2015 NBA Draft Diary

NBA DraftI love the Draft. As I told a friend of mine who was wondering why anyone could care about any draft.

I simply think that the draft is the only way that mid-major and small markets can get stars. I am a native son of North Carolina, and I don’t think I would own an Alonzo Mourning jersey or be a fan of Cam Newton if those sports didn’t have drafts. I have to think that Zo would have spent his formative years under Patrick Ewing and Jet fan Earl would be the guy rocking a Cam Newton jersey (read his Draft thoughts Here)

So yeah, I’m a draftnik.

Like I said in the Preview yesterday, I’m not really excited about any of these players, I’m not saying I’m expecting a 2013 train wreck, but I don’t see any LeBrons or Wades either. I do think that the Point Guard from Ohio State; D’Angelo Russell looks like a keeper. I was a lot higher on Oakfor, but good LAWD has he looked like crap in the interviews.

Yammering from the panel: Jalen Rose, trying to find something to do to not mention Bill Simmons, Jay Williams, and Jay Bilas.

We kick it to Brian Windhorst, who says Karl Anthony Towns is going #1, no questions asked. Brian says 8 or 10 GMs that he talked to said the same thing. How hard is it to remember how many you talked to?

Jay Bilas has Oakfor as his number 1 guy, by the way.

ESPN even has a pre-draft interview with Towns. He only worked out for one team. I do wonder about having played 20 minutes a game for 30 games, then going for 30+ for 80. Could that be hurting KU players? Oakfor still sounds wooden talking, and I don’t mean John Wooden. D’Angelo Russell gets no interview, since he’s too short.

Since this is ESPN, we have to talk about the Knicks not getting a good pick in this draft. Awwwww.

Some chick says the Lakers are going after big men in the free agent market, so drafting a big might not be in the plans. Solid plan. considering who is out there. Kicks it to Chris Brussard.

Phil Jackson I got thisChris says the Knicks will take Mudiay or trade down for Frank Kamisky. PLEASE let Philbo take Frank at 4. Please. I get the feeling if he’s there at 9, the Hornets will take his PF/C Big 10 ass, since they did that the last 2 years. You know since taking a white PF/C from the Big 10 has worked out so well the last two years.

Bilas has Justice Winslow at #5 on his board. Whoa.

Jalen Rose pretty much kills the Trangle Offence, with points on the Zone, lack of midrange shooters and rule changes, nice. Rose also says the Lakers should take Russel, considering how many good guards are in the West.

FINALLY Gollum, er Adam Silver comes out. Silver talks about the Warriors and how they were built through the draft. Funny with the T-Wolves picking first having blown off Curry not once but twice.

T-Wolves on the Clock. FINALLY.

Minny is the first team to have 3 straight number ones on the roster. Philly is trying to tie that record. 11 straight years out of the playoffs.

Minnesota Timberwolves1. Karl Anthony-Towns

Why waste 3 minutes on this?
Karl Anthony-Towns averaged 6.8 boards a game during the tourney, just saying.

The main screen has him at Forward, his small screen has him at Center. Someone needs to make up thier mind. Bilas breaks out his drinking game. Rose compares him to Ewing, I also spit my Bilas-Drink all over the floor.

John Calipari is there to make sure the checks clear.

Daddy Anthony-Towns is interviewed, and he’s got a T-Wolves cap on. For some reason, the ESPN babe asks his mom “What advice did you give your son about being the face of the franchise” What exaclty does she know about this?

Lakers on the clock, and we are WELL over 5 minutes, and Adam Silver blows off the clock like Jordan blowing off a hand check in the finals. He finally comes out.

Lakers2. D’Angelo Russell

Oakfor is clapping, and the room EXPLODES. Silver even says THE Ohio State University. Jay is surprised by the pick. Adam Silver is as tall as he is. If the Lakers land a top FA, this is a very smart move. If they max out Robin Lopez, this is still a good draft pick.

