Welcome back wrestling fans to another round of questions by you the fans on the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. This week, you the fans have asked questions about how much of an ass hole is Hulk Hogan? Also, how many wrestlers have won the WWE World and Intercontinental titles at the same time? All this and much more on #ask7pound.

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Let’s start with a little did you know?

Did you know that Jimmy and Ron Garvin were labeled as brothers in the NWA. In actuality, Ron is the step-father of Jimmy Garvin. 

Now here is another match on David’s Top Ten, and his Dream Card? Last week featured a match between Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Tommy Dreamer. This is what is on tap for Match #2.


Six Man Tag Team Action:

Since doing my top 10s I’ve been trying to come up with another list. I figured before I started doing my top 10 Ric Flair Robes, I needed a different Idea.

So the idea was a perfect Wrestling card, with limited multi-man matches and  just 4 gimmick matches, and try to put the best matchup card I can using only guys have seen – sorry, so no Gorgeous George vs Daniel Bryan.

I’ve tried to go with Styles vs Styles, or simply dream matchups I’d like to see. So lets kick the show off, since we are in Texas Stadium, after all, with one of the biggest draws in  Texas

Hawk and Power
Hawk and Power

FreebirdsThe Fabulous Freebirds vs The Road Warriors and the Power Warrior! Note, the Power Warrior was known famously as Kensuke Sasaki

Why this match?

Well, I wanted to have the Freebirds- the Classic Freebirds, and after going back and forth with a Fall Brawl option, but that would have me adding someone like Ron Garvin to the team, not exactly a stunning add to a team. I also had a problem with the Road Warriors. NOTE: I’m not the worlds  biggest Road Warrior fan, but during a breakup, they did add the Power Warrior over in Japan. With the Freebirds having Terry Gordy, this could be a stunning part of a match, while Hayes and Gordy can spend their time cheating and trying to get something out of Hawk and Animal. I’d rather have the Demolition here- as far as in ring, the Demos were better, but the Warriors were more popular.

And now here are the questions for this week. 

Greg from Peoria Arizona asks about dual champions

How many wrestlers have won the World and IC titles at the same time?


Thanks for your question Greg. There have been two wrestlers to simultaneously hold both the World Heavyweight Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. The first time it happened in the WWE, was at Wrestlemania VI, when the Ultimate Warrior who was the Intercontinental Champion, defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WWE Championship. The Warrior vacated the IC championship the next day, and a tournament was held to determine a new champion, ultimately won by Mr. Perfect.

The second and most recent time it has happened was when Triple H, who was the WWE Champion, defeated the Intercontinental Champion Kane, in a title unification match which was won by Triple H. This was assumingly the end of the IC title, but just six months later, Christian won the IC title in a battle royal.

Also, just to add to this. There have also been two wrestlers to hold the WCW and United States Championships at the same time. Goldberg as when he was United States Champion defeated Hulk Hogan. And Booker T when he was the United States Champion defeated Scott Steiner on the final Nitro ever.

Vincent from Atlanta GA. wants to know a little about Hulk Hogan

If you need to edit this I understand. Was Hulk Hogan really an asshole in real life? I have heard that he was hard to get along with with people, and I have noticed on DVD’s he doesnt show any emotion. I watched the Ultimate Warrior special right after he died, and he was the only one that never showed any emotion. Is that the kind of person he is, or is he just a plan ass?

Hulk Hogan

If you know me, or have read #ask7pound or the Wrestling Roundtable, you know that I have absolutely zero respect for Hulk Hogan. Mainly in part for his work in the ring, and how he never wants to put anyone over. He always has to be the center of attention. I had the opportunity to meet Hogan about 15 years ago, and while all the other guys back stage were super awesome to me, and welcomed me to the show and what not. Hogan was all about him self. So in my opinion, Hogan is just a plain ass hole. Randy Savage and him had a long standing feud in real life. The Ultimate Warrior had some beef with Hogan, that really the blame was put more on the Warrior, when in fact it was Hogan who instigated it. Even Shawn Michaels stated that Hogan always had to have it his way or no way. I think my favorite moment was when Vince Russo basically did the screw job to Hogan when he refused to job to Jeff Jarrett at Bash at the Beach 2000. This was all because Hogan wanted to win the championship again, but Russo and WCW wanted to go another direction. While I don’t have a lot of respect for Russo, the way he stood up to Hogan made me cheer!

Phillipe from Montreal Canada asks my opinion on a world champion.

In your opinion, who was the most unlikely of World Champions of all time? Im not including guys like Vince Russo or David Arquette, Actual wrestlers. 


There have been a few and I would have to go back to my youth, so hopefully you readers can follow me. The first one was when Tommy Rich defeated Harley Race to win the NWA World Championship in the early 80’s, I would not call this the biggest shock because he only held the title for a few days before dropping it back to Race. So I am going with Ron Garvin. Garvin, in 1987 had a feud with Ric Flair and the Horsemen along with his “brother” Jimmy Garvin. Many thought that it was Jimmy who was going to dethrone Flair, as Ronnie was basically a mid-carder for the most part of his career. When he defeated Flair in the cage in September 1987, I could not believe what I saw. First, this happened on TV, which back then, title changes typically NEVER happened on TV, only on Clash of Champions, or Pay Per Views. Garvin only had a 3 month reign as he dropped the title back to Flair at Starrcade 87, again inside of a cage. This gave Flair his 5th World title reign. Some say that Garvin was given the championship to give Flair a little break from the title for a few months. Nevertheless, Garvin goes down in the record books as a former NWA Champion. As for what else he accomplished in wrestling? He went on to make Greg Valentine’s life a living hell for a few months.

Joshua from Los Angeles asks about Wrestlemania VII.

Why did the WWE move Wrestlemania from the LA Colosseum? They could have set an record for attendance.


You are right Joshua, they absolutely would have set an attendance record in the event they sold out in the LA Colosseum. The problem is as the event got closer, tickets just were not selling the way they thought they would. So with only about 15,000 tickets sold with just a few months left before the event, they decided to move the event to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. This was all because they were afraid that too many empty seats in the Colosseum.

Kent from Chicago asks about another venue.

Outside of Summerslam94 , the WWE has only appeared at the United Center one time. They always go to the AllState arena, even for Wrestlemania. Why not go to the United Center where it holds more people?



I actually had to do very little research on this question as I know a few people who work in the WWE, and I know a few people who work at the United Center. There are a few different answers to your question, Kent. First and foremost, the WWE has had a long standing relationship with the Allstate Arena, formerly known as the Rosemont Horizon. They are familiar with the layout of the building, and it does not take much time to get things set up to their liking. They already are comfortable with the operators of the Allstate Arena as well. Second, Chicago O’Haire airport is literally a boot scoot away from the arena, making it very easy for the wrestlers to arrive at the arena, and the hotels are right there as well. If they were at the United Center, they would have a much longer commute, and would be much harder to find hotels in the downtown area. Which leads me to the final reason; Cost. It costs so much more money for the WWE to have a venue like the United Center, not only for the wrestlers themselves, but the fans as well. If they had an event at the United Center, they would have to sell tickets at a higher cost. Now, I am certain that most wrestling fans would pay good money for an event at the United Center, especially a Big 4 pay per view event, but Vince has always preferred the Allstate Arena, and I would be very surprised if we ever see that change.

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  1. Re: Ronnie Garvin

    If I remember correctly, Ric Flair wanted to win the title at Starrcade to get some of that love he got back over Harley Race, and didn’t much care over who- so they pretty much went to every face to see who would do the job. Several turned it down since they didn’t want to be a stopgap just so Flair could beat them at the biggest show of the year. Ron said yes.

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