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moonraker-sqJames Bond Movie Review:

I’ve heard bad things on this movie, pretty much in most rankings this has some serious hate on it. Of course quite a few of the later Bonds do suffer from some serious haterade, but since I haven’t seen them all, lets see how this one goes, shall we?

We don’t actually start with Bond in danger, we start with the space shuttle on the back of a 747 being taken to England. During the trip, two men take over the shuttle, and are able to detach it and fly it away, destroying the plane in the process. Hang on.
What route do you take from California to England to crash in the Yukon? Going over the North Pole in a 747?

Back over to Bond, he is on a puddle-jumper and making out with a stewardess, the pilot pulls a gun, and after a fight, the pilot and Bond are both out of the plane, fighting over one parachute. Bond wins, but then JAWS shows up! Bond is able to escape, and Jaws crashes into a circus tent, sans parachute. It would have been nice if that was Ocotpussy’s circus.

moonraker baddieBond has been charged with finding the Shuttle, and his first stop is where they make the shuttle, cause when my car gets stolen, I go to Detroit. There he meets Mr Drax who makes all the shuttles for the US, and his head rocket scientist. Dr Holly Goodhead, who James immediatly figures out is a woman. Drax is pretty interesting and a bit dismissive of Bond, but still tells his knockoff of Oddjob to take care of him, and make sure its an accident, you know, in case there was anyone out there that didn’t catch that Drax was the baddie.

Holly Goodhead straps Bond into a centrifuge chamber, and then leaves to take a phone call. Knockoff Oddjob tries to turn the chamber up to 11, but Bond is able to escape with his Q-Wrist Blaster. You would think the “Chicken Switch” in the trainer would affect the device itself, not something you could just ignore in the control room. Bond for some reason blows it off, and destroying the machine causes Dr Goodhead to raise nary an eyebrown. Bond also sleeps with Drax’s helicopter pilot, and uses her to get into Drax’s safe. The next morning Bond kills a man during a hunt, and Drax evens the score after Bond leaves of killing the pilot.

moonraker fightBond meets up again with Goodhead in Venice, and finally kills the knockoff Oddjob in a glass measeam where Bond gets to tear up some “priceless” items in a fight before throwing him out a window. Oddjob 2.0 is about useless. Who fights a man with a wooden sword? The destruction is pretty deliberate as well. Tends to make the fight lousy with bad coreography. Even for a Moore movie this is horrible, and for a Bond, doubly so. In Goodhead’s room, we discover she is CIA, and Bond finds out if Goodhead is a name or an occupation, as Drax hires Jaws to be his new henchman.

So how is this one?

Roger Moore is kind of showing his age here, the fights are not as good as they used to be with him, and sillyness is ramped up. The Plot is kinda lame, but again, its Bond- you kinda roll with it. The big problem is the ending third. If you hate this movie, its due to the end.

And the Gondola scene.Moonraker Bondola

And the Snake.

Yeah, and the crappy fight scenes.

But mostly due to the pew pew ending.

I do think this one is better than expected. I’ll put it in the 6 range, I do think its worth checking out. The ending isn’t as putrid on the second as the first viewing. I do wonder why Lois Chiles didn’t become a bigger star, she’s easily one of the better actresses in the Moore Bond series. In case you wonder where you have seen her- she’s in Creepshow 2! Yup, she’s the thanks for the ride, Lady er, Lady.

Spoilers Shead

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