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Logo BANWelcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Last week the dialogue was all about Rachel Dolezal. While the dialogue may still turn to the curious case of Ms. Dolezal, the events in Charleston, South Carolina has pushed the race dialogue in a sad direction. May the men and women who lost their lives in that South Carolina church Rest In Peace.

I’m not a firebrand by nature but I have to say I hope there is a special deep and dark place in hell for Dylann Roof. I don’t really care what his 21 years on Earth was like before now. I could care less if he has some mental disease or anything like that. To put it plainly: I don’t give a fuck. All I know is something possessed him to trigger off some race war (in his own words) and to commit a heinous act of violence. Some are calling this a hate crime. I’ll go one step further: it’s terrorism.

What Dylann Roof did to the congregants of Emanuel AME Church is terrorism. HoDylann Roofw is this act any different than the Boston Bombing? Or a suicide attack? It’s the same thing is it not? One man, or men, decided to hurt others due to differences in either race or political ideology. Roof is an American terrorist. He took it upon himself to commit an act on terror towards a community he did not like, and did not want to like. According to a survivor Roof was alleged to have said “I have to do it. You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country.”

Excuse me? Taking over the country. Last I checked blacks were still a minority. I’d love to know what alternate universe of the United States, Mr. Roof lived in. Damn sure wasn’t the same one I exist in. I don’t think Mr. Roof lived in the same United States that have seen homegrown extremists commit a reported 4,120 hate crimes, including 56 murders since 2003 (as per the Southern Poverty Law Center).

Well, Mr. Roof does live in the same South Carolina that hangs the Confederate Flag over the State Capitol building. That ole rallying flag of the pro-slavery South still hangs over a state building. South Carolina, the same state that kicked off the Civil War, still hangs on to some remnants of the day. The same state where an unarmed Michael Scott was shot to death by a police officer who claimed he was reaching for his taser. The same taser the officer placed on the ground before reaching for his gun. The same damn state!

OK. Let me take a step back. As I sit here listening to the great Sam Cooke, I have to ask myself: is change gon’ come? Sam wrote that in 1964 but have things truly changed? Yeah, things have gotten better. No doubt. For one thing we have an African-American President and that would have been beyond unthinkable in Sam’s time, but has there really been change?

Why“Then I go to my brother, and I say brother help me please. But he winds up knockin’ me, back down on my knees.There been times when I thought I couldn’t last for long, but now I think I’m able to carry on.”

I’ll leave with those words from Sam but we are all brothers and sisters. We’ll all carry on, and even those who lost their loved ones from Emanuel AME Church will carry on but we are all in this together. Hopefully a day will come where there will be no Dylann Roof’s walking the face of the Earth. It’ll take time but a change gon’ come. Oh yes it will.


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  1. Excellent commentary and I agree with you… it is freaking terrorism… let’s call it what it is… all this damn violence going on in our society is holding us all hostage and it’s just another form of terrorism.

    An, WTF… the confederate flag over the capitol building? That’s like flying the Nazi flag over the town hall in Berlin… sorry… what the so-called stars & bars represents is a sad era in our country’s past and I find it unacceptable for any state government to be flying it over any government buildings.

    It’s a damn insult, especially to black folks, to fly that damn thing.

  2. Excellent blog. And I agree with the sentiment on SC clinging to the past.

    There’s a special place in Hell for this POS.

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