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wrestlingrtWelcome back wrestling fans of all ages. It is yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we go back in time and we fill you in on our opinion on the show stealers from the first ten Wrestlemania’s. Was in the main event? Or did another match steal the card? Find out this and much more.

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings. 

1. Dean Ambrose- Ambrose pulled another one over on the WWE Champion. Can he become the official WWE Champion this Sunday?

2. Roman Reigns- The odds on favorite to win the Money in the Bank. Is Reigns ready for this Sunday?

3. Ryback- The Big Guy looks comfortable heading into his match against the Big Show. Can he get the 500 pound giant on his shoulders again?

4. John Cena- A virtual must win this Sunday against NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Will the United States champion overcome yet another obstacle?

5. Kevin Owens- For the first time, and NXT Champion makes his debut in the Power Rankings. Big win over Neville in the NXT title match. Can Owens make it two in a row over Cena?



This week in Wrestling history:

Kevin Nash debuted in 1994 as Diesel, Shawn Michaels bodyguard

The First ever WWE Hall of Fame class is announced

Harley Race wins his 7th and last NWA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Ric Flair.


And now here are this weeks questions. 


Here is a list of stars not in the Hall of Fame. Your job is to simply agree or disagree on if they should be in the HOF.


Owen Hart– Rick Rude– Earthquake– King Kong Bundy– Rick Martel– Sid Vicious

Steve: Owen Hart: Yes.  Rick Rude: Yes.   Earthquake: No.   King Kong Bundy: Yes.   Rick Martel: Yes.  Sid Vicious: No.

More importantly, who is missing on this list? Mike Rotunda? OH HELL YEAH!!!

Eric: Owen Hart- Agree. This man is and part of the famous Hart family. The man was amazing performer and deserves to be honored as a hall of famer.

Rick Rude- agree. He’s a former WCW world heavyweight champion back when wcw mattered)The man became the first man to appear on RAW and Nitro in the same night. A great heel also.

Earthquake- agree. Here is a big man who could move around the ring. He had one of the greatest debuts ever. A former tag team champion, and a hall of famer.

King Kong Bundy- disagree. I don’t remember Bundy doing anything in the WWE except main eventing Wrestlemania 2. He hasn’t really had a hall of fame carrer.

Rick Martel- agree. I think his career was good, he was a great tag team wrestler and a good singles wrestler also. I could definitely see him as a hall of famer.

Sid Vicious- disagree. I don’t think he is hall of famer worthy. I think his last big thing he ever did was break his leg. I don’t care if he’s a former WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION or not, I don’t think he needs to be in there.

Josh: Owen Hart – Yes, he was a great heel and perfect foil to the top guy at the time, his era’s Jake the Snake Roberts.  Rick Rude – Yes, talk about great heels…whew this guy had it all, one of the should be shoe-ins of guys who didn’t win the big one.  Earthquake – Yes, I would consider Earthquake one of the all time great tag teamers, and should be in the HoF. Bundy – No, I just don’t think he did enough on his own, but then if Koko B. Ware is in…why not Bundy? Martel – No…This would be like having Zack Ryder in the Hall of Fame.  Sid – Yes, the man is a former WWE champion and WrestleMania main eventer…he deserves a slot.

Chad:Owen Hart- Yes; Rick Rude; Yes; Earthquake-No; Bundy-Yes; Martel-No Sid-Yes



For the first 10 Mania events only. What were the show sealers for the first 10 Wrestlemanias?

Steve: So the idea here is to pick basically the best match on each of the first ten Wrestlemanias. So here we go in order. Wrestlemania I: Has to be the tag team title match between Rotunda and Windham vs the Iron Sheik and Nicolai Volcoff. Wrestlemania II: Again the tag title match Bulldogs vs Valentine and Beefcake. Wrestlemania III: No doubt in my mind Steamboat vs Savage for the Intercontinental Championship. Probably the best match I have ever seen. Wrestlemania IV: I would say the main event Savage vs Dibiase, really stole the night of the tournament as it was the completion of the tournament run for Randy Savage. Wrestlemania V: Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude for the IC title. Wrestlemania VI: Can’t argue the Ultimate challenge between Hogan and the Warrior. Wrestlemania VII: Let’s give the Warrior a 3 peat here. Savage vs the Warrior in a retirement match. Wrestlemania VIII: Flair vs Savage for the WWF Title. Wrestlemania IX: Shawn Michaels vs Tatanka for the IC championship, may surprise some, but this was a really great match. Wrestlemania X: Has to be Shawn vs Razor in the ladder match for the IC championship.

