WTF 7/1… Pat Boone and a whole lot of shaking going on…

Copyright Bill Bramhall...
Copyright Bill Bramhall…


 A whole lot of shaking going on…

Stuff? What stuff? Stuff that be causing a whole lot of shaking going on of how things gonna be in this old world of ours… least whys as far as the good old USofA is concerned any way.

Thursday and a few days into the weekend and peeps, folks and sentient beings of all kinds on both sides of the political spectrum and all points in-between are still talking about what a group known as the Supremes had to say on that fateful Thursday gone by… no not that girl group of the sixties but those nine peeps who comprise what we call the Supreme Court of the United States… aka SCOTUS.

But before I get into that stuff… I got some other stuff to talk about and it involves a dude by the name of Pat Boone… and some of the shaking he done did and is still doing…

Who is Pat Boone and why is saying stuff?

joe1Last Thursday, Pat Boone asked President Obama to stop using the r-word… r as in racist or racism.

Who the hell is Pat Boone, ya say… and… why should I care, ya say?

Mr. Boone is a former 1950s crooner and just so happens to be an ultra-conservative fundamentalist who back in them late 1950’s days was a pretty big entertainer… some say sales wise he was just behind some dude by the name of Elvis Presley and some other group called the Platters. Plus, while he ranks #9 all time behind such acts as the Rolling Stones and Sir Paul McCartney he stands ahead of acts like Aretha Franklin or the Beach Boys.

Not that being a big seller of records and music is a mark of being all that knowledgeable or intelligent but still peeps like him tend to hold sway with certain factions just because they tend to be famous. Why that is I ain’t sure but it’s just a fact… the same thing happens on the liberal side, too. Lots of folks just sometimes follow the crowd because somebody that sings stuff they really like says a certain thing and those with fluff for brains that can’t think for themselves say “Hell, if, he (or she) says it then it must be a cause worth standing up for…”

Back in my day it was “John Lennon smokes pot and does LSD, so, it must be cool” … “John’s agin the war in Vietnam so guess I am too.”

Today… it’s Beyoncé is for this… so I am, too… or maybe… it’s the Dixie Chicks…

Come on ya’ll know it’s so… ya’ll know ya know peeps who think like that.


Pat Boone
Pat Boone

Mr. Boone went on to say… or write as the case was… on the conservative website WorldNetDaily… “Mr. President! For God’s sake, and America’s sake, quit so often calling crimes that involve a black person ‘racist’! As the president who came to office, a black man promising to bring people together, a man ideally suited for that job since you were born both black and white, you had a God-given chance to actually proclaim and demonstrate that racial divides and prejudice had greatly diminished and that our society was truly becoming colorblind.”

Boone went on to claim that the Bamster has portrayed America as a racist nation… then wrote…”We are not!”

Boone went on to say race had not too much to do with recent killings of unarmed black men by the men in blue or otherwise… the cases such as “a very large black man” like Michael Brown in Ferguson or folks of the “black persuasion” like Eric Garner in NYC or Trayvon Martin in Florida… as well as it… race… had nothing to do with the slaughter of nine black bible studies folks at a historic black church in Charleston.

In fact, according to Boone… those nine folks being killed in that church… “(It) had a racist element, to be sure, (but) it was more than that and of far greater significance to America than that. This boy wasn’t just a sadist, or even criminally insane… he was carefully prepared and led by the Devil himself to kill as many Christians as he could. The fact that they were black was an excuse more than a reason.”

Now, ya’ll can believe what ya want… and I’ll be the first to say I personally don’t think we as a nation are blatantly racist but I also believe that we haven’t come as far as (1) we should have come from them days since the Civil War was fought to “free the slaves’… and… (2) we really ain’t as free and equal in this country of ours as we like to think we are.

AND… ya’ll can believe in whatever form Christianity or whatever other God ya’ll choose and stuff but I really wanna know how does anyone pretend to know what the hell God… or in this case Old Scratch… aka the devil his self… is gone be thinking about stuff anyway?

Now… let me fill ya’ll all in on one Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone’s history here… the dude is a Tea Party member and darling… big on the anti-gay stuff, specifically that gay folks should not be allowed to marry… and when the Bammer first ran for the title of His Prezness back in 2008, Boone said that he was not an American citizen but had been born in Kenya and that the Bam’s birth certificate was probably fixed to show he was born in the these here Yew Nited States of ours.

Also, Boone was the era’s anti-Elvis and he had millions of fans too, there being a hunger in a certain part of America for a teen idol who didn’t wiggle his hips, curl his lip or maybe imitate black singers…

little richardSee… most of Boone’s hit singles were covers of hits from black R&B artists… including “Ain’t That a Shame” by Fats Domino; “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard; “At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)” by The El Dorados; “I Almost Lost My Mind” by Ivory Joe Hunter, “I’ll be Home” by the Flamingos and “Don’t Forbid Me” by Charles Singleton.

