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It Thursday, and that only means one thing. No not the day before Friday. It’s the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, the panel is going to throw you a curve ball, as we discuss some former wrestlers who recently competed in MMA. We also give our opinion on if Seth Rollins walks out of Battleground as the WWE Champion. All this and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

Here are the power rankings for this week. 

1. Seth Rollins- How will the WWE champion fare in 4 weeks when he goes one on one with a beast?

2. Brock Lesnar- Brock may have something to say after the 4 on 1 beatdown on Raw.

3. John Cena- Cena seems ready and willing to win the rubber match against Owens.

4. Kevin Owens- Is Owens ready to win WWE Gold to add to his NXT title?

5. Sheamus- Mr. Money in the Bank is on a hot streak since winning the briefcase.


This week in professional wrestling. 

King of the Ring 1996 took place. This was the beginning of the Austin 3:16 era, when Austin won the King of the Ring Tournament.

Ahmed Johnson became the first black Intercontinental Champion by defeating Goldust.

Donald Trump and the WWE refunds an entire Monday Night Raw


And now the questions for this week. 

christian                             khali

Is being a former World Champion enough to give you consideration for a Hall of Fame induction?

Steve: No, I think that just because you win a World Championship, that does not make you automatically considered for the Hall of Fame. Let’s take a look at a guy like the Great Khali. Khali is a former World Champion, but what the hell else has he done? He has not accomplished enough to get into the Hall of Fame whenever he retires. Christian on the other hand, is another one who is a former champion and is probably borderline. I would put him in because not only has he won the World Championship, he is one of only a handful of “peeps” to win both the World, Intercontinental, Tag, and European championship. Christian is a Hall of Famer. However, it is not because he was the World Champion.

Eric: No, just because someone wins the world heavyweight championship should not be a contributing factor in deciding on a hall of fame canadite or not. Many wrestlers have had amazing careers in the world of professional wrestling and never held the world heavyweight title. Then looks at some people who have held the title. Would you David Arquette or Vince Russo in the WWE hall of fame? Hell no! However looks at guys like Jake the Snake Roberts and Jim Duggan, both men never held any titles in the WWE, however both men had awesome careers and definitely deserve the spots they have in the hall of fame. So, no just because you win the world heavyweight title doesn’t necessarily mean you should be in the hall of fame.

Josh: I disagree with the lot here.  I would say yes, it merits consideration.  I don’t think it means you automatically get qualified and entered because you won the WHC.  However, it is still the single greatest prize in professional wrestling, and earning it, even if you haven’t done much else (see: Great Khali) is still a HUGE accomplishment.  Look at Canton, if your team wins the Superbowl, you are automatically in the NFL Hall of Fame on that merit alone, if nothing else but as part of the historical wing, as part of the roster of a Superbowl championship team.  And I will make this argument, and everyone will agree with me…if Drew Carey can be in the WWE Hall of Fame….so can Khali….

Chad: No I don’t feel like it’s an automatic induction such as was the case with 3,000 hits or 600 home runs in baseball. I believe that it takes a whole body of work to get inducted. I believe that there are competitors who have the world title (Great Khali; Vince Russo, David Arquette) that will probably not get into the hall of fame based on their wrestling bodies of work.


Will Seth Rollins walk out of Battleground as the WWE Champion?

Steve: I’d have to say he will find some way to walk out of Battleground as the WWE Champion. WIll he win? I don’t know about that. Will he have help? I am almost certain. Either Seth wins by DQ, gets DQ’d, loses by Countout, or wins with help from the Authority. He will walk out of Battleground as the champion. However, in the event we are thrown a curve ball and Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar cleanly, I will be the first to tip my hat to Rollins, as that would solidify his championship run.

