Atari: Game Over

Atari Game Over

There are two different story-lines going on here.

Story 1: The history of  Atari- with some very good stories from some of the programmers, exces and fans of the system and the games. No one I really know, but I’m sure there are a ton of fanboys for them.

Story 2: Everyone has heard of the millions of ET carts that were buried in the desert and sealed for all time. For some reason, the powers that be have decided they will allow someone to go digging into the landfill looking for the carts.

ET the GameThe storyline bounces between the two arcs- culminating with the ET creator coming to the landfill, and the carts being found (spoiler alert)

The first storyline is much more interesting. from how the first group of programmers were almost like the first group of SNL, what the heck Yar’s Revenge was- and even the negotiations on how to make the ET home port was just facinating to me. The problem is- the annoying dig tending to get annoying when I wanted more of the first storyline. I really didn’t care so much about the dig, I wanted to get back to what went wrong with Atari- EVERYONE knew Atari- everyone had the 2600, everyone in my age bracket dumped the price of a new car into the Atari Arcade consoles. How did this fail? I had the ET game, my son bought a 2600 on eBay and HE got an ET cartridge- who the hell put this out and why? Thats the question I want answered.

Atari 5200Part of what you run into they do not go deep enough into what are actually the failures. They talk about ET being part of it but ET was just scratching the surface it still sold a time and yes but you had returns. There were also have a lot of games that really didn’t do a lot and you had a lot of games its sold but what you also had just had to F Channel come out, you had ColecoVision come out, you had a lot of stuff like that that did not have the War Chest Atari had. There were a lot of gaming systems that came out in the 80s. They never even went into the 5200 and its HORRIBLE controller take a look at this controller! I mean nobody wants to play with that thing, then they don’t talk about the Atari 7800 which is a vast improvement button for entertainment system. The Jaguar, Atari’s last gasp into being a relevant home console I don’t think is even mentioned.

ET DigSo lets get back to the dig. They found the carts, and a whole bunch of other Atari stuff. You can buy some of at the website. Happy? Yeah. Again, I don’t care about finding old stuff in a landfill. You can buy ET carts online fairly cheaply, and its not really worth buying new, and you won’t spend much time playing it when it DOES come in.

I would recommend this documentary, but feel free to skip the dig parts. Not a ton here, and you won’t miss anything vital. Grade of 4

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