Those songs were great little ditties all by themselves… but… my dear God in Heaven we couldn’t have little Johnny and Jennie listening to 45 RPM records (Google it) of them heathens when a nice straight laced, clean cut, apple pie eating, mom loving, Christian like Pat Boone could sing them same songs. He whitened up them songs so they were ok for white 1950’s America…boone

I am not gonna get into a lot of other stuff… political and sociological… Boone has said I have neither the time nor inclination to want to dwell to long on Mr. Boone and his thinking… but… I do want to point out two things…

Back in December 2008 Boone wrote an article for WorldNetDaily where he said that marriage is a biblically ordained institution, which the government has no part in defining. He then stated that equal rights for women and blacks were not “obtained by threats and violent demonstrations and civil disruption” but rather through due process.

Really? Martin Luther King, Jr, et al, had no effect on changing the way we live in this country and how blacks and poor folks were being treated? The demonstrations of the 1960’s and early 1970’s had no effect on ending the Vietnam War?

Interesting… very interesting…

And in August 2009, Boone wrote an article that said “liberalism” was like a cancer… he likening it to “black filthy cells”.


Also, on Thursday…

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling Thursday to allow subsidies that help millions of Americans buy insurance though the law… aka made the Affordable Care Act… aka Obamacare… a real official law. op29blogtoondarkow

In a 6-3 decision the Supremes ruled that subsidies that allow about 9 million peeps to get help to make their health insurance affordable are legal nationwide.

The Bamster said… “Obamacare is here to stay. We’ve got more work to do, but what we’re not going to do is unroll what has now been woven into the fabric of America.”


Chief Justice (and President George W. Bush nominated) John Roberts who sided with the 6-3 so-called “liberal majority opinion” said, “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. If at all possible, we must interpret the act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.”thKR6LPH3V

A number of conservatives said that Roberts was a traitor… and that type of rhetoric included a justice of the Supreme Court… Justice Antonin Scalia who said, “We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.”

But, the fact is without this decision the elephants were between a rock and a hard place… They would have had to choose between allowing millions of Americans to lose health insurance… many of those folks a large part of their voting constituency…  or acting to help to save a law they have promised to repeal.

But… there was good old elephant House Speaker John Boehner still ranting and raving… he vowed to continue trying to undo the law when he said… “We will continue our efforts to repeal the law and replace it with patient-centered solutions that meet the needs of seniors, small business owners, and middle-class families.”

While donkey presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the elephants should just back off… “Republicans should stop trying to tear down the law and start working across party lines to build on these successes.”sheneman-upheldjpg-204156fb624e58b7

And the Bamster said… “This not an abstract thing anymore. This is not a set of political talking points. This is reality. This law is working exactly as it’s supposed to. In many ways, this law is working better than we expected it to.”


Can we please just get over this crap? Can we please just move on? Believe me when I say this… a lot of dyed in the wool conservatives that I count among my friends… yes, I do know conservative folks and I also count them as friends… all say to me… health care needs to be fixed; it’s out of control and unaffordable and while “Obamacare” isn’t the greatest way to go about fixing the problem it’s a beginning… instead of wasting time and our tax money repealing the law, we need to fix it.

Now me?

I say let’s not stop here but keep the ball rolling until we have true universal health care for all and get rid of all these damn insurance companies once and for all… these parasitic bastards who prey upon us in the guise that they are really helping us. Yeah, they are helping themselves into our pockets so we can lose our money is what they are trying to do.

Simply, we need a system where we are all fully covered without any if, ands or buts… ya need to get taken care of health wise? Then it happens. Simple enough?

It works in other countries without a whole lot of grief so why can’t it work here? Just stop the posturing and politicking and grandstanding and catering to certain deep pocketed special interests and just do it.

Haven’t hear such talk since Spiro Agnew was around…

And, what about Scalia? I mean the dude was about to have a coronary… first he was on the wrong side of the decision on the Affordable Care Act and then…horrors… his liberal colleagues were able to get enough support to rule that same-sex marriage must be recognized in every state… which also probably pissed off Boone to no end.

In case ya’ll missed his rants… a few of his comments to the press… “legalistic argle-bargle!” … a “Judicial Putsch” … “the opinion’s showy profundities are often profoundly incoherent” … “Who ever thought that intimacy and spirituality (whatever that means) were freedoms?”

He ain’t done yet… “And if intimacy is, one would think Freedom of Intimacy is abridged rather than expanded by marriage.”

