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Welcome back NBA fans. Did you enjoy the Finals? Congratulations to The Golden State Warriors on winning the NBA title for the first time in 40 years. Are they destined for a dynasty? Also, are the Cavs favorites to win next year? This and much more on the NBA Roundtable.

Let’s get right to it.

Golden State

The over/under for the Golden State Warriors wins next season (68)

Steve: I am going under here, and saying the Warriors win 63 games next season. They have all the talent in the world, and I think they will still be the best team in the West. There are going to be more teams gunning for them, as it is much harder to hold on to the championship a second time around. There is no surprising the league next year.

Dan: I assume this is including play-offs so I think they’ll be over. They’re going to make it over 50 wins in the season then you have the playoff games, they should hit 68 next year for sure. Most of their players, if not all, are returning. They have a stellar roster. I would expect them to hit 70 wins next season.

David: In the West? Without knowing who’s coming back, I’d put good money on the Under. I got no issues with them winning 60 games and working on the repeat title. To go 68-14 is a tall, tall, order in the West.

Chad: I have to say under on this because this team is in the west and I can’t see the other west trying to adapt to them. I’m going to say the Warriors win 62 games in the regular season.


The Cavs are 9:4 favorites to win the NBA title next season. Do you think the Cavs will be back next year and win it all?

Steve: I would challenge anyone to give me another team in the Eastern Conference that will challenge a healthy Cavaliers team. They come out of the East again next year as long as there are no serious injuries. LeBron did it his second time around with the Heat after losing the Finals the year before. He will do it next year with the Cavs next year. Cleveland will celebrate an NBA title next season.

Dan: I think they’ll be back for sure and represent the Eastern Conference again. I think they win next season. They should have a healthy Kevin Love – granted they re-sign him like they’re rumored that they will. They have Kyrie Irving coming back and Varejao will also return. LeBron will finally have some help and the Cavs will become NBA Champions.

David:  I think LeBron opts out and joins the Spurs with Noah and Pau Gasol. So I’m going no. In all seriousness, I’m looking at them as a top 2 team in the East, depending on what happens in Atlanta. With or without Love, they are still a top tier team in the East.

Chad: This team will have 3 important pieces back in the fold in Love, Kyrie, and Varajeao, which I think helps them walk through the East. I think they do win the title with that extra talent over Golden State ending the Cleveland title drought.



What impact will Lance Stephensen have on the LA Clippers?

Steve: He brings another solid player to the Clippers, and the Clippers will challenge for the top spot in the West next season. Though until they break through in the playoffs, thats as far as they are going to get. Second round elimination still seems imminent for the Clipps.

Dan: I think he’ll be a good player with a very nice contributing impact. He just didn’t fit in Charlotte and I feel like LAC will be a better fit for his talents and will utilize him a lot better than what Charlotte could do with him. I also think he just seems distracted and all off kilter. This will bring him back to what he’s used to and back to his usual numbers. He’s extremely defensive and extremely athletic.

David:  If he still shoots 19 percent from 3, he’s a cheap contract on the bench. Keep in mind, I’m not that big a fan of Doc Rivers the coach, so I don’t really expect Lance to be a 20 ppg first team all defense guy. I think it really depends on how well he meshes. He could be the missing piece, he could be dumped for a pick at the All-Star break.

Chad: I think that Lance can be a good contributor for the Clippers. I think that with Doc Rivers as coach and with players like Paul & Griffin leading the team I wouldn’t anticipate the same Stephensen has had in the past.



In ten years, will we remember this Golden State Warriors team as a dynasty? Or, will it just be a team that got through one year, like Rasheed Wallace’ Pistons team.

Steve: On paper I would say yes, but I will have to see what the Warriors do next year in order to make a decision on this question. While they definitely have the talent to repeat, three peat, or what not, the sky is the limit for this team. Some are already comparing this team to the Bulls’ teams of the 90’s. I would not go that far, but they may come a close second. I would say this team is better than the Lakers teams from 2000-2004.

Dan: I feel as if you’ll remember the Steph Curry-led Golden State Warriors as a dynasty. I feel like they’ll be returning to the title game for the next couple years or at least at the top of the Western Conference competing with the Thunder, Rockets and Clippers for the top of the West. I think they’ll become a dynasty and get 2 more championship rings before their run is over.

David:  I honestly do think they end up like the Pistons. We will remember this title run for what happened to LeBron and everyone hitting the bench by the time the Finals started than anything else. Much like most people remember the Pistons Finals Win for the ShaKobe marriage exploding.

Chad: I think that the Warriors vs Cavaliers finals matchup will be seen as Lakers vs Celtics in the 80s. I think that the Warriors will be seen as a dynasty because of the youth of their stars and the team concept they seem to have.


You have the ability to implement one rule change in 2015-16 season. What would it be and why?

Steve: The rule that I would change is that if you commit a foul on a player that does not have the ball, then the team who receives the foul can choose anyone from the team to shoot the free throws. I cannot stand, as a fan, to watch a hack a player, and be miserable at the free throw line. It makes for some very boring basketball.

Dan: I don’t know if this is a rule change so much as of an officiating change but I need to see travels being called. There are players walking around the court with the ball in their hand that needs to be called. There was a Cavaliers player in the Finals in a video going around the web of him taking 9 steps while he was in a “pivot” and nothing was called. There needs to be something done about this ASAP and that’d be my main focus.

David: I’m fine with the Rules as they are. My Issues with the NBA have to deal with the way Free Agency is done and the Salary Cap is made. How about fixing the reffing situation? I’ll take that one. My Rule is the refs have to call the games like everyone is a second round pick playing their first game.

Chad: I would definitely change the rule to make it more of a penalty to foul a player who does not have the ball. It can make the sport pointless because who has the ball doesn’t matter. I’d make it where the team fouled gets the foul shot and the ball.


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