WTF 6/17… Thinking… try it you’ll like it…

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Just do it as one motto says..

Just think… don’t get all distracted and bogged down in gossipy news but look behind the stories and think about what’s being said… and what should be said…

Try it; you’ll like it…

Thinking… it does a body good…

joe1Thinking about it…

A Facebook friend shared this post from some dude that calls himself Gavin Nascimentoit don't know

The reason why we are well informed regarding celebrity gossip and sports ‘entertainment’, while being painfully uninformed about things that actually matter, like geopolitics, the ingredients in our food, the monetary system or international trade, is because it is in the ruling classes best interest to keep us ignorant, subservient and out of their business.

It is our responsibility, and no one else, to educate and empower ourselves, remember that…

#‎SelfEducate ‪#‎SelfReliance”

Remember these words the next time you pick up your New York Daily News, or whatever rag ya’ll reads, and, see on the newsprint pages that story about Beyoncé… or JayZ… or Kanye… or Kimye… or Miley… or the Biebs… or Bruce in another gender… or septuagenarian Mick screwing his latest piece of arm candy… whichever rapper… or rocker… star or starlet… or sports “hero” doing whatever…

Or maybe that salacious and bodacious almost nude so-called famous person posing for whatever magazine spread… or… having whatever “accidental” wardrobe malfunction…

Think about it….

They got the sumna’bitch…

THEY GOT HIM! Police arrested a man accused of taping Caitlyn the dog’s mouth shut. The story gained national attention when it first came to light. 

A “man” named William Dodson is facing animal torture charges. 

He was released on a $50,000 bond… An official involved with Caitlyn’s case was in court and tried to plead for stronger bail but he judge proceeding over the case immediately set the bail and moved on to the next case on his docket. 

I’m glad the go the sumna’bitch of a bastard…

Bastard caught...
Bastard caught…

But, if, they courts don’t take these cases of animal abuse seriously and at least listen to those who are speaking for the critters who have no voice of their own then what else is bang given a deaf ear? 

We need much more stringent laws and much more stringent penalties for people who are connected with the abuse of any animal and if a case warrants it, then bail must be set so that it so high that it is understood that what is happening is just as dead on serious… as serious as if it were a person who was abused. 

In a way of looking at, it is kinda sorta a bit more serious… I am in no way underestimating the seriousness of any person… be they woman, child or even a man… being abused physically, sexually or psychologically… it’s just that animals, as I have already pointed out have no way to speak out for themselves, so, we humans need to recognize and then testify for them. 

love an animalAnd, the law in all of its shapes ways and forms then needs to take a close look at what went down and understand the importance of doing whatever is necessary to punish the crime that occurred and make sure certain assholes get to do some serious jail time, so… just maybe… when they get out of jail they might think twice about harming another of this world’s creatures… be they human or “just” some poor critter who wants to be loved and played with.

Because, if, it does not, then the law is truly just an ass.

Excuse me!!!.. It said what?

About a week ago or so, some viewers of Richmond TV station WWBT called the station about a recent posting on social media of a certain picture. Some of the peeps who called may have been of the notion that the protests over police conduct in Ferguson, New York City and Baltimore have encouraged hatred of the law enforcement and then some of the peeps who called may have just been simply pissed at the absurdity and the callousness and the pure hatred and possible action the picture could encourage from some of our more unbalanced “citizens’ in the world.

The picture is of a bumper sticker saying “Shoot a cop” that is pasted on the bumper of a black BMW in Virginia. cop shoot

Virginia Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) President Kevin Carroll didn’t question the right of whoever may be sporting the cop-killing message to exhibit political views on the vehicle, but, he did say, when asked, that it is disturbing and “absolutely very dangerous” for cops.

Carroll said, “Officers make mistakes… I understand that. But, I did not know that it now has become fashionable to hate the police. We already have enough trouble as it is getting good recruits and training people. This just makes it harder.”

He added, “You have to control your emotions. You can’t let all these things get to you. You really can’t.”

