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Welcome to the Q&A for the Season 5 Finale of the Game of Thrones, a reminder, neither Earl or David have read the books, so please don’t be that person. David has seen all the Blu-ray extras that on YouTube, however, since that is technically show cannon. Next Week, we are going to be doing our season Ending Q&A, please let us know if you have any questions. Also, there is thoughts on doing this for Ballers, if you wish to join us on that, if we decide to do it, please let us know.


1. Thoughts on the end of Stannis?Stannis Baratheon

Earl: Appropriate enough. Lost his wife, lost his daughter, lost his beloved Melisandre, and most importantly he lost the battle. He lost his army, lost the fight and when Brienne came along he might as well admit he was behind Renly’s death and accept his own death. I didn’t think Stannis was going to die entering the episode, but I’m OK with his demise.

David: I almost feel sorry for him, but as I said in my video last week, kinda saw it coming. As I said, his sell-swords took the hell off, and I don’t blame them a bit. I almost think it was suicide by Bolton. Stannis realized he lost everything, so he was done. I do feel this means Gendry no longer matters since Ned Stark, Arya and House Barathon are all done for. I also suppose when the Sell-Swords took off for the Horses, they all went to Bolton, so they knew they were coming. Savior of the Wall vs the Wildlings, never came home. No more #TeamStannis.

2. How do you think the Daario and Jorah buddy road trip is going to go?Tyrion and Jorah

Earl: I half expect Jorah to start rubbing his arm across Daario’s face and infect him with Greyscale. I mean, does Jorah even have Greyscale because not a drop of concern has come from him since we saw the grey spot on his arm. However I expect the men to throw around some banter of jealousy when they eventually come across Dany and the Dothraki khalasar that may or may not have captured her.

David: Not overly excited. Darrio is a fun loving guy, not not as witty as most, and Jorah is simply not a happy man. Darrio and Bronn? I’m in. This is a problem for the show, if Jorah is any fun, then his character has changed, if not, then the story is boring. I will say I almost jumped for joy when Varys showed up.

3. Has Arya learned her lesson yet?Arya Stark

Earl: Who knows? She took a life she wasn’t supposed to take. She was supposed to become no one. Instead she goes out and fulfills Arya Stark revenge fantasy. Killing Ser Meryn was great television, but she wasn’t supposed to do it and now she’s blind. If blindess doesn’t make her learn her lesson then she has no hope of actually becoming a Faceless Man.

David: I think its temporary. A blind woman will do nothing for the Many-Faced God. I expect Arya to spend a good chunk of Season 6 either not there, or scrubbing the walls or even begging and listining. She took the abuse of Ser Meryn without making a noise, and killed a knight with a decent reputation, so they have to realise they have potential there. The whole setup for the kill, I almost expected to have been planned by the Faceless Man, but for Arya to come up with it on her own? Impressive. Most Impressive.
We also don’t know if Arya has told anyone that Ser Meryn killed the Dancing Master, or even if the Dancing Master was known in Bravosi.

4. Thoughts on the death of Myrcella?Myrcella

Earl: The Dorne storyline was horrible. Horrible. All the way down to that horrible “you want a good girl but what you need is bad pussy” line. Horrible. However, Ellaria kissing the poison onto Myrcella makes up for it. It took the extra long way, the insanely long scenic route, but you got the pay off from the whole Dorne “rebellion”. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes killed Myrcella, and they got Trystane out of the way. Good for them.

David: I expected Ellaria to turn and stab Dr Bashir while they were watching the ship sail away. You almost expect Jamie to turn the ship around and get revenge. Why the hell would Jamie take his daughter home just to show his sister that not only did he fail, but he is bringing the body home? Plus there is a Prince of Dorne on the ship? If they go home, then Cersi is going to kill that poor kid slowly! I feel so badly for Jamie here.

5. Feel sorry for Cersei yet?Cersei Shorthair

Earl: There is absolutely nothing that can make me feel sorry for Cersei. She got what was coming, and I liked the walk of shame she had to do. Credit to the producers, and Lena Headley’s body double for making such an effective scene (I should note that I knew the scene was coming after reading an interview Headley gave before the season). It was good television. Look, Cersei has been evil for 5 seasons and 50 episodes. She had it coming. So no I can’t feel sorry for her.

David: Earl has got some serious haterade for the Queen, don’t he. I did feel for the Queen Mother. There is no telling how long she has been sitting there in the Black Cells, but she wasn’t broken. She denied twincest, so she WAS NOT BROKEN, no matter what some show reviews I have read say. She did the Edward IV walk of shame (Yeah, Earl knows the Interviews, I bring the History.) Again, CERSEI IS NOT BROKEN. Don’t think she wasn’t pressing every face into her mind’s eye for later. Its amazing that when she reaches the Red Keep, I don’t think Bealish was there. Smart Man. Don’t think Pycelle won’t pay for staring at her. The Zombie Mountain scooping her up and Cersei just staring at everyone in utter comtempt is going to be a lot of fun next season. This could be fun. I don’t think Cersei marches on the High Sparrow- yet. But as soon as Jamie lands and she has ONE KID LEFT. She’s going to make the Kings Landing flood with blood. Margarey or not.

6. Why did Jon Snow die?Jon Snow

Earl: He betrayed the Watch. The Watch was created to keep the Wildings out and Jon sort of put the desires of his own men aside to save the free folk, as he called them. Jon is an honorable man like his father Ned, and like his brother Robb, and like them he’s dead. Or maybe not? I may not have read the books but there is some debate in the books if Jon is really dead, and it is possible now that Melisandre is at the wall she could resurrect him. So count me in with those folks who don’t necessarily believes that Jon is actually dead.

David: Well, I guess R+L=J means nothing now, doesn’t it?
Jon died the same reason Ned Stark died. He failed to see the small things, and only worried about the big picture. You can’t do that in politics. When you are Lord of Winterfell or the Steward to the Lord Commander- you can do what is right and noble at all times. When you are the guy on the Iron Throne of the Lord Commander, you have to make sure you have a solid base at home. He needed to convince the First Ranger and Ollie of the plan before putting it into action. On that note- are the Night’s Watch going to go after the Wildlings? Good luck with that. Back to Jon. He died because he thought his title and the fact he was right was going to make it all better. If Game of Thrones tell you anything, neither of those things matter in the “real” world.

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  1. The blindness will be temporary. That’s not a spoiler, that comes from Martin himself by that way.

    However, I agree with you. I wouldn’t think we will see much of Arya in Season 6.

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