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Hey there wrestling fans. Hope your week is going well. I would like to extend condolences on behalf of the Wrestling Roundtable panelists to the family of the late American Dream Dusty Rhodes. This week we will give our favorite and most memorable moments on the career of Dusty Rhodes. Rest in Peace Dusty!

Also, let’s wish our own Roundtable panelist Josh a Happy Birthday, as he celebrated his 78th birthday last week. Happy Birthday Frosh!

Let’s start as always with the Power Rankings. Will the WWE Champion be back?

1. Seth Rollins- Have to take my hat off to Seth, he is not the little bitch anymore with a big win over Ambrose in the ladder match.

2. John Cena- Finally able to defeat Kevin Owens in a great match.

3. Dean Ambrose- Even after a loss to Rollins, Ambrose came within inches (literally) of becoming the WWE Champion.

4. Sheamus- Sheamus won the Money in the Bank. Are we looking at the next WWE Champion?

5. Kevin Owens- The NXT champion put on a hell of a show against Cena. Is it time to move Owens up to the main roster full time?


This week in professional wrestling. 

Wrestling lost another legend as Dick Murdoch passed away

Donald Trump “buys” Monday Night Raw

The NWA recognizes its very first World Champion when Orville Brown defeated Bobby Bruns in Kansas City Kansas in 1940.

And here are the questions for our panel this week. 


What is your favorite memory of Dusty Rhodes?

Steve: I think my favorite memory of Dusty is back in 1988 when he lost a career match to the Horsemen, only to come back known as the Midnight Rider. I don’t know why this stands out to me out of all the great moments the American Dream has had, but I remember as a kid watching this and really not realizing that it was in fact Dusty Rhodes under the mask.

Eric: This week the world of Professional Wrestling lost a true legend in the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was a true legend in the sport that we all love. Dusty had many great memories in the world of Professional Wrestling. He had many great matches with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard in the NWA. Then he went on to WWE for a stint where he participated in the first ever mix tag match in Wrestlemania history. He would then go back to WCW and he became a commentator. He also had two wonderful sons who will live on threw his legacy. However, my most fondest memory of Dusty Rhodes is this. I grew up watching Dusty Rhodes in the old NWA with my grandfather. My grandfather was always a big fan of NWA and WCW. My grandfather always reminded me of Dusty Rhodes, in his attitude and his look. I lost my grandfather back in October of last year. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could just sit and watch wrestling with him one more time. So my favorite Dusty Rhodes memory would be being a child and sitting with my grandfather and watching Dusty Rhodes on tv.

Josh: Honestly, I don’t have a lot of memories of Dusty.  I have seen the highlights, and recognize him for the icon that he is, however, I never watched NWA, or WCW, and was not really old enough during the brief stints he was in WWE as a performer.  However, the moments that he shared with his sons on WWE programming when they were feuding with the Shield were very touching, and great television.

Chad: Probably the Hard Times promo during his rivalry with Flair and the horsemen in his pursuit of the NWA world title leading into Starrcade. When I think of the American Dream This is what I think of.

dusty hof

Where does Dusty Rhodes rank among the all time greats in wrestling?

Steve: I can’t say that he is the greatest of all time, but what he has done for the industry with all the young talent makes him near the top of my list. Keep in mind, before NXT even, he put over guys like Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, had phenomenal matches against Ric Flair. So Dusty is easily in my top 10 of all time, just for what he has done for the business.

Eric: Dusty Rhodes was an amazing performer in and out of the ring. Do I think he is at the top of list of best performer of all time? No, however I do believe he is the top ten of all time. He not only did a great deal on camera, he did a lot of work backstage. He was willing to help the younger generation of superstars and help mold them into becoming even better. He was also very funny as a color commentator. The man was full of funny, quick comments. So where as he may not be number one, I do believe that the American Dream Dusty Rhodes belongs in the top ten of all time.

Josh: Again, not too many memories of Dusty himself, but he will be forever known as the American Dream and the son of a plumber.  His cultural impact ranks him among the all time greats.  To say top 10 would be hard for me, purely because I didn’t get to see his in ring work in person.  However his behind the scenes contributions, and the legacy he leaves with his sons are second to none.

