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Welcome back again for the segment that always brings a smile to your face first thing on a Thursday morning while you have your morning coffee, or do your morning business in the bathroom. It’s the Wrestling Roundtable.

This week we again go off script and go outside the WWE and into Ring of Honor. As we discuss the dual title reign for Jay Lethal.

Here are this weeks Power Rankings

1. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champ is more confident than ever after back to back weeks beating down Lesnar, and Roman Reigns

2. John Cena- Awesome title defense against Cesaro. Is he ready for Round 3 against Kevin Owens?

3. Kevin Owens- Could possibly be the biggest heel the WWE has seen in quite some time.

4. Sheamus- Big win over Neville, the Money in the Bank winner is still biding his time.

5. Kane- First time for everything. Kane has looked impressive over the past two weeks, and appears to be back to his dominant form


And now for the questions this week:


In Ring of Honor Wrestling, Jay Lethal is both the World Heavyweight Champion, and the World Television Champion. Is it a good idea to keep both titles, or should be drop the TV title and focus on his reign as World Champion?

Steve: Jay Lethal has come a long way since his TNA days, where they made him look like a fool with his Macho Man wannabe gimmick. He is one of the most talented wrestlers that I have seen. With that said, I do think that Ring of Honor should have him surrender the Television championship. Holding two titles does two things for the company. Number 1, it holds someone else on the roster back from having a chance to hold the belt, and second, it puts too much on Lethal. He needs to focus on the ROH Championship reign more so than being a double champion. If it was a tag team title, I would not have any issue with it, but holding the company’s only two single titles, is too much.

Eric:  Finally, a question about Ring of Honor has made its way on to our wrestling round table. Jay Lethal recently has won the ROH world heavyweight championship, making him a double champion. So now where does ROH go with the TV title. In my damn opinion  (which you can catch every Friday on 7poundbag.com) I think Jay needs to vacate the TV title. It is only fair to not only the TV title but also the world heavyweight title. This way Jay can focus on being the world heavyweight champion and R0H can get a new TV champion. They need someone who can defend the TV title every week while Jay can focus on defending the world heavyweight title against the long list of challengers who are in line for a chance at the ROH world heavyweight championship

Josh: It doesn’t bother me one bit.  I don’t really watch RoH, but from all accounts, Jay Lethal is a good talent.  There is no issue with him holding and defending both titles.  Stripping one from him would devalue that title.  Think of the match types that can happen with this, or the storylines you create.  Whoever takes the TV title off of him just beat the world champion too.  Or howabout this, a double ladder match, both titles are in the air, you take the one you want, then the match restarts for the remaining title.  In the end, whether or not it is a good idea will come down to how well they write his story.

Chad: I have liked Jay Lethal ever since his days with TNA. After having matches with the likes of Kurt Angle and Ric Flair he was unceremoniously released by the company. Seeing him finally win the ROH title is gratifying as a fan of his but I think he does need to drop the belt to a future rising star like former Champ Adam Cole or someone from The Kingdom faction like Michael Bennett to give his career a good boost.


It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when Vince McMahon would and should be inducted into the Hall of Fame for all he has done in the world of wrestling. Part one of the question, When should Vince be inducted, before he retires, or after? Part 2, Who should induct him into the Hall of Fame?

Steve: I think that Vince needs to be inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later. He has been the pioneer of the success not only in the WWE, but in professional wrestling. Vince took many chances, and still takes chances to this day. He was never afraid to make the big decisions that could have made or broken his company. No doubt in my mind, McMahon gets his name in the Hall of Fame, though I do believe it won’t happen until he is long gone. That is the kind of person that Vince is. Now as who should induct him? This may sound strange, but I think they should have a special ceremony just for Vince McMahon, and have all of the top surviving stars from the past and present give an honorary speech to induct Vince. That would be a huge tribute to him.

Eric: We all know it is going to happen one day and Vince MacMahon will be in the WWE hall of fame one. I think he needs to be inducted before he retires. The reason behind that is, I don’t believe Vince will retire until he is dead. I want to see Vince still alive when he gets inducted into the hall of fame. I think the WWE regrets not inducting Randy Savage until after he was gone. I like most fans would be interested in see Vince make his acceptance speech. I think if they wait till after he is gone, I think there will be a lot of regret in not doing it while he was alive. Now, who should induct Vince into the hall of fame? Simple, his kids Shane and Stephanie. What father wouldn’t want to receive the biggest award ever from his children? I think the two of them would be the best choice to induct their father into the hall of fame, because who knows Vince better than his children?

Josh: Vince will not be inducted until after he passes away, and he will be inducted by his children.  Vince knows what he has done in the business.  But keep in mind, men like him don’t ever feel like their job is done.  They aren’t satisfied with what they HAVE done, but keep looking towards what they HAVE YET to do. Which is why I don’t think he would take induction while he is still working, otherwise he would have been in YEARS ago.  In the same vein, I don’t see Vince ever retiring.  As long as he is physically capable of running WWE, he will.  He has one of the greatest jobs in the world…who would give that up?

Chad:  I think that McMahon does need to go into the hall of fame for all he has done for pro wrestling. I also think that he needs to go in before he retires to accept the honor which I believe needs to bestowed on him by Shane and Stephanie because their futures are in control because of the family business; WWE.


Would you agree or disagree that Ryback’s Intercontinental title run has been a disappointment?

Steve: It really has. I will admit, I was really excited when Ryback won the title at Elimination Chamber. I thought he could do something with this title. So far, he has not defended it as often as the title should be. He is in a no win feud against the Big Show and Miz. He needs to be defending this championship every week against top tier opponents. So far, I am not thrilled with the performance of Ryback as the IC champion.