Ok… stop right here…

What kind of an asshole would even think to do this? Encourage folks to go out and to actually shoot anybody? 

I agree with Mr. Carroll… cops sometimes make mistakes… and… I would add… sometimes they don’t give a fuck and just are blatant criminals running around with a badge that they think makes them immune to society’s rules. But… be that as it may… In no way should anyone go around advocating for cops to go get shot.

And, if, ya’ll think… ok, just make a law that says such things like that bumper sticker would be outlawed… it wouldn’t, in all likelihood, hold up in court.

According to website of The First Amendment Center of Vanderbilt University and the Newseum in Washington, D.C., courts all the way up to the Supreme Court have said it is the right of the people and a form of free speech to display slogans like “Fuck the draft,” “Shit happens” and “How’s My Driving? Call 1-800-2-EAT Shit!”

So… follow the yellow brick road and bypass the guy behind the curtain… any law that tried to outlaw any bumper stickers regardless of its message would be struck down.

But, regardless of whatever the courts say… us folks in this world of ours have got to, as F.O.P. Prez Carroll says, “…control your emotions. You can’t let all these things get to you. You really can’t.”

I just don’t understand this entire way of thinking that might makes right. And, while some cops are wrong and criminal, still us peeps walking the streets have no right to reciprocate with violence and murder in our hearts.

Sorry… it is just pure d wrong… it really is unconscionable and wrong.

… and she did what?

Laquanda Newby left her sons 6-year-old and 1-year-old in a hot car while she went shopping on May 26. Cops were called to the scene by concerned passerby’s… by the time Newby returned to the car the cops had arrived, and, they asked the 25-year-old to turn herself in at a later date.

Right here… I’m a little befuddled… shouldn’t they have charged and busted her? I mean authorities need to take this abuse shit seriously… I just said that earlier did I not?

Sorry, this is abuse… leaving kids in hot car is abuse and in no way should be cavalierly treated with something that is akin to… “Oh, shuckins ma’am ya’ll can just go about your business, and, by the way, if’n ya’ll don’t mind? Come in at your convenience and get booked on the child endangerment charges. Sure nuff now… ya’ll go and have a nice day.

So… she, being a law abiding person, did do that… and when she turned herself in for the booking… Newby left the boys in the car in 90 degree weather for at least two hours… surveillance footage shows that the windows on her vehicle were rolled up.14

Again, concerned passerbys alerted cops who went outside the precinct house and extracted the children from the oven of a car and brought them inside and gave them snacks and water and called their dad to pick them up.

I guess it was a case of “fool us once, shame on you, but, fool us twice.. uh-huh… we gots stupid written on our foreheads?

Newby, who was being booked with one original count of contributing to the delinquency or abuse of a child, was booked on two additional counts.

She offered no explanation for why she left the kids in the car.

Not that there could be that good of an excuse if ya want my opinion….

But that part of not taking this bullshit seriously enough? She was released on $2,000 bond.

Pleaseeee… Maybe the cops don’t gots stupid written on their foreheads but the judge who set that bail sure do.

… the stupidity just won’t go away…

Ya’ll must get tired me saying I just don’t understand stuff…

BUT… a story recently made the media rounds that said Croatia could face punishment by UEFA after a swastika pattern could be seen on the pitch during its European Championship qualifying match against Italy.

It was clearly marked in the middle of the half that Italy was attacking in the first period and appeared as if it had been mowed in that pattern….swastika on pitch

Grounds peeps tried to cover it up during halftime, but not much helped to hide the stupid ass and abhorrent symbol of hate. Add to the fact, the match itself was being played behind closed doors because of Croatia “fans” chanting racist comments during last month’s qualifier against Norway.

Not sure where this is all coming from… but… maybe its time UEFA started thinking of banning Croatia from future matches for a while…

Seems like stopping fans from attending the matches did bull twinkles to inhibit their racist behavior, so, maybe banning them… the team…outright from competition might help sink in the fact that racism in any form is not acceptable.

End of story… or is it?

