The Blog About Nothing 7/3 Edition

Logo BANHappy Independence Day (observed) America! Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Your boy out here with his stars and stripes on, and looking forward to a long weekend off from work. I got family up here from Trinidad, so I’ll likely be doing the sightseeing thing this weekend but if I get a chance to hit up a BBQ and throw back some beer then I’ll definitely be partaking in some good old Independence Day fun. I’m going to keep this week’s blog short this week because I got some things to do.

As I sit here listening to Trinidad and Tobago calypsonian King Austin’s Who Will Guard The Guards and Progress, I’ve decided that I won’t bore you with a bunch of words this week. I’m in too mellow of a mood to type thousands of words this week. However, I will say you should go on YouTube and check out the two songs. They are both over 30 years old and still very relevant to our world today. King Austin composed two beautiful politically and socially smart compositions and they will be my soundtrack to this long weekend.

So, you want to know how short I am going to keep this blog? I will keep it this short: have a blessed and Happy Independence Day to all those who live in the United States. To the rest of the World, have a great week. I’ll see you next week, Lord willing.

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  1. EJ —

    The same great day and week to you as well.

    While we in the US haven’t always lived up to our own ideals, they still shine brightly for us and to many others around the world.

  2. It’s true. It’s still a country people all over the World aspire to come to. I’ve seen that and am seeing that every day.

  3. Safe and happy Independence Day to you and everyone else…

    Think tomorrow I throw some spice rubbed baby backs on the old wood burning grill and maybe make some tater salad and heat up some baked beans… keeping it simple, safe and mellow.

  4. Well I didn’t get to a BBQ. Instead I showed my Aunt the town. Now I rest up for work in the morning.

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