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WrestlingRTguysWelcome back again on this Thursday morning. We hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday. However, we at the Wrestling Roundtable never take a vacation, well maybe Josh, because that is just want he does. And since he is a heel, we will not argue with him. So here’s to another edition of the wrestling roundtable.

This weeks Power Rankings.

1. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champion seems ready to face off against the Beast

2. John Cena- Another awesome win against Cesaro keeps Cena at the #2 spot.

3. Kevin Owens- Even after losing the NXT title, Owens never lost a step and may be ready to take the US Title.

4. Cesaro- Two straight epic matches with John Cena could be what Cesaro needs to be thrusted into the next level.

5. Bray Wyatt- Will Bray Wyatt be able to keep his winning ways against Roman Reigns?

This week in professional wrestling. (My apologies for not having one up last week, I will admit, I got lazy.

Lex Luger bodyslammed Yokozuna aboard the USS Intrepid. It was the first time Yoko had ever been slammed, and was the start of the Lex Express.


And without further or due, here are the questions for this week.


Finn Balor, was the right choice to beat Owens for the NXT title?

Steve: I think to keep what they have with Owens, it would have been smarter for the WWE to have Owens win the United States championship, and then surrender the US title. I thought at the time that when Balor beat Owens, that this may put Owens back a step, then I realized that this match was epic and Owens still looked incredible against Finn Balor. I have no problem with Balor holding the NXT championship, I think he is the right guy to hold this championship.

Eric: Finn Balor won the NXT title this past weekend in Japan. I think this was a great choice for the man to take the title off of Kevin Owens. Finn Balor is an amazing talent and the future of the WWE. I think this was his first of many title reigns by this man. Big thumbs up to WWE for having Finn Balor go over Owens and winning the NXT title. I was very impressed with him and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

Josh: Yes, there is no one else on NXT really with the chutzpah to carry the title.  Balor winning the title, feuding with Hideo Itami will help promote Hideo to the bigger stage.  I tell you one thing….I cannot wait for the entrance the day Finn Balor main events Wrestlemania.

Chad: Personally I would loved to see Samoa Joe be in the NXT title picture while Owens was still the champion or possibly even having a Triple Threat . But with the position that Kevin Owens has in the company which I’ll go into a little bit later in the roundtable I think the time was right and the successor, Finn Balor, is the right talent to take control of the NXT title while Owens is on the main roster. It will be interesting to see what the reign of Balor holds for him.

beast in the east

Was the Beast in the East special from Japan on the WWE network a success?

Steve: I thought that the Jericho vs Neville match was awesome, and the NXT title match between Owens and Balor was a match of the year candidate. So with those two matches it really made the night. It kinda felt like a glorified televised house show. I never felt like I was watching Raw, or Smackdown, or even a Pay per view. I was a little disappointed with the main event, because the match up just did not make sense. Cena teaming with Dolph Ziggler against Wade Barrett and Kane? These guys dont even have anything working right now, so it just didnt make sense to me. It was a good show though overall.

Eric: For the first time in WWE history, they aired a live special on the 4th of July from Japan called Beast in the East. I have watched this event and I think it was a success. I really enjoyed the event. I’ll admit I did not get it up and watch it live, I did watch it after I woke up that morning, but it was a nice change of pace by the WWE to see them going over seas for a show. The whole card was good and the NXT title match was amazing. Great job WWE, of you guys have more specials like that I’ll be watching them.

Josh: Yes, I think it was a success, however the Owens/Balor match should have main evented. The main event tag match was too predictable, as whichever team has more John Cena on it, will be the victor in a match like that.  The Jericho/Neville match was also entertaining.  Jericho has lost a few steps over the years, but working with him will be a sure way to get Neville to the next level.

Chad: When I first heard about the special I did not see anything special in it enough to get me up at 4:30 AM to watch what was happening. I’ll admit I underestimated this WWE outing the Jericho/Neville match was a good; always good to see Jericho in the ring again. The NXT title switch was a great match and a good surprise for fans to wake up to on the 4th of July. Even to get to see Brock Lesnar dominate the New Day was interesting as he prepares to take on Rollins for the gold.


Kevin Owens is the best heel the WWE has right now?

Steve: Owens is easily the biggest heel in the company right now. He is more over than Rollins, the Authority, Kane, etc.. I think the way he threw the flowers out of the ring when they were presented to him before the NXT title match just solidified his heel. I think the only one that really may hold a candle to Owens being the top heel is Frosh. Because we all know that Frosh (Josh) is the biggest heel of all time. He actually reminds me of Kevin Owens sometimes. hahahaha

Eric: I agree, Kevin Owens is the best heel in the WWE right now. The man can get everyone in the audience to hate him within seconds. He knows how to play the heel character and play it well. I think the only other person who is close to the top heel position would be Seth Rollins but I think Owens has passed up Rollins as top heel. Owens has that ability to make you not like him and you wanna see him get his ass kicked. That is what makes a great heel. When you can make the audience rather see you get your ass kicked instead of seeing the face, you know you are a great heel. Kevin Owens has that ability. I look for big things in the future from Owens and to remain a top heel in the WWE for a long time to come.