Eric: I think not only has Ryback Intercontinental title run been a disappointment but I think the entire Intercontinental title has been a disappointment since Wrestlemania. I had high hopes for the IC and US TITLES after Wrestlemania when Daniel Bryan and John Cena each won the titles. John Cena has impressed me with his run as the US champion, however ever since Wrestlemania, the IC TITLE has gone down hill and has become a disappointment in the WWE. I had high hopes after Wrestlemania for it but it keeps letting me down everytime. I wish the WWE would step it up and make the IC title relevant again and start to make it more defended every week. I think that could help it become more popular again and if Ryback were to do that, I think it may help his IC title run.

Josh: It is a bit early to call it a disappointment.  I would have rather seen a one on one feud for one month against the Big Show, then move on to a one on one with the Miz, who maybe gets a bodyguard, or introduces his “agent”.  Ryback is the right guy to have the IC belt.  He needs strong one on one feuds to really build him back up.  But also keep this in mind….Ryback is one of the few IC champions in recent times that is still actually WINNING matches.  When Barrett had the IC title, he lost every single match that wasn’t a title defense.  Ryback at least wins some of those.

Chad: Yes it has ever since Daniel Bryan surrendered the belt after winning at Wrestlemania 31 the prestige of the IC title has declined and a lot of that perception is due to the success Cena is having as the US champion and the defenses he has made on almost a weekly basis. Ryback needs more TV title defenses.


Does the Bella Twins/Paige feud have you excited at all about the direction of the Diva’s division?

Steve: Not really, I mean it isnt anything we have not seen before. Sure the Nikki vs Paige match at the last special event was a really good match, but the rest of the division just seems piss poor. The WWE cannot make up their minds whether or not the Bellas are faces or heels. We don’t really know if Paige is a face or a heel. So to be honest, I have no fucking idea where the Diva’s division is even going. It is not entertaining at all. Now you have a promising Diva in Summer Rae, appears to be alligning herself with Rusev? WHATTTT??? Now I am excited to see if they ditch the suit, and put Lana in the ring, that could be fun to watch. Seriously though, its time to bring up Charlotte, Sasha, and Bailey from NXT.

Eric: The current top feud in the divas division of the Bella twins and Paige is nothing short of a bore fest! It is getting some ridiculous week after week it is the same thing with them. I am really ready for the WWE to step it up in the divas division and bring in some of the women from NXT like Sasha Banks and Charlotte. I think they can work and tell better stories. I think the state of the divas division on the main roster right now is very piss poor and could be alot better. I’ll admit lately anytime a divas match is on raw I hit the fast forward button because I just don’t care for the way it is going. I think it is time to get some new faces in there and step it up. If the divas want to get over, this is something that has to be done.

Josh: Not really.  It has a lot of potential, as both ladies have a ton of talent, but seems to have fallen flat.  They need to inject new blood into the divas division, Charlotte, Bailey, Sasha Banks, etc.  Shake up what the Divas do….why not a Divas ladder match? (Or as I would want to see a Diva’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match)  Why not a table match for the title?  Something to really give the divas a spot to shine.

Chad: The Divas top feud feels like its a neverending story going nowhere. Its time for WWE to inject new blood from NXT into the Divas division to make it more relevant.


On the current WWE roster, excluding NXT, which superstar is the most under utilized?

Steve: Has to be Cesaro in my opinion. He put on one hell of a match with John Cena for the United States Championship. Cesaro is a former US Champion himself, the first winner of the Andre the Giant battle royal, a tag team champion as well with Tyson Kidd. Now that Kidd is out for several months, this is the perfect opportunity to push Cesaro into the spotlight and see what he can do. I have said before that I think Cesaro is the best athlete on the WWE roster. While he lacks some mic skills, so do many other top performers. WWE has a gold mine with this guy, and he is no young man, the time to push him is now.

Eric: Which wrestler on the main roster is the most under utilized? There is many good choices here as to who is being under utilized on the main roster. I had to think about this question and the name that sticks out in my head is Cesaro. Cesaro is an amazing talent. The man has got brute strength and can do moves that I have never seen anyone do before. The problem with Cesaro is that the WWE does not know how to book him. He came in as a heel and he started to get over with the fans so they put him with Jack Swagger. Him and Swagger start to get over so they break them up and then he kinda fades around. So they put him with Tyson Kidd and what happens? That’s right, they got over. So now Tyson is out in injury, and who is left out in the cold again, that’s right Cesaro. This guy could do so much and could eventually go on to be a main eventer but the WWE needs to figure out how they are going to book and let him get over with the fans. I think if they let that happen, everything can fall in to place and they can let him do his thing and he can finally get the push and program he deserves.

Josh: Since everyone else is saying Cesaro, I am going with someone else: King Barrett…yes, he won King of the Ring, for whatever that’s worth, because what happened after?  He loses to R-friggin-Truth…..!!?? Really?  Who did he tick off backstage?  Previous KotR bookings:  Bret Hart goes immediately into a feud with Jerry Lawler and wins a Kiss my Foot match, then beats Isaac Yankem, DDS (aka Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane), and moves to the main event.  Owen Hart, moves into a feud with his brother, Bret, who is arguably the top guy on the roster, and beats him.   King Booker probably had one of the best KotR gimmicks of all time, then Seamus, goes on to win the US title, and then afterwards back to the World Heavyweight picture….Barret:  Loses to R-Truth…..sigh….so much talent, he could easily be a main eventer.

Chad: I am going to say that the distinction goes to Cesaro. He went from winning the memorial battle royal at Wrestlemania and being a Paul Heyman guy to being lost in the shuffle. I think he would be a great IC champ to help breathe life into the title to lead to a WWE title shot somewhere down the line.



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