2009 NBA Mock Draft: reposted

NBA Draft(ed Note: This is re-printed from 2009)

Welcome to the Mock 2009 NBA DRAFT!

We have collected 6 writers, one for each division, and we have done a Mock Draft.

There are no Trades, but we do discuss If, as GM we would trade the pick and also what we have to do post draft.

Our GMs

Brady Ford: Atlantic
Josh Reddy – Central
David Snipes: Southeast
AJ: Northwest,
Nick Bright– Pacific
Frank Zhang: Southwest

1    Los Angeles Clippers   LA ClippersLA Clippers

The Pick: Blake Griffin – PF, Oklahoma

The Reason- 1, He is the only player in this draft you know 100% will be playing in 8 years- he loves the game, is coachable, and if his work ethic catches on- he could be a great player. I don’t see a Hall of Famer here- but 20/8 for the next 7 years would not hurt my feelings in this draft.

Trade it? If at all possible I would trade this pick to OKC for Jeff Green and the #3, plus a 2010/11 not protected pick as well. Watson and a 11 non-top 3 protected pick would work in a pinch.

Post Draft: Have to move Zach, have to look at Kaman as also good trade bait to cut some salary- If I do end up with Blake- I have to look at Drew as a coach, don’t I?

2    Memphis Grizzlies   Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies

The Pick: Hasheem Thabeet- C, UConn

The Reason: The Grizzlies are the only team in their division that didn’t make the playoffs. To compete with their division, they need Defense, and a dominant big guy who can rebound, and finish it inside. The player who meets those criteria is Hasheem Thabeet. He is 7″3, and 23 years old with an unbelievable defense. If I was the GM, I would definitely select him as the #2 Overall pick.

Trade it? The Houston Rockets were reported interested in Rubio. I doubt this will happen, but if it does; I would trade this pick,  for Scola, Brooks, and a 2010 unprotected pick.

Post Draft: Give up Mihm, and Millicic. Put Thabeet as a 6th or 7th man behind Marc Gasol. I would also try to sign a talented Small foward that can play behind Rudy Gay.

3 Oklahoma City ThunderOKC Thunder

The pick: James Harden- Guard, Arizona State

The reason: James Harden is the best guard coming out of college basketball. Oklahoma City has Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green, so they are set at PG, SF and PF for the future. They seem to want to give Kristic a chance at C, so the need is SG, which is where Harden comes in. He can shoot, drive and play some defense, and he can come in and compliment those three very nicely for the future.

Trade it? If Westbrook, Durant and Green continue to develop into the stars they seem to be, a shooting guard shouldn’t be that hard to find. There are always going to be SG’s out there, so if someone wants the pick to take Ricky Rubio or Jordan Hill, and you can get a good NBA player or an above-average NBA player and a pick, pull the trigger.

Post draft: Look to bring in a veteran who can help the young guns mature. Look to pick up another big man to solidify the rotation of bigs. If a shooting guard is out there at a reasonable price, look to pick him up. But the talent is there, time is what’s needed, so don’t pull any moves that could cause problems.

4    Sacramento Kings  kings

The Pick: Ricky Rubio, PG, DKV Joventut

The Reason: The Kings are dead- period, they have to rebuild and Rubio is going to take 2-3 years to develop- They can play him 20 minutes a game for the next year- get a top 4 pick again next year and maybe prep for Seattle or Vegas and have a solid, growing point- a player they havn’t had since Bobby Hurley got T-Boned.

Trade it? The Second the Grizz says Jam- I’m bum-rushing the stage. If Rubio is gone? Maybe to Washington or the Warriors for some picks- I do NOT want players back- I want picks.

Post Draft: Garage Sale for picks.

5    Washington Wizards   Wizards

The Pick: DeMar DeRozan, SG, USC

The Reason: He is 6’7 and if Arenas is not going to come back he can score- he is polished enough to step right in and start to re-make this his team.  De-De could end up being a Mega-Star, he could also end up playing in Europe  and taking Jeremy Tyler’s lease over.

Trade Pick – If at all possible- the Wizards need a good doctor more than a top 5 pick that may or may not be any good.

Post Draft: Well their cap is dead- they have limited assets- they have a restless fanbase. Time to fish or cut bait here.