Eric: Will Rollins walk out of Battleground as the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION? Simple, no! I like Seth Rollins a lot! I think he’s a very talented individual and definitely has the potential to be the top heel in the company. However, the WWE has put all of their eggs into one basket with Brock Lesnar and they want him to be the top guy in the WWE. No better way to make him the top guy in the company than putting the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title on him. Lesnar can play either a face or a heel depending on what ever he wants to do. I think that he has resigned with the WWE, they want to use him as much as possible and I’m sure he was promised in his contract another world heavyweight title run. I think the WWE may have to push Rollins back down the ladder and put Lesnar back on top of it. So come Battleground, we will see a new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and his name is Brock Lesnar!

Josh: There is no way Seth Rollins beats Lesnar clean and it still be anywhere close to credible.  If Rollins wins, it is through shenanigans, which will just devalue his title run even more.  I see Lesnar winning here.  I can see WWE giving up on this run of Rollins, have the Authority turn on him, cost him the title, turn Rollins face and have him chase.   A face Rollins might be able to believably beat Lesnar through sheer force of will, but a heel Rollins is a wimp, crybaby and loser, and cannot beat Lesnar.

Chad: As much as I want to say that the reign of Seth Rollins will continue through a DQ or the Authority’s help. I believe that Seth Rollins will be conquered by the Conqueror Brock Lesnar who will take Seth Rollins on a long ride to Suplex City —– where we will see a new WWE World Heavyweight in Brock Lesnar.


Kinda throwing a curve ball here. The MMA Bellator on Spike TV last Friday featured two former wrestlers Bobby Lashley, and Ken Shamrock. While Lashley dominated his opponent, Ken Shamrock was dropped in the first round to Kimbo Slice. Is it time for Ken Shamrock to call it a career at 52 years old?

Steve: Ken Shamrock had absolutely no business facing Kimbo Slice at MMA Bellator. He is 52 years old, and should have retired a long time ago. I will give him credit for being able to compete with Kimbo and had him on the ropes and appeared to have him on the verge of tapping out. However, he was forced to reposition, and when Kimbo got to his feet, it was lights out for Shamrock. It was time for Shamrock to call it quits 10 years ago.

Eric: Ken Shamrock at one time was considered the world’s most dangerous man. The man is a legend in the UFC. He was one of the original masters of the octagon. Then Shamrock decided it was time for a change and went to the WWE. I always liked it when Shamrock was in the WWE. I always thought he was great inside the ring. I really enjoyed watching his style of wrestling. Then Shamrock left WWE one day and went back to the octagon. Now this past week, Ken lost very early in the fight. Ken Shamrock is 52 years old, he has had an amazing career in not only the octagon but also in WWE as well. I don’t think anyone would think any less of him of he was to step down and retire. Obvious the man is not the same guy we used to see in the late 90s, as he has unfortunately change. I don’t think anyone would think any less of him if he was to retire. He obviously can’t go the way he used to otherwise he wouldn’t have lost in the first round of his last fight. I’m sorry Ken but I believe it is to hang it up and move on.

Josh: Yes.

Chad: God Honest truth I thought Tito Ortiz put Shamrock into retirement 10 years ago on a Spike TV special. I guess since Shamrock decided to fight again and get beat by a glorified internet street fighter sensation in Kimbo Slice then it is time for Ken Shamrock to hang it up and either be a coach or in the broadcast booth of some promotion. Shamrock can definitely pass things to a new generation of fighters.


Bouncing off the last question. What is your take on professional wrestlers going into MMA, and vice versa, MMA to Wrestling?

Steve: I don’t have a problem with either or trying their luck in either sport. I think it is difficult for wrestlers who are out there to entertain, going into the octagon and really fighting. Now I am not saying that wrestlers are not tough, but it is a different environment when you out there fighting, compared to entertaining fans. Likewise, guys in MMA and/or UFC who try their luck in WWE have to understand that they don’t have to try and take their opponents heads off. Remember when Brock came back after competing in UFC? He busted John Cena’s nose. Different environment, but I have no problem with anyone trying it out.