Josh: Owens is definitely top 3.  Probably top 2, as Bray Wyatt is doing some amazing things with his promos and is working fantastically, and Seth Rollins, even though he is a complete tool, is still the WWE champion and as such gets a spot on the top 3.  But if I was forced to rate them, I would probably go Owens, Wyatt, Rollins, in that order.  Sheamus is quickly rising up the ranks as far as heel work goes as well.

Chad: Kevin Owens is there as far as top heel in the company. I’m really glad to see that WWE took someone with some good buzz in Kevin Owens from ROH where he was Kevin Steen and have almost replicated and expanded the following that he has by having him go after Cena which depending on the crowd gets you a positive or negative reaction. I do you like seeing guys from other promotions succeed on the big stage of WWE.

balor entrance

Where does Finn Balor’s entrance rank among the greatest entrances all time?

Steve: Jesus that was entertaining at Beast in the East. As far as the all time great entrances, you have to compete against guys like The Undertaker, Cena, Triple H, and even Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XII. I would love to see a Finn Balor Wrestlemania entrance. However I think overall the entrance would rank in the top 5 easily.

Eric: Finn Balor entrance is simply amazing. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend checking it out, you can see on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. Where does it rank among greatest entrances of all time? I would say it ranks in the top 5 of all time. Other wrestlers in that list, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and John Cena. Putting Finn Balor on that list is an amazing accomplishment. When he comes out with his body all painted up and crawls around acting like a demon, it sends chills up your spine just watching it. I have never seen anything like it before and it is definitely something I am amazed by.

Josh: As I said earlier…I cannot wait for the day that FInn Balor main events Wrestlemania…that entrance will be amazing….Once that happens, I will be able to answer this question more honestly, give him the FULL WWE PPV production budget and see what he does, as it is now, clearly the best entrance on NXT, and better than most if not all standard WWE entrances, but a lot of stops get pulled when it comes to big time PPV’s.

Chad: Finn Balor does definitely have a unique entrance which in my opinion is definitely top 5 in the history of the company. Definitely guys like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and HHH have iconic entrances; One of my personal favorites would be the Brood coming up from the stage with the ring of fire I always thought was cool. Definitely a unique and cool entrance for Finn Balor

You are starting your own wrestling federation, and you can take three wrestlers from the WWE to lay the foundation of your promotion. Who do you take, and why?

Steve: If I was starting my own organization and any WWE wrestler is up for grabs. I start with Seth Rollins who is the current WWE Champion. This kid has so much potential to be one of the best in the business, he could lead a company into the next generation. I have given my critisism to Rollins before, but thats just the way he is being booked. I then recruit John Cena, because he is still a work horse and would be amazing for the younger talent to learn from and he has already been established in and out of the ring. Finally, I take Paul Heyman, because Heyman has the ability to sign and get awesome young talent to bring into the company. He did it in ECW, WCW, and WWE. He is still a relatively young man, and still could recruit for the next 20 years.

Eric: So, I’m a starting my own organization and I need 3 superstars from WWE to build my foundation. Here is my three:
Finn Balor: I would have him be my top face of my company. He’s got the ability to have the fans love him and be the top face of a company.
Kevin Owens: I have my top face already, now I would need a top heel. Owens fits that mold perfectly. Owens has that ability to be the most hated man by all of the fans in the arena. I think he would be a great choice for tip heel.
Paige: I need a tough, strong diva to be the top of the divas division and I think Paige would be a great choice for that. She has that ability to be either a heel or a face. I think she could a top the divas division for a long time and carry the division for many years.

Josh: I take Chris Jericho who will be the veteran, teach the younger guys the ropes, be a great, safe worker for them to build themselves with.  I take Bray Wyatt….no one (save Paul Hayman) is doing better promos than Wyatt.  And third, no diva for me, we need a top face to go with our heel in Bray Wyatt…I go with Cesaro.  That man will put on a clinic….I don’t need John Cena, I don’t need a diva, as there are none on the current roster that are absolute “must haves”, I need a veteran, a guy with potential to be top heel, and a guy with potential to be top face.  Done, Done and Done.

Chad: The first thing that you need when you start a company is star power and marquee value so my first pick would be John Cena because of the global appeal. The second person I would be the current WWE champion Seth Rollins because he is the talent that is the here and now of the company and can help lead the company into the future. The third person I would take would be someone for the divas division which would probably Paige just for the fact she’s young, talented, and can wrestle.

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