6 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves

The Pick: Tyreke Evans- G, Memphis

The Reason: The Wolves need a guard. There are plenty of guys to choose from, but it seems as though Evans makes the most sense here. At 6-5, he has the height to be a successful point guard. He can score off of his drive, and at just 19, his shot has plenty of time to get even better. Having played under a good coach in John Calipari only helps his case, and he has the time to develop into a star with as the bigs get better, as well.

Trade It? If you can get a decent trade, absolutely. Do it in a heartbeat. With a need at guard, Evans, Stephen Curry, Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday, Brandon Jennings and Jonny Flynn are all still available, and at this time, any one of them could be the best point guard to come out of the draft, so they won’t necessarily be missing out on much by dropping down and taking a different PG, while picking up some more pieces.

Post-Draft: Don’t make many moves. There is a ton of young talent on this team, and with the possibility of three more first rounders coming in, a more-than-likely lottery pick next year, and the 2010 free agent class coming up, stay patient and wait for the chance to make the right move.

7. Golden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors

Pick- Stephen Curry, G, Davidson

The Reason– Don Nelson is not getting any younger and would like to win quickly. Stephen Curry has the perfect skill set for the high scoring offense of Don Nelson. He also should be able to come in and contribute offensively from day one if Nellie will allow. Stephen Curry will be a very solid scorer in this league and this offense would be a great chance for him to showcase his talent.

Trade it– Yes, Nellie doesn’t trust rookies or like to even give them a chance. If they are gonna compete a more proven veteran would be the best option. Even if they can’t get a veteran this draft is guard deep and they could still get a good player later.

Post Draft- Start by making sure Anthony Randolph gets more minutes next year, he showed flashes but Nellie never gave him extended minutes on a bad team. Even with Curry a solid veteran point guard would be a very needed addition.

8    New York KnicksKnicks

The Pick: Jrue Holliday, G, UCLA

The Reason:  The Knicks were hoping Stephen Curry would be available, but Jrue Holliday is also a very good player.  His college stats are far from jaw-dropping, but that’s due to playing off-ball with Darren Collison at the point and playing in a slow half court offense that doesn’t fit his style.  He would be a very good fit for a Mike D’Antoni offense, out side of his lackluster perimeter shooting at this point.
He reminds me of the UCLA guard that went in the lottery last year, Russell Westbrook.  While not as athletic, Holliday is a similarly aggressive defender who can defend either guard position well.  They both rebound very well for their position.  Also, they both played shooting guards, mostly, in college, but project as point guards in the NBA.
While he won’t be an all-star within the next few years, his high basketball IQ will enable him to contribute immediately.

Trade it? There’s talk of the Knicks trading this pick for Sergio Rodriguez, which I think would be a mistake.  A more useful trade for them would be to try to move to get Ricky Rubio, perhaps as high as #2.  I think that’s the direction they should head in.  Rubio is, in my humble opinion, the best prospect in the draft.  He would be a great fit for D’Antoni’s up tempo offense and he’s shown a lot of improvement in his perimeter shooting.  I think he’ll be an elite PG for years to come.  They should really try to make a move up for him, especially if he slips to 4.

Post-Draft?  Depending on how much money Nate Robinson and David Lee want, they’ll probably end up sign-and-trading one of them to save cap space for 2010, and it seems like it will be Lee.  They should try to get a decent big man and/or a pick for him, with which they can use to continue rebuilding.

9 Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors

The Pick: Gerald Henderson, SG, Duke

The Reason: The Raptors are hoping DeMar DeRozan, Jrue Holliday, or Tyreke Evans will still be there.  Instead, they’ll have to settle for the best shooting guard available, and that’s Henderson .  Henderson is a solid all-around SG.  To me, he’s like a poor man’s Kobe Bryant.  He’s never going to average 30 a game, but he can hit midrange jumpers, create for himself and others, play very good defense, and finish around the rim.  He’s a very good athlete and a committed defender, which makes him very valuable.

Trade it? I think if they find themselves in this predicament, they should try to trade back, maybe wiith the Mavericks.  I’ve heard they’re interested in Jordan Hill, who’s still available.  If they move back that far, they could look at Jeff Teague, Sam Young, and Chase Budinger.

Post Draft?  Try to get a deal with Chris Bosh done.  They need him if they want to be competitive for at least the next few years.