Eric: 1. Andre the Giant vs Big John Stud Bodyslam Match
2. The British Bulldogs vs Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake WWE Tag Team titles
3. Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage WWE Intercontinental title
4. Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase finals of the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title tournament
5. Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior WWE Intercontinental title
6. Ted DiBiase vs Jake the Snake Roberts
7. Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage Career vs Career
8. Roddy Rowdy Piper vs Bret Hart WWE Intercontinental title
9. Lex Lugar vs Mr. Perfect
10. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon WWE Intercontinental title Ladder match

Josh: There is only ONE answer to this question.  The greatest Show Stealer of all….Lawrence Taylor.  I know he was in Wrestlemania XI, however this is why he is the answer to this question, the fact that he main-evented means he literally stole the show from everyone who ever wrestled in any WrestleMania (I-X) before that, building it into the legend it is today.  He stole the show from legendary contests like Macho vs. Steamboat.  He stole the show from Michaels vs. Ramon in a ladder match.  He stole the show from every single deserving wrestler who tried to work his way up the ranks only to fall short because some celebrity wanted to play wrestler.  And he stole the show from the legions of fans who paid to see the spectacle of spectacles only to get treated to that.  And lastly, he stole the show from Bam Bam Bigelow, one of the true all time greats, who should have had a real main event moment, had the show stolen directly from him by Lawrence Taylor.


     I- Tough decision but I’m going to lean towards the Body Slam Challenge between Studd and Andre

2- This is one is tough because of the event being spread amongst 3 cities but I’m going to say Battle Royal with NFL and WWE stars; it was the Chicago Main event but not what I consider to be the Main Event

3- Savage/Steamboat- The definition of a show stealer

4- Savage/Dibiase

V- Warrior/Rude

6- Nothing can really upset the Ultimate Challenge between Warrior and Hogan

7- Kind of a toss up but I think that Savage/Warrior got the crowd going more than the Hogan/Slaughter;; USA/Iraq story line

8- Since Hogan/Sid was the main event I’m going to put Savage/Flair slightly ahead of Bret/Piper

9- HBK vs Tatanka; I will give HBK the nod for stealing the show instead of Hogan’s title witn

10 HBK/Razor the ladder match need I say more



After the Stone Cold podcast with Paul Heyman last week. It was thrown out there for a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. As a fan, would you like to see this match happen?

Steve: No. Now don’t get me wrong, this would be a money match. Austin coming out of retirement to face a man who has basically destroyed everyone in his path? Austin was THE guy back in the late 90’s during the attitude era, and Lesnar has been THE guy in the current generation. Here is why I do not like this match. First, Austin is in no condition to wrestle. I don’t think he can keep up with Lesnar in a one on one match. Second, I am a Stone Cold fan, and I still remember his last match with the Rock at Wrestlemania 19. That may have been the best match that he has ever competed in. While he lost, he still had a hell of a match, and I think he went out on top. I don’t want to see his legacy tarnished in any way if he came back for one more match. I just don’t think he has it in him, and I don’t think we will ever see the match.

Eric: So there is now a possibility of seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year. Is this the match I’d like to see Stone Cold came back for after over an 10 year absence from in ring competition? No, however the match that I would like to see Stone Cold compete in is Stone Cold vs CM Punk. I don’t think that one will ever happen though. So I’ll just have to make due with what we are given. If we do get to see Stone Cold vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania, I’ll be tuning in to see it happen. As a wrestling fan, I say let’s make it happen.

Josh: If Austin was 15 years younger, it would be a big “HELL YEAH”.  However, Austin is old (for a wrestler), and as we have seen with ‘Taker, the years of punishment have no doubt been hell on his body.  If Austin were to come back, I don’t know if a powerhouse like Lesnar would be the ideal opponent.  Sure the story is there, but as far as ringwork goes, it would be much safer to put him with someone like Cena, Daniel Bryan, or Roman Reigns.

