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What’s up NBA fans? My apologies for missing last week. I was on vacation. I am back now, and the end of the NBA season is upon us. What is our opinion on the NBA Finals? Michael Jordan 1 on 1 against his own team? This and much more on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week. 


Has the Finals lived up to your expectations so far?

Steve: Yes it has. Watching how Lebron James is single handedly keeping the Cavs in this series has been something in itself to watch. It is almost depressing thought to see Lebron playing so well, and taking on a team that is 7 deep, maybe 8. He can’t do it by himself, yet the Cavs have been in every game except Game 4. This has been a fun series to watch.

David: Its been a fun series, but a bit of a letdown to me. I don’t have Kyrie- I knew I wasn’t going to get Love, but this is one depleted team with possible the best player most under 30 will see in their lifetimes. I will say that Steve Kerr is a horrible in-game coach. There is no reason the Cavs should be this competitive. Far Superior to some inbetween games, but still.

Chad:  With the injury to Kyrie i didn’t have much expectation for this series; Lebron has been incredibly impressive in this series but its Golden State’s to win.

Bill: For the most part? Yes. We’ve seen some hard nosed play, great shooting, and excitement each and every game. I’d say it’s lived up to expectations depite the two final teams not being the two I picked. Even still, I’ve not had much interest and haven’t bothered with it or gone out of my way to view it. If it’s on where I am, so be it and if not…. no matter. That said, I’m rooting for GS.


Is the LeBron James the MVP of the Finals, even if the Warriors win?

Steve: Lebron has played lights out this Finals, and is doing everything he possibly can do to bring a title to Cleveland. If he is not able to do it, he will not win the MVP. As a matter of fact, I echo ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith by saying James would likely not even accept the award if the Cavs do not win.

David: You have to go back to Jerry West for an MVP on a losing team, but again, LeBron could win the MVP, even if the Cavs go down in 6 games. I’m not sure he will, since the Media is loathe to give him awards he has a great case for, this award? Not going to happen on an iffy case.

Chad:   I’m going to say yes for the reason that Stephen Curry did have a couple of subpar games and Lebron has carried Cleveland this far. His performance alone made this a series

Bill: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that his outstanding play is largely what has kept CLE in this series; No in the sense that the Finals MVP always comes from the winning team. Unless the Cavs find some way to turn this all around and avoid being closed out on their own floor, odds are the FMVP goes to Curry (though it should go to Igoudala).

Michael Jordan recently stated that he is “pretty sure” he could beat every Hornets player 1 on 1. As the Hornets owner, should MJ be saying something like this publicly?

Steve: At 52 years old? Hell yes Jordan could take these guys one on one. I think Kemba may be able to keep up with him. Shoot , how bout MJ come out of retirement again and lead the Hornets to the promise land. Then again, pigs have a better chance of flying. However, it really doesn’t bother me that much that he said it. Light a fire in their butts. Nothing wrong with being schooled by the greatest basketball player of all time.

David: Jordan thinks he could win the Finals MVP, if they played the games once a week. Yes, he’s the GOAT non-center, no question, but if he can beat all his players one on one, that says more about his shittiness as an owner more than a player. Keep in mind, he would say the same thing if he owned the Cavs as well.

Chad: After the trade with the Clippers he probably can lol. Though as an NBA owner he probably shouldn’t say it publicly for the morale of his team for the upcoming team.

Bill: Why not? Nothing wrong with a little bit of trash talk coming from an EX PLAYER and arguably the greatest player of all time. hell, I’d pay to see a 50+ year old MJ lace ’em up and show up the players on that team.

Will Dwayne Wade be in a Miami Heat uniform next year?

Steve: I think so, Wade is going to want to get paid after playing second fiddle for the longest time. If the Heat do not give him the money he wants, and I think he is thinking the max deal. They are not even close to becoming a playoff team. You could see Wade reunite with Lebron in Cleveland.

David: I think so. They will pay the man his money. They wont like it, but if Wade leaves, Miami becomes Orlando, with Bosh as a weaker Howard.

Chad: In the end I believe that D-wade is made to be in Miami for his whole career and there are not many more intriguing options for him.

Bill: It’s hard to say, but I say yes. I just don’t see MIA letting the heart and soul of that team depart given all he’s done for the franchise and helping to cement their legacy. if he goes, I suspect it’ll be in the Eastern Conference. He just doesn’t have the lift or the speed anymore to compete on a nightly basis in a loaded Western Conference.

Tristan Thompson stated that he wants a “max deal, or close to it.” Is Thompson worth that kind of money?

Steve: If Lebron wants him to stay, then the Cavs pay him his money. He is not worth Lebron money that is for sure, but let’s face it, Lebron runs this team, and if he wants him, the Cavs will pay him.

David: He’ll get it too. The Cavs are lacking in talent, and if LeBron wants him back, he’ll be back. Keep in mind this is the league that gave RASHARD LEWIS a max deal, so its not like its a stunner.

Chad: I think its a case of being with the right team and player Lebron James making him a better player to go with the Kevin Love injury. Thompson is a good player I wouldn’t say max deal however.

Bill: Simply put? No. Thompson is a nice player, no doubt; that said, he’s still a complementary player at this point and nowhere close to the level of a max contract deal. His play in the Finals hasn’t been spectacular or game changing enough to justify such a demand. It’ll be interesting to see how the Cavs value him and if he is okay with it or if he feels slighted.

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  1. No chance Wade leaves South Beach. And the Heat aren’t that far away from making the postseason since they play in the East, they finished 1 game behind Brooklyn. Especially, with a healthy Bosh to go with Wade, Dragic (assuming he re-signs) and Whiteside. That’s a very nice foursome to piece around.

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