10 Milwaukee BucksBucks

The Pick: Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona

The Reason: It was a tough decision between Hill, Jonny Flynn, and DeJuan Blair, but Hill, who has been projected to go possibly in the top five, falls right into the Bucks’ lap here and has too much talent to pass up. The Buck’s two biggest needs are at PG and PF/C. With Charlie Villanueva possibly gone as restricted free agents, that leaves a huge void in Scott Skiles lineup. Hill fits perfectly in Skiles’ schemes, both defensively and offensively, as he has a good sized body for a PF, good rebounding and blocking skills, and has a good motor, meaning he never takes plays off. Hill brings toughness and can do the dirty work on the block on both ends of the court, which Skiles likes a lot.Hill can develop very well into a Chris Bosh type of player.

Trade it? The Bucks are not looking to trade this pick, since they are in good position where players, which could help them a lot by filling some need areas, could fall right into their hands. If the Bucks are to trade away this pick, then they would be better off moving back a few spots and pick up one of the PGs whose stocks have been dropping or add some depth to the front court with BJ Mullens or DeJuan Blair.

Post Draft: The Bucks need to go out and get some depth at center because Andrew Bogut has been very injury prone over the past couple of years. If the market is right in their eyes, they should shop around Redd a little bit, because he is becoming the Ben Sheets of the Bucks with his injuries. The Bucks also could look to bring in some veteran players as well.

11 New Jersey NetsNew Jersey Nets

The Pick: Terrence Williams, G/F, Louisville

The Reason: The Nets most desperate need is at small forward.  They should also consider Jonny Flynn, Dejuan Blair, and Tyler Hansbrough, but Williams is the best fit.  Williams can start right away and improve the team.  Without Williams, they’d be starting either Keyon Dooling or Bobby Simmons.  Williams is a very good prospect.  At the very least, he should be a solid role player, but he has the potential to be the next Andre Iguodala;

Trade it?  I think they should look into trading back.  They can can still get either Williams, Blair, Flynn, or Hansbrough if they move down 5-10 spots, and they don’t have a second round pick.

Post draft:  I think they should sign a back-up PG.  Perhaps Anthony Carter.  Also, try to move Vince Carter’s massive contract.

12 Charlotte BobcatsCharlotte Bobcats

The Pick: James Johnson PF Wake Forest

The Reason: They need size in the paint and BJ Mullins is WAY too green without a backup plan- Erik Clark could be the pick here- but name me the last Pitino player to do much in the NBA- coach K has a better class.

Trade it? OK, if the Draft breaks this was the ‘Cats are going (or better be) doing their best to auction off this pick- the next 5 players off my board are all PG/SG- I have James at 16 but we can’t trade- THANK GAWD Henderson is already gone- Jordan will probably trade Felton and the 12 to get him with my luck- someone tell Jordan that he’s a DUKE player? Then maybe we will get Lawson or Ellington or heaven help us Tyler at least. Problem at this spot is there is a TON of players the Cat’s don’t need. Auction the pick- but I’ll be happy if we have to reach for Johnson

Post Draft: GET A CENTER- get Oakfor OUT OF THE PAINT – Dump Sean May in a sign and trade with Raja if needed. Sell the team to someone competent, fire Jordan and let Larry Brown and Phil Ford run the place, Dump the Orange Uni’s, sue the Hornets and make them give us back Hugo- Take Chris Paul as interest . . .oh wait sorry. None of those things will happen.

Here is the plan: Trade Felton for 30 cents on the dollar- resign Sean May to a Max Contract- have a team of all power forwards (there were EIGHT on the roster at one point)  and make sure Felton never plays more than 9 minutes a game, trade Oakfor for Vince Carter and then cut him so you only have 15 million in salaries.

(Ed note: David is a bitter Bobcats fan)

13 Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers

The Pick: Jonny Flynn, PG, Syracuse

The Reason: The Pacers have a SF who is becoming one of the best players in the league in Danny Granger, a SG who can shoot in Mike Dunleavy JR., a PF who averages almost a double-double in Troy Murphy, and they also drafted a developing center in Roy Hibbert in the first round last year. Now, the Pacers need a playmaking PG who can get these players the ball. Flynn is the perfect pick for the Pacers as he has that playmaking ability to go along with great court vision and leadership, which the Pacers also need. Flynn’s stock has been on the rise as of late and the Pacers would be lucky for Flynn to fall this far, and they will snatch him for sure if he’s available here.

Trade it? This is PG heavy draft and the Pacers will benefit from that. There will be a good selection of PGs available at the number 13 pick for the Pacers to choose from, so will be best served staying put.

