesn’t, in that case, its a storyline of the PG made the PF. If Lillard has problems, especially on the defensive end, and LaMarcus makes people think its time for Timmy to ride into the sunset, then Portland may have to use that skyrocking cap to find a partner to drop a bunch of picks into in a trade- Wonder if they can get a package similar to what the hornets turned DOWN for Frank the Shank

Best under the radar signing?

Gotta be Jeremy Lin to the Hornets? Right? That’s gonna save us all, right? I’m looking at either the Truth the Clippers or David West to the Spurs- but I’ll go with Paul Peirce.
Lets see what he has done since signing. Jumped on a plane and helped barricade Jordan in his own house, and cut the phone lines like he was trying to get a part in Saw VIII. Plus he’s a coach on the floor, and finally, someone other than Chris Paul is willing to have the ball with 5 seconds left.

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