…and then there is this…

Say what ya’ll want about Shaq… but a “9/11 truther” is not one of them.

The retired NBA superstar issued a strongly worded statement Friday apologizing after an offensive post

Recently this post appeared on Shaq’s official Facebook pages… “This might make you think twice … what do you think? #NeverForget #Remember911.”

The post included a photo of one of the planes slamming into the World Trade Center with the headline: “A Close Up Video was Discovered of 9/11: You Won’t Believe What It Shows!”shaq fake post fb

Word got to Shaq and he said… “This post was insulting and offensive, and, I apologize to everyone who came across it. Once I learned that it was on my Facebook page and blog, I ordered it removed and fired the firm that posted it. I am not and never have been a “9/11 truther. My father served our country and I am immensely proud of the sacrifices people make daily to keep us safe. The events of 9/11 were a horrible tragedy for our nation and it’s a disgrace that anyone would think otherwise.”

O’Neal fired Digital Mavericks, a social-media company that was hired to post content to his official sites.

The CEO of Digital Mavericks blamed a rogue employee for the post and he issued the following statement… “Our firm helped manage content for Shaquille O’Neal’s Facebook page and blog. One of our employees posted a link on Mr. O’Neal’s social media that related to the tragic events of 9/11. Mr. O’Neal had no knowledge of the posting. Further, it does not represent the views of Mr. O’Neal, our clients or our organization. We sincerely apologize. We have removed the link from Mr. O’Neal’s social media and no longer manage social media content for him. We are very sensitive to the tragedy of 9/11 and apologize greatly for this post.”

More hate and more stupidness… it was bad enough what happened on that sad sorry day… but to dishonor those folks lost and to even suggest that it was not the terrorism that it was that was done by hateful fanatics… sorry… if there is no law covering this fraud.. then there should be… there should be a law and that supposed cretin who posted that BS on Shaq’s pages should be busted, charged and face penalties for at least being a liar and hiding behind some else’s good name to perpetrate his lies.

Love me that Pope Frankie dude…

On Monday (6/15), Pope Frankie said that in 2013 rumors surfaced in Santo Domingo that Jozef Wesolowski paid shoeshine boys to masturbate. Last year, a Holy See tribunal found him guilty under canon law of abusing young boys and defrocked him, the harshest sentence under church law that can be meted out. Now, Wesolowski goes before the Vatican’s criminal courts, which have jurisdiction over Wesolowski because he is a papal diplomat and citizen of the Vatican City State.pope-francis

The Polish-born Wesolowski was an ambassador of the Holy See… a direct representative of the pope and not just one of the world’s 440,000 priests… and had been ordained both a priest and a bishop by St. John Paul II.

His first hearing is July 11… the first time such a high-ranking Vatican official will stand trial for sex abuse.

My opinion? This does not happen if any other dude is Pope other than Frankie…

And last but not least…

Saw this in the news the other day…

“Apparently we should all be grateful that Kanye West bundles up to catch a plane.

During a classic Kanye rant on Hot 97FM, the ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper said, ‘When it’s said and done, if you look at the past 10 years, have I contributed more or took away more from the world? From music, from stage design, or just from wearing dope-ass coats at the airport?’west

OK, you’ve got us on the coats at the airport.”

There was an accompanying picture with the little news bite… see on the right…

He is freaking smiling!!!

He is almost never smiling… now that’s some real news there.

Some Facebook posts from my friend Dan…

Okay… that Kanye stuff was my fluff piece for the week

… some food for thought…

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  1. Croatia has a bit of a history with the racist chants and images at games. Serbia has a bit of a reputation with it as well. It’s not surprising to me but it’s getting ridiculous at this point. UEFA and FIFA should come down on Croatia, but they won’t. Probably just some more ghost matches (no fans in the stands) and that’s it.

    Then again Croatia’s history shouldn’t be so surprising. They were actually pretty welcoming to the Nazis in World War II. The Ustase committed some pretty horrible acts during that time.

  2. about the Croatia history… something told me their history with the Nazi Germany was like you said.

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