Post Draft: The Pacers might want to go out and get a veteran player who can and will be a leader on this young team.

14 Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns

The Pick. Brandon Jennings, PG, Italy

The reason – Steve Nash is 35 and Barbosa does not look like the eventual replacement. Jennings comes from a compeitive environment in Italy and should be able to lighten the load for Nash at the point this season. The upside on this kid is also too much to pass up at 14. Last summer he was thought to be a top 5 value in a much better draft and this kid still brings that talent to the table. Jennings may be a star in this league and learning from Nash will do nothing but help progress that. In a couple of years the Suns may be able to make a seamless transition at point guard.

Trade it- The Suns have already sold so many picks, I think they owe it to the fans to get the best young talent available now that they are in the lottery. So stay….

Post draft– Use a Shaq trade to help build at the shooting guard and power forward positions and let Amare go back to being the center in a running offense.

15 Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons

The Pick: BJ Mullens, C, Ohio State

The Reason: The Pistons are now in a rebuilding stage, even though they made the playoffs. Their best bigmen in Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, and Kwame Brown are most likely on their way out. Though Mullens is still very, very raw, he shows great upside and the Pistons will need to develop him a lot. He could fill the void left by Wallace and Brown. Mullens has the size needed to be a NBA center with a big wingspan. He posses great athleticism and has very good hands. He also is a solid shot blocker as well as a good rebounder at both ends of the court. If the Pistons can develop Mullens right, he can become a very productive player in the future.

Trade it? It is very likely that the Pistons could package this pick in order to clear up some salary cap space to spend on free agents this summer.

Post Draft: The Pistons need to make the most out of the three other picks in this drafts at their disposal, and if they play those picks right, they could be contending for a low playoff seed in the weak East.

16 Chicago BullsChicago Bulls

The Pick: DeJuan Blair, PF, Pittsburgh

The Reason: The Bulls need a bigman who can score from the post, and Brad Miller, Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas are not those players. Blair has good back to the basket game and can score from the post. Blair also has great rebounding skills, both on the offensive and defensive glass.Blair will complement Rose and Noah perfectly, with his NBA ready body.

Trade it? The Bulls could package this pick in a deal to ship Kirk Hinrich elsewhere.

Post Draft: The Bulls need to make a decision on whether to keep Kirk Hinrich or Ben Gordon. If they get rid of Hinrich, they will need to find a backup PG to backup Derrick Rose.

17 Philadelphia 76ers76ers

The Pick: Ty Lawson, PG, North Carolina

The Reason: This is a tough decision between Lawson and Eric Maynor.  I think the Sixers ultimately choose Lawson because of how good he is in transition and how well he shot the 3 in college.  They need a PG as they will not be resigning Andre Miller.  Lawson is a good fit because the Sixers are an up-tempo team and Lawson was the leader of an up-tempo offense at UNC.  He could be a starter for them for years to come.

Trade it?  I’ve heard rumors that they move up to get Rubio, packaging Marreese Speights and this pick.  However, after trading Reggie Evans, that seems very unlikely.  I think they should just sit tight and draft one of the available point guards.  At least two of the following should be available: Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, and Jeff Teague.

Post draft:  Get rid of Elton Brand by any means necessary.  He’s a good player, but he’s a terrible fit for their offense.

18    Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves

The Pick: Earl Clark- F, Louisville

The Reason: Love, Jefferson and Gomes are a very good 1-2-3 down low. But Clark is a playmaker, and he could fit in with those three at SF. Clark is an atletic player who can score, rebound and play some defense. He has tremendous upside, and is a nice pick falling to 18.

Trade It? Clark, Eric Maynor and Jeff Teague are all still here. With Evans already on board, an interesting pick could be to take Maynor and see which one really works, or to take Maynor and trade him away, which is a far more feasible option. The best option, however, might just be to trade the pick away
and see who falls into their lap at pick 28.

Post-Draft: Don’t make many moves. There is a ton of young talent on this team, and with the possibility of three more first rounders coming in, a more-than-likely lottery pick next year, and the 2010 free agent class coming up, stay patient and wait for the chance to make the right move.

19    Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks

The Pick: Jeff Teague PG Wake Forest

The Reason: Teague is a solid point guard- and the last time they Hawks blew off a Wake Point to draft a UNC PF- they got Marvin Williams and missed on Chris Paul – They could use the Leadership of Tyler- but if they can groom Teague, They could solve a decade long PG problem.