Supreme Scalia
Supreme Scalia

And, then, if, anyone was confused by what the hell he was ranting about he said, “Ask the nearest hippie!”

That was just what he thought about the Supremes decision on same sex marriage…

His thoughts on the Obamacare decision… “Pure applesauce” and “Jiggery-pokery.” Plus, he added …“A system of government that makes the People subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy.”

So… let me get his right… he is saying the decisions of the Supreme Court are a fixed thing that went on behind the doors… sort of like a Soviet Politburo…  and is nothing more than some legalese mumbo jumbo that is akin to a Hitler-like takeover… aka Putsch?

Curious if ya’ll ask me…

I wonder what he would have thought if the tables were turned and the decisions went along with his biased and prejudice line of thinking?

Just asking… does the same criticism hold true? Well… does it?

Heritage… really?

usa-shooting-flag-removalOn Saturday, a woman climbed a flagpole and removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina only to be arrested and have the banner raised again less than an hour later.

Brittany Ann Byuarium (Bree) Newsome scaled the 30-foot pole using a harness just after dawn as officers yelled for her to come down.

Among the words that Newsome said as she was atop the flag pole… “You cannot get to me with hatred and oppression and violence. I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today.” The group she was aligned with said they had planned to keep the flag in a box without defacing it as the funerals for the nine victims who were murdered recently in Mother Emmanuel Church are being held.aptopix-charleston-shooting-confederate-flag

Newsome faces charges of defacing a monument on state Capitol grounds, a misdemeanor that can bring up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

A judge ordered $3,000 bond and Newsome posted bond shortly thereafter.

However, when she was busted by the Staties they took away the flag and gave it to workers who put it back up before 8 a.m. More than enough time to be flying aloft as a planned rally by Confederate flag supporters convened on the state grounds.

The Pro-flag demonstrators wave their Confederate banners and chanted “Heritage Not Hate!” and “Let the People Vote.”

One demonstrator said, “This is not a flag of hate. It’s a flag of heritage, and we have a right to our heritage. And, you know, I’m from the South and proud of the South and, you know, proud of this flag.”

Sorry… but that is a rude, uneducated and ignorant statement… that flag or battle banner or whatever the fuck it is… was representative of a time when a major part of our country wanted to keep black people as property to be owned as nothing more than a cheap source of labor…

That is the heritage that is represented…

And that to me is not a heritage I would go around proudly bragging about.

Bigotry, hatred and intolerance that’s what you want as your heritage? Because that’s what I see whenever I see the Confederate flag. Sorry but I do…

Fuck it… I ain’t sorry… it’s the truth… when I see that flag or any form of it being displayed I see exactly that… Bigotry, hatred and intolerance.

 Can anybody give me answer?

And, closer to my home stomping grounds… A shooting during a basketball tournament at a Hartford, Conn. elementary school left one dead and three injured Saturday afternoon.

CT shooting...
CT shooting…

Hartford police were able to arrest the 23-year-old shooter was injured at the time of his arrest with a gunshot wound on his leg. Police surmised he might’ve shot himself.

Three other people involved were shot in the head, hand and hip, respectively. The man who was shot in the head was transported in an ambulance to St. Francis Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The other two victims have non-life-threatening wounds and were transported to the hospital in private vehicles.

The shooter faces multiple charges including assault with a firearm, reckless endangerment and unlawful discharge of a firearm. He is being held in custody on a $1-million bond.

At a freaking basketball game with families and children all around. You have no respect for decency or human life but just decide to go and start shooting peeps because of some dispute…some disagreement…you had? A gun solves it all? Maybe… it does… it sure as hell is a damn final solution I’ll say that…

CT shooting
CT shooting

Still.. an elementary school during a time when kids were competing in a display of sportsmanship and good old fashion competition…. You brought hate and violence…

I really don’t understand that thinking… what is in the minds of peeps who think that way? How are their brains wired?

That’s it… I got nothing else to say… I just wanted to let out my frustrations and ask why?


We need a break…

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  1. Joe —

    Another good post.

    “Justice” Scalia’s remarks are consistent with his previous behaviors. Do you think he understands the role of the Supreme Court in the US and his role as a member of it. I suspect that he hasn’t got a clue. It is more like he is still running for the post and trying to sell his own beliefs (if that is what they in fact are) to his potential constituency.

    I wonder if he and Pat Boone are brothers.

  2. 😉 that’s funny… Scalia & Boone brothers…. hmmmm?

    Scalia is scary to me… I don’t think the man has the capacity to think objectively as opposed to Chief Justice Roberts… who more than a few times now has used his vote to swing a decision towards the so-called left side of things.

  3. Pat Boone? Shut up.

    Sorry I can’t be more eloquent or intelligent on the matter.

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