Chad: I would not be in favor of the match mainly in part because of the way Austin went against the his greatest rival The Rock at a Wrestlemania. That factored in with the fact I don’t think Austin has the desire to go one more time. I think he is comfortable doing his podcast; being on Broken Skull Ranch challenge game show; and occasionally popping up on WWE programming. Don’t get me wrong it would be a draw but I would not be in favor



Kevin Owens defended the NXT championship on Raw making that the first time the NXT title was defended on Raw. Do you think they should have more NXT title matches on Raw, or should they keep it regulated to the WWE Network?

Steve: I like the idea that they put an NXT Championship match on Raw. Now, the only thing that I may have done differently is put a current NXT wrestler like Zayn or Breeze to face Owens. No disrespect to Neville, but if the goal here is to sell NXT on the WWE Network, they need to have their stars competing to showcase their talents. Not main roster wrestlers. So I have no problem with Vince giving these guys a chance to shine on TV, but it needs to be done the right way.

Eric: This past Monday on RAW we saw a first in RAW history as the NXT title was defended on RAW. Kevin Owens retained his title with a victory over Neville. This was something big for NXT. This gave fans who have never seen NXT before a chance to show what they are missing and could probably get some new subscribers to the WWE network for just $9.99 Will we see more NXT title matches on RAW? Anything is possible, I’d hope so. This way it’ll give fans even more of a reason to check out NXT on the WWE network.

Josh: No, the NXT title should only be defended on mainline WWE programming extraordinarily rarely.  You have to keep some of the prestige and mystique that is the NXT titles.  Defending them more on RAW will turn them into just another low-midcard title, not the TOP title in a separate promotion.

Chad: 4) I think it’s great that the title is being defended on Raw to get that title some exposure. Although I would have rather have seen a full time NXT guy get the shot to get that person in front of a Raw crowd. I wouldn’t mind the PPV Pre-shows being used as NXT title matches whether there Title or their Tag Titles



What are your predictions for Money in the Bank this Sunday?

Steve: I think Seth “Little Bitch” Rollins will yet again find another way to retain his WWE Championship. Even though I honestly feel that his reign has been the absolute worst reign in recent memory. He is going to win. How long will this crap keep up? Rollins has a ton of talent, and really could have a decent run as champion, but until the actually let him defend the title legit, its not looking so good.

I think that Roman Reigns will find a way to win the Money in the Bank match up. The stars are aligning  in his favor once again, and I would not be the least bit suprised if the WWE title is around his waist by Summerslam.

Ryback should defend his championship over the Big Show. I see big things with him as champion. I like Paige to regain the Divas Championhip over Nikki Bella, ending her reign as champion.

Eric: Money in the Bank is this Sunday on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. Here are my predictions:
WWE Divas Championship
Paige def Nikki Bella
WWE Intercontinental title
Ryback def Big Show
WWE Tag Team titles
New Day def Prime Time Playas
Kevin Owens def John Cena
Money in the Bank Ladder match
Roman Regins wins
Seth Rollins def Dean Ambrose

Divas match – Paige over Nikki

IC Title – Ryback over Big Show (possibly by DQ to continue the feud)

Tag Titles – New Day retains over PTP, continues the feud to SummerSlam

Going with my heart here, Kevin Owens over John Cena.  I know WWE likes to keep their wrestlers at an even .500, however if you want Kevin Owens to be the main event beast you are building him to be…he HAS to win.

Money in the Bank – I am going with an upset here with Neville.  This man is the second coming of RVD but even better.  Although, with what happened on RAW, how awesome would it be to have R-Truth run out towards the end of the match, run up the ladder and take the breifcase?

WWE title – Dean Ambrose wins over Rollins – I don’t see the point of having Dean consistantly getting the better of Rollins and holding the title, if you are not going to put it on him.  I can see him winning, and that continues his feud with Rollins to right before SummerSlam and the return of Brock Lesnar.


 I’m going that Rollins retains with some help in their ladder match. I think that Cena finally gets to Kevin Owens. In the namesake match I have a funny feeling the Roman Reigns gets the Briefcase to exact revenge on Rollins for cashing in at Wrestlemania


Thats all for this week. Don’t forget to tune in Friday for Eric’s In My Damn Opinion.

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