Trade it? Sure- got any Point Guards?

Post Draft: The Hawks need to fix Off the court issues more than on-court, they need to gell the core before they start playing with the team.

20    Utah JazzUtah Jazz

The Pick: Tyler Hansbrough- F/C, North Carolina

The Reason: The Jazz have two good power forwards in Paul Millsap and Carlos Boozer, but both could be free agents this summer. Millsap will be a restricted one, and Boozer has the chance to opt out. It’s highly unlikely that both will be brought back, so some help will be needed at PF. This is where Hansbrough steps in. He will bring energy, a hard-working attitude and some help on both ends of the floor to help out early on as a backup to either Millsap or Boozer.

Trade It: Utah has enough needs that a trade may work, but they probably would be better served keeping it and taking a power forward, or getting some backcourt help, such as SG to deal with possbly more departures, although if the right offer comes along, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Post-Draft: Depending on what happens in the draft, the Jazz will have a ton of decisions to make. Either Boozer or Millsap needs to be brought back, and they are probably going to need to let one go. Although unlikely, Mehmet Okur could also opt out, so they will have to see what happens there. Finally, Kyle Korver could go as well, so a decision will have to be made with him. It’s going to be a crazy be a post-draft!

21    New Orleans Hornetsnew orleans Hornets

The pick: Eric Maynor PG

The reason: After Pargo’s departure, there is no mystery that the Hornets need a backup PG for Chris Paul. Maynor is a true point guard, and a tremendous shooter. He is great at both transitional play, and Pick&Roll. The Hornets are a great transitional team, but they need shooters. Maynor will fit perfectly for the #2 spot, behind the amazing Chris Paul.

Trade it: Unless they can get a solid Point Guard or a dominant player, I would keep this pick.

Post Draft: Definitely need to let go of Peja; way overpaid, and also try to resign Chandler . It will also help if they can get Hedo Turkolu to play the 3.

22    Dallas MavericksDallas Mavericks

The pick: Marcus Thornton SG

The reason: If Kidd leaves, than the Mavs need a PG, If he stays than the Mavs need a SG. I will take a risky move predicting Kidd wil resign, and draft Thornton  at the #22 Overall pick. Marcus Thornton is a great scorer, and averaged 21.1 PPG in LSU. He has a PER rating of 30.3, and averaged almost 2 steals per game. Thornton is very underrated in this draft, and could be the next Jason “The Jet”Terry.

Trade it: Give me a great shooting guard or a Center, than we will talk.

Post Draft: This team has a very good chance to be a championship contenders. They still have Dirk, and Howard has improved. If they can get good role players, or maybe even a starter, don’t be suprised if they are a 60+ wins team.

23    Sacramento Kingskings

The Pick: Austin Daye, F, Gonzaga

The Reason– The Kings got the point guard of the future with Rubio. Like Rubio, Daye will take some time to develop but he has lottery type talent. If he is still available this late it would be a great addition to the rebuilding process. Daye is a great shooter and finisher and could be a good scorer in the NBA. The reason he falls this far is that he is a scrawny kid who really needs to fill out. The Kings would be thrilled to add him with their 2nd pick of the night.

Trade it– If Daye is available then no way. Even then I say no, a rebuilding team like them could use all the young talent they can get.

Post draft- Keep building for the future, this team can not win in the West unless some of the young talent works out.

24    Portland Trail Blazersportland trail Blazers

The Pick: Darren Collison- G, UCLA

The Reason: The Blazers are absolutely stacked with young talent, and they have it at every position. Seriously.  So what do they need? At point, they are supposedly shopping Sergio Rodriguez, and Steve Blake really isn’t the answer, so a PG can work for the future with Jerryd Bayless. Collison is one of my favorite players in the entire draft, and although he’s small, with talent around him, I think he could be a good NBA player. He played four years at UCLA, one of the most dynamic programs in the country, played in 3 Final Fours, and can make plays on both ends of the court.

Trade It? Don’t believe how much talent they have? Bayless at PG, Brandon Roy at SG, Nicolas Batum at SF, LaMarcus Aldridge at PF and Greg Oden at C. On the bench, Channing Frye, Rudy Fernandez, Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster. So to make a long story short, they don’t really need the pick. A trade for a future pick or a nice veteran makes a lot of sense here.