ESPN Babe asks him how Kobe is going to be a mentor to him. Hmm, shoot first Shooting Guard mentoring a PG. Riiiight.

The 538 group have him at a 15% Superstar chance, and a 41% bust chance. Nice to see that at #2. This makes zero sense to me, you would think on the LOOONG pre-draft show they would show this out a little bit?

Rose hates on the tag “bust”

Philly also blows off the clock. Why are we timing these picks again? At least the NFL makes you lose a spot. Pick is in, a minute late.

Adam makes a speech on Harvey Pollack, who passed Tuesday.

76ers3. Jahlil Oakfor

He pops a quad on the way to the podium. No wait. Bilas talks about how dominant he is, trying to pump up his top guy going third.
Highlights showing him posting Frank the Tank and faking him out of his shoes. Jalen compares him to Brook Lopez. Ouch.

ESPN babe mentions he didn’t work out for Philly.
Other ESPN Babe talks to the Daddy, who mentions how hard he has been working.

Reese Davis laughingly mentions the Knicks are under a minute on the clock.

Andy Katz mentions that the Sixers are going to keep Oakfor, even with Noel and Embiid on the list. The timer runs out after Reece mentions the clock the second time. The panel rightfully says they should pick based on best player, not on not getting booed. Muiday is still there, allegedly Philbo’s top guy, and hey Frank the Tank is there:-) Jay Williams pushes Justice Winslow.

Knicks4. Kristaps Porzingas

We got a Euro! The Knicks crows shit all over this one, and when the camera goes to them, they start popping jerseys. Dumbasses. Amazing how many people are mugging for the camera and then stepping up the Haterade. The poor guy has to walk to the stage like he’s being deported. Reece breaks out Pau Gasol and Dirk being lotto picks, then 16 more going in the lotto, none making All Star teams.

7’1 PF? Some guy says he’s gonna suck in year one, then in 2 or 3 years is going to be a star. Riiiight. 7’1 220?

ESPN babe asks him why he wanted to play for the Knicks. He says it is a basketball city. Hey! So is Toronto and Sacremento.

Rose thinks they should have gone after a player that could play now. Jay Bilas talks about him being a toothpick. Why am I getting a serious Shawn Bradley vibe here?

Magic timer runs out. No one cares. Reece keeps trying to build hope- and Jay Williams blows him off again.

Magic up next. Rose pushes Winslow or Hezonja.

5. Mario Hezonjaorlando-magic-alternate-logo-2-primary

6’8 Shooting Guard. Fran compares him to JR Smith. Oh Shit. Fran also says his numbers suffered when his team realized he was going to the NBA. Yup, bench the good guys. Our first guy to not be here. Rose actually likes this one- and comps him to Chandler Parsons. Bilas likes what he saw on tape . . .uh, yay?

First Commercial of the Draft, 2 minutes to go for the Kings.

6. Willie Cauley-SteinSacremento Kings

So is he playing with Boogie or replacing?
He also sucks at rebounding, by the way.
Jalen comps him for Tyson Chandler.

ESPN babe who is for some reason obssed with the word “journey” She does ask about the broken foot. Reece also blows off the question.

Chris Broussard is up to talk BOOGIE. Ownership is not wanting to trade Boogie. Best bet was to drop him to the Lakers for the #2 pick. Dumbasses.
Jay Williams also bombs the pick.
Bilas says he can’t score in the NBA. Damn. Bilas says he doesn’t rebound in colledge, so he won’t be a Rodman in the NBA. DAMN. When you are 7 foot and BILAS is hating on you?

As for Boogie vs Karl debate, let me list the coaches I would keep over an All-NBA player

7. Emmanuel Mudiay Denver Nuggets

His slide stops!
Oh Shit. We are in Frank to Charlotte range.
Does that mean Ty Lawson is on the block? For some reason so many of his highlights are him scoring at the rim.

Fran says that he will be mature since there are no Whataburgers in China, so he was able to fend for himself (whaaa?) Kicks it over to ESPN babe who says . . .