Chad: Top 10 in my book not only for his in ring work but how has contributed behind the scenes on the creative side of pro wrestling. Not to mention the work Dusty was doing in NXT makes him a true legend in the business.

money in the bank

What were your overall thoughts of Money in the Bank?

Steve: I thought it was so far the second best special event that the WWE has put on next to Wrestlemania. Starting off with Rollins and Ambrose, they put on a fantastic match that came down to the wire. Then you have Cena vs Owens II, which I thought was better than the first match at Elimination Chamber. The Prime Time Players winning the titles I thought was a good move which I will go into later. Even the Divas match with Nikki and Paige was a really good match. The only match I didnt care for was the Big Show vs Ryback, stupid ending, Im concerned what they are doing with this. More importantly, we don’t have another special event for 5 weeks!

Eric: WWE Money in the Bank was this past Sunday. I was impressed with 3 matches. Of course I loved Owens vs Cena, Ladder match for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and surprisingly the Divas Championship match was impressive. The rest of the ppv was rather blah. Even the money in the bank ladder match was kinda blah this year. I wasn’t too impressed. If you get a chance I would recommend watching the three matches I mentioned, the rest of the card I would probably fast forward threw. So my overall rank for this event, I give it a 5 out of 10. Half the card was good other was rather blah.

Josh: It was good.  I think they should have had Owens go over on Cena a second time, but this gives them the chance to settle the score at SummerSLam (give us a good while to build it up, and keep Cena off of TV for a month, till after battleground).  I understand why they gave Sheamus the briefcase, but would have liked to see Neville get it or Ziggler.  And what did Barret do?   Who did he tick off backstage?  I like the tag titles on PTP, however it may have been about a month too soon to pull them off of New Day.  Look for the Ascension to be the next team to wear the belts.

Chad: Great event all in all Cena/Owens 2 lived up and maybe better than the first encounter. The title ladder match was a very good outing from both competitors. Sheamus winning the case was a nice surprise. The tag title switch is a good thing for business.


After two impressive showings against John Cena. Should Kevin Owens be moved to the main roster now?

Steve: Absolutely 100%. Owens proved that he is ready to be on the main roster after two incredible show stealing matches with John Cena. Owens has been at the top of his game everywhere he goes. I am anxious to see what the WWE does with him now that he has proven himself. If they are smart, they have him drop the NXT title, and get to the main roster on a full time basis.

Eric: Kevin Owens has proven to me that he definitely belongs on the main roster. Owens is not only impressive in the ring, but he’s also amazing on the mic. I believe he could be one of the biggest heels in the WWE one day. He has the whole package you look for when looking for someone who can carry the company. I think he has proven he belongs on the main roster and I think it’s only a short amount of time before he’s permanently on the main roster of the WWE and no longer on NXT.

Josh: I thought he was already in the main roster.  He has been at about every show since his debut, and both PPV’s.  This guy is main event talent.  He will headline Wrestlemania.  This is the second coming of Stone Cold.  He has the attitude, he has the toughness, and he is over as a heel (all things Austin had in spades).

Chad: The man is ready watching his rise in ROH I knew he could wrestle and that he could talk. I understand the seasoning process in NXT but after his run with Cena the man is ready for the main roster spot.


Was putting the Tag Team titles on the Prime Time Players the right move?

Steve: Yes, they are well over with the fans, the New Day as champions just ran its course and I could tell that the fans were getting a little tired of the “Freebird” rule. The fans seem to be getting on board with Titus O’Neill and Darren Young. I could see these guys being champions for awhile and getting a pretty good run with the belts.

Eric: This past Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank The Prime Time Playas won the WWE world tag team titles from the New Day. I think this was a great move on WWE part to put the titles on them. This has been long overdue. The Prime Time Playas have been busting their butts in the tag team division for many years now and it’s finally time for them to get their and see how they can run with the titles. I like this move and think it will be good to see how they can fair as the WWE WORLD Tag team champions.

Josh: It makes sense in hindsight, but it still surprised me at the time.  I thought New Day was more over than anyone else in the division, however WWE needs a face to hold the titles as it looks like they are building Ascension to be the next big heel tag team.  Look for them to win the titles at SummerSlam.

Chad: I was surprised by the move but I definitely think its a good move Young and O’Neill have been a tag team they tried to do the split that didn’t work; so why not give an established tag team a run with the gold and see what they can do for the company.





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