Post-Draft: Rumor has it that Portland is going after Hedo Turkoglu and/or Jason Kidd, and it makes sense to bring in one of those guys. Kidd probably makes the most sense since he can come in and run the offense, while teaching the young PG’s the offense, and although Turkoglu might not be the best fit, their front office seems to really want him. Don’t make many moves, but bringing in one of those guys could be smart.

25    Oklahoma City ThunderOKC Thunder

The Pick: Taj Gibson- PF, USC

The Reason: The Thunder have a very nice 1-4 with Westbrook, Durant, Green and Harden (see pick 3), although they could use another big man since Nenad Kristic and Nick Collison really aren’t the answers in the paint. However, what C would be taken here? Gibson is a big, physical player who can score some points under the basket, and in time could develop into a nice role player as the others develop, as well.

Trade It? Yes, trading this would be a very good choice. The centers in this draft are terrible. I can only name two: Mullens and Thabeet. I’ve never heard of any of the other C prospects, and while that may not be a terrible thing, none of them are supposed to have first-round talent. So while they build for the future, Gibson isn’t a terrible pick, but a trade for a future pick or a veteran is a much better option.

Post-Draft: Look to bring in a veteran who can help the young guns mature. Look to pick up another big man to solidify the rotation of bigs. If a shooting guard is out there at a reasonable price, look to pick him up. But the talent is there, time is what’s needed, so don’t pull any moves that could cause problems.

26    Chicago BullsChicago Bulls

The Pick: Sam Young SF Pitt

The Reason: He’s a talent, but someone that is a bit hard to judge- but could be VERY good- he can ride the bench or be used as trade bait until he develops- He’s a hard worker and has a nose for the rim.  With Deng on the short list to be moved- Young could move in quite easily
Trade Pick? The Bulls need to trade about a third of this team .

Post Draft: Get some reasoning &Leadership behind this team- figure out what to do with Deng and get off the fence with Gordon.

27    Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies

The Pick: Nick Calathes PG Florida

The Reason: The Grizz need someone to compliment Mayo, and Calathes is a darn good passer and at 6’5 can see Mayo no matter where he is on the floor. At this point in Time – a core of Mayo and Calathes running up and down the floor should get Thabeet a double-double easy in putbacks and rebounds.

Trade Pick? Not with the talent still out there- there is still quite a few players that could pan out VERY well.

28    Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves

The Pick: Chase Budinger- F, Arizona

The Reason- The Lakers have the guys they are gonna continue to build around. They need role players. Brown has 2 skills that make him a value to team like LA, he can shot the 3 and he can score in the paint. He can’t do much else offensively but when you have Kobe and Pau a kid with his skillset is perfect. Couple the potential loss of either Odom or Ariza and this kid is a perfect fit.

Trade it?- No a cheap player that might pan out is what the need. The well will run dry, so a young kid at the bottom of the bench is a value to them and the cap.

Post draft- The sole focus has to be trying to keep both Ariza and Odom, which is unlikely but most likely the focus of the offseason

29    Los Angeles LakersLakers

The Pick- Derrick Brown

The Reason- The Lakers have the guys they are gonna continue to build around. They need role players. Brown has 2 skills that make him a value to team like LA, he can shot the 3 and he can score in the paint. He can’t do much else offensively but when you have Kobe and Pau a kid with his skillset is perfect. Couple the potential loss of either Odom or Ariza and this kid is a perfect fit.

Trade it?– No a cheap player that might pan out is what the need. The well will run dry, so a young kid at the bottom of the bench is a value to them and the cap.

Post draft– The sole focus has to be trying to keep both Ariza and Odom, which is unlikely but most likely the focus of the offseason.

30    Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers

The Pick: Wayne Ellington, SG, UNC

The Reason: The Cavs need a secondary scorer to LeBron and Ellington is one of the best shooters in this draft class. If Ellington is not available here, the Cavs would go with Marcus Thornton or Chase Budinger, if they are still available. Ellington is dangerous coming off screens, spotting up, as well as shooting off the dribble. He would compliment Mo Williams and LeBron nicely.

Trade it? This pick will not get much interest because of it’s poor position. The Cavs could get a decent role player with this pick.

Post Draft: The Cavs will need to fill most of their needs through free agency and trades in order to strengthen and bring some youth to their post rotation.

Submitted 5/8/2009


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