Movie Review: San Andreas


Movie Review: San Andreas

Let me go ahead and spoil this one for you.

Have you seen 2012? Then you have seen San Andreas. Drop the China/Ark ending, and you have got this movie. Doesn’t mean its a bad thing, but it is blatant.

Here is the plot.

The Rock is a F’N STAR. He’s plays a chopper pilot, rescuing damsels in distress, and just shrugs it off. Could not be a bigger super hero if he was wearing a cape.

His private life is shot, as his wife is divorcing him and moving in with Reed Richards. His daughter loves him and is enormously hot. And trust me, you will spend time trying to figure out where you know Alexandra Daddario from. You might also how a Samoan and a brunette with brown eyes have a daughter with eyes so blue- and the camera is rightly fascinated with her eyes. Just saying.

Then the big shakeup comes, instead of Platt, and a whole lot of political mumbo jumbo, we get Paul Giamatti as a seismologist at Cal Tech that can predict earthquakes and how bad they are going to be, Giamotti isn’t as much fun as Platt, but it doesn’t get in the way as much and we don’t get the ignorant Woody Harrellson subplot.

So the earthquakes start hitting, and the Rock has to go into John Cusack Mode, only with a plane and a speedboat instead of a limo and a plane.

san andreas daughterDon’t get me wrong, this is a solid movie, I do feel that  the bigger the screen the more you will like this movie. The effects are top notch, you rarely spend any time getting bored and the director spends enough time with a story, but not too much before moving on. He bounces around a lot, but it never reels like you are getting yanked around. The movie actually takes place over a 2 days, with the the whole :”Rock is a super hero with a bad homelife” on Day 1 and the actual action takes place in about 3 hours on day 2.

This is a hard movie to grade, For a movie experience I could easily go a 7 or even 8. But again on my scale, that really isn’t a par score. I think this movie is well worth seeing in a theater, and almost has to be seen on a theater. i don’t think coming home with a DVD and throwing it in your 42″ screen at the house or your 32″ bedroom TV is going to be worth it. Pretty much have to see this in the theater, so that makes it a 10. The direction is great, it moves, you never really get bored. With a thin plot, you don’t even care.


Spoilers Shead

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