Eric:  I think it is a great thing when talent in the world of Professional Wrestling become cross over athletes and try out other sport such as MMA. Also vice versa, if guys from MMA want to try their luck inside a WWE ring, I say go for it. Both have had good luck on both ends such as Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn just to name a few. Now the biggest question is can CM PUNK make the transition and become the next big thing in the MMA? I think it is very well possible. If you go back and watch some of his older matches, the man can wrestle. Now let’s see if he can do great in the world of MMA. I think one day we maybe seeing him as a UFC champion. He will make the WWE proud and show off how good professional wrestlers can be as crossover athletes.

Josh: They can do whatever they want to do…is it any different than professional wrestlers going into acting?  They just better hope they are good at it….we don’t need any more Suburban Commando movies….although Christopher Lloyd is still amazing.

Chad: I definitely feel like it’s always newsworthy and interesting to watch when one athlete try to make the jump into the other field. I will always applaud Brock Lesnar for being able to make switch from WWE to MMA and back to WWE. For every success like a Brock Lesnar, however, there is a case like a King Mo who appeared twice for TNA between 2012-2014. So it’s a risk but I hope that CM Punk can make the successful switch  as a fan of his.


The Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns feud features two guys who have been on the cusp of main eventing in the WWE. How do both of these guys need to come out of this feud, and how does the WWE book this so both guys look good?

Steve: Both guys have been on the verge of stardom in the WWE. Honestly, I don’t know what they are trying to do with Bray Wyatt. He goes out and has a match against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and then into a feud with Ryback. Roman main events Wrestlemania, and seems like he is back down to the mid card. Both of these guys need to come out of this better than they started. I think Bray needs it more than Roman, as Roman is already the guy that is on Vince’s radar to be a top star. Bray is over with the fans, and I think he needs to have this feud and be successful in this feud.

Eric: The newest and trying to become the hottest feud right now in WWE is Bray Wyatt vs Roman Regins. These two men both definitely have bright futures ahead of them in the WWE and will likely be main eventing many ppvs in the future. How should the WWE book these guys and make them both look strong? I think they need to have Bray go over first and foremost. This will make Bray Wyatt look very strong, now since they using Romans daughter in the feud, I think they should play it off like they did similar to the Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero feud of 2005 for the custody of Dominick. I think if they play it off like that and have Roman eventually get the big win and get his daughter back, I believe you still have both me looking strong and both men can then go on to their next feuds and continue to build up to becoming the next generation of main event talent for the WWE.

Josh: There really isn’t a way to have either win and still protect the other, as personal as they are making this, whoever loses is done.  The only way to salvage the situation would be to have it end in a no contest.  Perhaps a new faction comes down and attacks both men, forcing them to team up….Bray can still be as creepy as ever, turn him face, and that could be the start of Roman’s heel turn, which he desperately needs to resuscitate his character.

Chad: I definitely feel like the feud would Bray out more because of the fact Roman has  main evented Wrestlemania. Bray is kind of bouncing around the card from facing Undertaker to Ryback. So I think Bray needs to be booked well in this feud so that he can be a possible contender for the title once Brock wins it back.






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  1. So I am curious Josh, if you think the World title merits consideration for the Hall of Fame. Are you saying that David Arquette and Vince Russo should be considered for the Hall of Fame?

  2. Tommy Rich!

    Or how about Shane Douglas, Steve Corino or even Taz.

    If you just want to go WWE history, how about Stan Staziak or Ivan Koloff?

  3. I wouldn’t see why not, at least getting “consideration”, especially in the case of David Arquette. In 15-20 years, no one will remember Drew Carey and his Royal Rumble entrance, except on the odd Royal Rumble special DVD collectors set or something, but 15-20 years later, we are STILL TALKING about David Arquette. If there is any celebrity deserving of induction, it would be him.

  4. You know David, I actually thought about Tommy Rich, and I mention something similar to this on #ask7pound about who is the most unlikely world champion. I said Ron Garvin, but Tommy Rich was right there. As for Ivan Koloff, Stan Stasiak, those are perfect examples. I challenge present day wrestling fan to tell me who Stan Stasiak is. Koloff at least has something to go by as he was a tag team champion as well.

    Josh does make a good point on David Arquette. We are still talking about that 20 years later. However, that would be a celebrity wing, not a main Hall of Fame inductee.

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