Hello again wrestling fans to another edition of #ask7pound. I am your host, Steve Hall, and I will be answering your questions on the world of professional wrestling. This week on tap, What happened to the Nexus, and What happened to the Spirit Squad. The answer may surprise you. This and much more.

Let’s start off with a little did you know?

Did you know that before they were known as Total Nonstop Action, TNA was using the NWA product, and wrestlers were defending the NWA World and World Tag Team championships with the same belts used in the 80’s. 


At this time, back by popular demand is David’s Top Ten. Now, David decided to change things up a little bit and decided to create a dream wrestling card. He’s going to use only wrestlers he has seen, so no Gorgeous George or Haystacks Calhoun, and he’s going to limit the number of multi-man matches. Over the next several weeks I will give you those matches by David, and you can pick the winners in the comments, or even on Twitter and E-Mail. @StephanHall   swhall03@gmail.com

Here is the opening match. 

Singles Match:

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Tommy DreamerPiper

Why this match?

I am a HUGE Tommy Dreamer fan, and you will find fewer Piper fans than I.

I need to have Piper in here, but he’s a bit limited in ring, Dreamer is also a bit limited, but he is a master of taking an opponent with a limited moveset and making him look good, and Piper can be nuts enough to kill 10 minutes without doing anything more than a Greco-Roman eyepoke and making the crowd go nuts.

And now the questions for this week.

Up first is 7poundbag.com’s own, Eric from Rantoul

What ever happened to Michael Tarver, the only original Nexus 7 member that did not amount to anything?


You are right Eric, Tarver really is the only one that has not had the success in ring. Here is why, If you remember, he was the one that was pinned by John Morrison costing the Nexus the match, on the October 4th episode of Raw, Cena attacked Tarver basically ending him, but in actuality, it was to give Tarver some time off to nurse a groin injury. Tarver made some back stage appearances in late 2010, but was eventually released from his contract in June, 2011. Tarver then began wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance under his real name, Tyrone Evans, but went back to Michael Tarver. He is still currently wrestling in the independent circuit and with the NWA.

Which brings us to another group that Sean wants to know about.

What happened to the Spirit Squad? They all just sort of disappeared.


Oh the male cheerleaders. Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Mikey, and Nikky. So let’s start with Kenny. Kenny had a few weeks of WWE TV time when he was known as Kenny Dykstra, he had a short feud with Ric Flair, after the Spirit Squad disbanded, Johnny, Mitch, and Mikey all when down to Ohio Valley Wrestling for  a brief time. Kenny and Mitch left the WWE and began working for the NWA territory in New Jersey, and now along with Johnny and Mikey, they are now apart of the Chikara promotion as they reunited as the Spirit Squad. Now as for Nikky, take a close look at the photo on the far right. Look familiar? It’s WWE superstar, former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. Who knew that Ziggler was once a male cheerleader. As for the others, they just have not had the success that Dolph has had.

Steamboat fan has a question.

I am a big Ricky Steamboat fan, and always wondered who “the Ninja” actually was under the mask. Was he really a mentor of Steamboat?


Well I can tell that this was a very difficult question because I had a hell of a time finding the answer to this question. Here is what I found out. The Ninja was brought in basically for the match at Superbrawl II between Steamboat and Rick Rude. During the match, Paul E Dangerously was under the mask of the ninja, and struck Steamboat with the telephone, costing him the championship. The real Ninja was never seen or heard from again. The person underneath the mask during that time was someone who actually competed earlier in the night….Jushin Thunder Liger. However, the gimmick was only brought in strictly for that spot with Paul E.

Javier from Detroit asks about the Earthquake

Why did the WWF at first call Earthquake the Canadian Earthquake, then drop it. Was Earthquake really even Canadian?


John Tenta, better known as Earthquake to the wrestling fans, was in fact born in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. He came in as the Canadian Earthquake when he was the special guest during the push up competition between Dino Bravo and the Ultimate Warrior. If you remember, Earthquake was chosen from the crowd and was to sit on both Bravo and Warrior’s back and they had to do a push up while he was sitting on them. He then squashed the Warrior and began his career in the WWE. He was dubbed as the Canadian Earthquake, but they dropped that only a few months later as Earthquake just sounded better. It was just a marketing thing.

David from San Antonio TX asks about a very old title change. 

Bruno Sammartino held the WWWF title for like 7 or 8 years. My question is why did he drop the title to a guy like Ivan Koloff, when there were so many other wrestlers that could have taken the title. 


David, I can understand your logic here, as Ivan Koloff was not the ideal champion, or wrestler to beat a guy like Bruno Sammartino to become the World Champion. However, there is some logic here. First, Sammartino’s run needed to end, and it was time for another top star to run with the championship. Vince McMahon Sr. had high aspirations on Pedro Morales to lead the WWWF in to the 70’s. The only problem is, back in those days, you could not have a face vs a face. They did not want Pedro Morales to turn heel, and they wanted him to run with the title as a good guy. Insert Ivan Koloff, he was the perfect guy to use as what they call a “transitional” champion. A transitional champion is someone who you put the championship on, only to lose it to someone a short time later. Koloff’s run was very short, and Morales took the title off of him nearly a month later. The same thing happened to the Iron Sheik in 1984, when he defeated Bob Backlund, only to drop the title to Hulk Hogan a month later.





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