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First lets start off with a little DID YOU KNOW?

DID YOU KNOW that… Boxing stars have been affiliated with the WWE on many occasions on major events. Some of the stars include: Floyd Mayweather, Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, James “Buster” Douglas, Butterbean, and Mike Tyson. Wrestlemania even featured two boxing matches with Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Mr T. and Butterbean vs Bart Gunn. There was also a boxer vs wrestler match between Gorilla Monsoon and Muhammad Ali. 

And now here are your questions for this week. 

Ken from Osh Kosh WI. touches on championship belts.
Who makes and designs the title belts in the WWE? In my own opinion, some of them are just plain hideous. Do you have a favorite and least favorite design?



A while back a man by the name of Reggie Parks made and designed the championship belts for the WWE. He was responsible for the traditional style championship belt designs. Now the design team for the WWE makes a couple designs for the Corporate team, and then they decide from there which ictitledesign to use. They then take that design to a man named Dave Millican who brings that design to life, and creates the championship belt. Now with that being said, the WWE Marketing team needs to be fired. These belt designs they have now a days are absolutely hideous. This is no knock on Millican, as he does phenomenal work making these belts. Its not his fault that the designs suck. My favorite was a design by Reggie Parks that is currently used today. The Intercontinental Championship belt. It is a traditional belt that all of the past great IC champions have held. As far as the worst go, you can make a list. I am not a fan of the Diva’s title, The NXT title, even the tag teambeltsWorld title is not the best design, but the all time worst design that I think that a piece of crap looks better than, is the current design of the WWE Tag Team title belts. This design looks like a couple of trojans about to do battle. It makes no sense to have this design. If they were smart, they bring back the old tag belts from the 80’s and 90’s that design was the best. Only my opinion, but the designers need glasses.

Ian from East Lansing MI. asks about an unwritten rule
What is exactly the “Freebird” rule? I have heard it mentioned before in the WWE? I can only assume it has to do with the Fabulous Freebirds.


Ah the old Freebird rule. The Freebird rule was implemented for a team who had more than two members, like the Freebirds and now A New Day, to choose any two members to defend a championship on any given night. For example for the Freebirds, you could have seen Hayes and Gordy, Gordy and Roberts, Hayes and Roberts, just like you see Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, Kingston and Big E, Big E and Xavier defending the titles. This has been implemented a few times with teams in the past. Demolition with Ax, Smash, and Crush. The Wolfpack, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-pac. Any member of the Spirit Squad. And if you remember the Jersey Triad with Diamond Dallas Page, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Kanyon.

The Freebird rule was also used on occasion with singles titles as well. When Chyna and Jericho co-held the Intercontinental championship, both defended it. When Evan Karagious won the WCW Hardcore title, all three members of 3 count defended it, and when Michele McCool (Mrs Undertaker) was the womens champion, she was also a member of Lay-Cool with Layla. They both defended the title.

Greg from Springfield MO. wants to know a little about Owen Hart
After reading your column a couple weeks ago and remembering the tragic death of Owen Hart. It got me wondering. Why is Owen not in the Hall of Fame?


Owen’s brother Bret Hart has lobbied for Vince McMahon to induct his brother in the Hall of Fame, and I am more than certain that Vince would be happy to oblige. What stands in the way to all of this is Owen’s widow Martha Hart, who has stated publicly that she wants absolutely nothing to do with the WWE ever again. So I would only imagine that she would have to sign off on having Owen inducted into the Hall of Fame, as I would assume she would and should be a part of the ceremony. With the lawsuit after his death, that may be a very uncomfortable situation.

My other question almost pains me to ask. But I remember you mentioning a while back that you attended the show where he fell. What was the atmosphere like? And was the crowd shocked that they continued with the show?

owen death

Whew, okay well this is actually hard to write as I remember this like it happened yesterday. So I will do the best I can go elaborate on the events of that night at Kemper Arena in Kansas City Missouri. As you know, Owen was set to come down to the ring from the ceiling in superhero type fashion, apparently to trip over his own two feet coming out of the harness, kind of making a fool of himself. Owen had practiced this earlier in the day, and despite having his doubts about doing the stunt, he gave in and decided to go ahead with it. Owen apparently triggered the release while dangling about 75 feet above the ring and he fell. Owen hit the turnbuckle to the left side where the announcers were sitting, if you are coming down to the ring it would be the far left buckle. He fell back to the ring, and it appeared as if he tried to sit up for a moment, but then fell back and never regained consciousness. The EMT’s came down to the ring very quickly. Now at this point in time, most in the crowd thought this was part of the show. I was not completely sure when they started giving Owen CPR in the middle of the ring. Something just did not feel right. They finally got Owen on the stretcher, and they took him back. Keep in mind that no one in the audience knew really what had happened, and no one knew the condition of Owen, or even if it was a stunt or not. The night continued, and while it was a little somber, most of the crowd still got into the show after his death. The LIVE crowd was never told that Owen passed away, as I did not find out until I was in the car heading home, and my friend called me and told me. I couldn’t believe it. It was like I had lost a family member, as we witnessed this happen. I kind of knew something was wrong during the Rock vs Triple H match and Rock said “Owen the Rock loves you.” It happened so fast, yet it is something I will never forget.

Mitch from Plainfield IL. asks about the Shield
My question has to do with the Shield. Was it the WWE’s intention to put Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose in singles careers? Or did they develop into that as they were teaming together?



When the WWE brought in Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins, the whole point was to get them in together, build up some steam, and select one of them to turn and start a singles career. The first choice was Dean Ambrose, but then that changed and Seth Rollins got the nod. The whole plan was to have all three eventually in a singles role as Vince McMahon had high hopes, and still does, for all three of these guys. Obviously one already main evented Wrestlemania, one is the WWE Champion, and one is one of the most over superstars in the WWE right now.

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