Pre-NBA Draft Thoughts

NBA DraftPre-NBA Draft Thoughts

Lets say you are the Wolves. And you get a phone call.

Player X has just signed for 4 years 40 Mill a year, but he just slept with the owners daughter and has to get out of town.

Would you trade the number 1 overall pick for:

1. Marc Gasol

2. LaMarcus Aldridge

3. Kevin Love

4. Jimmy Bulter

5. DeAndre Jordan

6. Draymond Green

— and Why?


You have the 4rd pick. In addition to the ones you do the top pick, Do you swap the Knicks pick for any of them?

LoveEarl: Well I’d exclude Kevin Love right away because been there and done that. I wouldn’t trade that pick for a guy who already bailed on the Wolves. Looking at the mix of young talent the Wolves already have I’d want a young and up and comer to be the star of my youth movement so I would trade the number one pick for LaMarcus Aldridge.

I would be tempted to go after DeAndre Jordan but Aldridge is the better offensive player and the better overall choice to continue the solid play he’s already established in the League. You can always get rim protection at a cheaper value in free agency anyway. If you’re going to trade #1, I’d want a complete player to show for it and that is Aldridge.
If I were the Knicks General Manager I would trade that #4 pick for any of those players because that team is so awful that all of those players would be leaps and bounds better immediately than any player I could draft. However, there is one really exceptional pick for the Knicks and that would be DeAndre Jordan. He is a liability at the free throw line, granted, but with Carmelo around you wouldn’t need Jordan to give you much on offense. However, what the Knicks would need him for is his defense and protecting the rim. Pairing Jordan at center and convincing Carmelo that he’s a power forward at this stage of his career and not a small forward would be the makings of a decent front line.

Plenty of room on the bandwagon!

David: Honestly, I take any of the 5 at Number 1 over all, if I know I have 4 years- or 3 with an expiring. I’m just not enthused by anyone in this draft. I think I’d wait the longest before saying yes to Gasol and Love, however due to age and Love skipping town before.

I think the Knicks hurt themselves taking any of the above with the Number 4 pick, and as a guy who is not exactly a Philbo Fan, I hope he drafts Frank the Tank at number 4.
I’m not going to be doing an NBA Mock, but I’ll try and have my diary posted ASAP, I work till 11, but the DVR is cranked.

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