“I don’t think there are any Whataburgers in China either”

His brother is name Stephane? Whoa. Keep thinking that Stephanie.

Jalen likes the pick, as a fellow former Nuggets pick.

8. Stanley Johnson

HOLY SHIT. Justice Winslow is on the board!
HOLY SHIT. Justice Winslow is on the board!
HOLY SHIT. Justice Winslow is on the board!

Dammit, so is Frank the Tank.

Bilas loves this dude.

At this point, my ESPN feed ends, since I had to work the night of the draft, and either ESPN or Dish Network decided to record “the NBA Draft” as a half hour of pre-show and only the first 90 minutes of the actual draft. Of course, 5 minutes between picks, and I should have gotten pretty far in 90 minutes, right? 5 times 8 is 90 minutes I guess. I’m just going to finish the lotto, since I had to record 3 hours of NBA TV to get anything resembling a recap, and NBA TV sucks.


If the Hornets take Frank I’m done. I can’t handle just blowing pick after pick after pick. I loved the trades they have made so far- I can even defend the Lance trade, considering who they flipped Barnes for, but Kamisky is a bust. WRITE IT DOWN.

9     Frank KaminskyCharlotte Hornets

I’m Done. I did go on a bit of a rant at work on this, and was called out for repeatedly complaining about the White Guy from the Big 10.

It’s not the tall white guy , Its the fact that the Hornets have done this for two years already. What is the definition of insanity? Exactly. I understand they just got Batum, but Winslow is RIGHT THERE.  Bilas has Winslow at his 5th best player.

10     Justise Winslow miami heat

Yes, Pat Riley is the frikken man. He just upgraded from Deng, or added a spark off the bench. Its never good if the team that picks AFTER you has the steal of the draft.

I hate Duke with the power of a thousand suns, but even I liked Winslow.

Kinda bad when Riley picks 8 spots after Philbo, and I think he got the better player. I did take a Indiana Pacersdrink, as i know Bilas said wingspan here.

11     Myles Turner

Roy Hibbert, U-Haul on line 2.

Problem is, Turner might not be ready for the next couple of years, and its not like I have a lot of faith in the coaching he DID get last year.

12     Trey LylesUtah Jazz

Talented yes, but I do tend to look at a lot of these Kentucky players like they need to have the right coach. I’m not sure there is a good coach in Utah. Amazing that so many of these Kentucky players have massive holes in their game, and need to develop. I think he’s a great pick this late in the Lotto. 6’9 with a wingspan, and if he learns to shoot, could be a sleeper.

13     Devin BookerPhoenix Suns

Can he play Shooting Guard? The Suns have scoring. I have to think this is a pick to flip somewhere else, if he stays at PG, he is a HUGE mismatch, almost in a Penny Hardaway mold, but a lesser passer and better shooter, especially from three. I think he might excel as a 6th man off the bench, until the Suns figure out what to do with the roster.

14     Cameron Payne

OKC Thunder

I do like this pick.

He’s fast, runs the court well, and per all reports he lit up almost ever guard put on him in the pre-Draft camps. He bumped his scoring up as a sophomore, and yes, its small school, but thats not the issue it used to be.









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  1. Great recap. One of my neighbors rang my bell not too long after the Porzingis pick to complain. He was already on his second cup of vodka. He was besides himself as most Knicks fans are. I don’t think the kid will be a bust but they definitely needed a player who could contribute more immediately. Winslow would have been perfect. Perfect.

    However I always feel bad for the draftees that get panned because they can hear every bit of the ESPN coverage. It’s played in speakers all over the arena. Got to be bad to get booed and then hear the panel talking shit about them too.

  2. I think Kentucky players have holes in their games because Calipari has not only the rotation system but he limits them to specific roles. Case in point: Towns has a damn good outside game. Used to watch his high school games on TV since northern New Jersey is part of the NYC market and the kid typically played away from the hoop and had a sweet shot. However, Cal kept him glued in the post. Hopefully Flip will encourage him to stretch the floor a bit and use that range.

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