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We open with Melissa McCarthy jamming on the back roads of Illinois on her way to a crappy fast food job, we know its a fast food job just due to the horrendous colors. She smacks a deer, and after some fun attempts at mouth to mouth with the deer, it takes off. Melissa makes it to work, but she’s late to work, again, and gets fired, and leaves in a fun bit that I’m sure every fast food worker wants to do on the way out the door. When Melissa gets home, she finds her husband and her neighbor having dinner, accusing him of cheating, she storms out, and walks two door down to her mothers, demanding the car so she can skip town.

Tammy CastHer mother refuses the car, since Melissa has done this before, but Susan Sarandon overhears and wants to leave town as well. Melissa refuses, but when Susan breaks out her cash roll, Melissa agrees. What happens next isn’t exactly Thelma and Louise 2.0, but passable. The movie moves on to meeting guys at a BBQ joint, and onto Susan Sarandon’s Lesbian Rich Cousin, played by Kathy Bates- in her second Foul-Mouthed Lesbian Role.

How is this one?

Far better than I expected. Its a THIN plot, and other than Melissa, it seems that everyone is going through the motions. Susan Sarandon might actually be drunk, and it doesn’t matter, she’s good enough to do this role in her sleep, and she might be. Oh and Akroyd are barely in this one, and while Gary Cole has a larger role, its pretty much window dressing. This is Melissa’s show, and she revels in it. I saw her on SNL, and she’s amazing at weak scripts and bullshit that’s below her. This is a prime example. GO ahead, watch this insult to Melissa’s talents while waiting on Mike and Molly to come back on the air. 3.

No Spoilers for this weak comedy, you know whats going to happen, and if you saw Identity Theft, you have seen her stick before. I’m not going to say she’s hit Adam Sandler yet, but she’s 2-2 on getting there.


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