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Logo BANWhat up world! Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The NBA and Stanley Cup Finals have kicked off. The Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Blackhawks, respectively, lead their series’ 1-0. I have no rooting  interest in either series but I am bummed that my hometown New York Rangers didn’t make the Stanley Cup Finals. Although I’ve been to the Hockey Hall of Fame and have touched the Stanley Cup, I’m not much of a hockey fan, but it would have been nice to see a winner in New York City again. Oh well. Lets Go Rangers and hopefully they’ll make it back next year.

It’s time to write up another blog. As I sit here jamming to Future, and getting Codeine Crazy  stuck in my head because I’ve played it for about the 200th time today, I’m going to whip up something worth reading this week. So, this week I’m going to blog on one topic and one topic alone. It’s a topic that recently broke the internet. Yes, I’m going to weigh in on Caitlyn Jenner. Lets do this.

Jenner now
Jenner now

This week, the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner declared himself to the world as the woman now known as Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympic Decathatlon champion, and father of 6, as well as stepfather to the Kardashian clan, is now a woman. Despite my shots and jabs in this blog, and in other corners of my social media, I don’t really get why this is a big deal.

I’m a big proponent in people living their lives. It’s my view that in life we all don’t get to do what we want to do. We make sacrifices. Whether it’s for our families, or for a particular career, or just because we are afraid to really be who we believe ourselves to be, we just don’t allow ourselves to go there. Often these sacrificies lead to regrets. Some of us bottle those regrets and muddle through, and people like Caitlyn eventually break through all that and does what they want to do. I respect that.

If you want to come out as a woman at 65, then that is your choice. Who am I to judge? Doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of it, and Lord knows I will, but I can’t judge it. It’s not my place. As long as her and her family can deal with it, then to hell with everyone else is my line of thought. However, in this Caitlyn love fest I do have two big problems with this. One is fairly minor, however, my second issue is very major and in both I blame Caitlyn and the media. What are my issues? Let me detail them.

I have a minor beef with the E! series Call Me Cait. The upcoming series will detail Bruce’s transition to Caitlyn. Now, I understand that Caitlyn and her story can be very powerful for the LGBT community but I have an issue with the messenger here. Caitlyn might not be married to Kris Jenner, but for years she (formerly he) was associated with probably the biggest bunch of oversharers we have in this world: the Kardashians. I’m sorry but Kardashian fatigue is a real thing. Couldn’t this transition have been done without prying eyes? Does their really need to be a television series? I respect the story but I can’t help but feel there is a cheap money grab here.

0113-kim-kardashian-fight-x17-3I have to give full disclosure and admit I’ll watch at least the series debut. Why? I’m a connoisseur of pop culture, and I wouldn’t want to be felt left out, but this overexposure in the need of dollars feels cheap to me. With the fatigue that is clearly out there, the Diane Sawyer interview and subsequent magazine interviews should have sufficed. I just question why are we getting a television show, for something that really is a private issue. I get that in today’s world, reality television is EVERYWHERE, but I can’t help but think this show is unnecessary and doesn’t really add any benefit to the discussion.

My second issue with this, and the biggest issue I have is the ESPY’s awarding the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlyn. Now this screams of what it is: a ratings ploy. ESPN and their award show the ESPY’s are clearly trying to draw eyeballs when they announce well ahead of time that they are not only honoring Caityln but her family will also appear at the award show. They want you to watch. They want you to see that moment.

However, how is she more courageous than Army veteran Noah Galloway who lost an arm in Iraq, and went on to compete in marathons, Crossfit competitions, and complete something known as a Death Race? Galloway also went on to compete in Dancing With The Stars so he clearly has a profile that attracts the same suits at ABC/ESPN/Disney that is behind the ESPY award show. If Galloway doesn’t move you then you might be more moved by the story of Lauren Hill.

Lauren HillLauren Hill grew up with the dream of playing college basketball. However before the start of her freshman year it was announced that she was suffering from terminal brain cancer. Lauren fought cancer, was able to play in 4 games, before the illness took her life a few weeks ago. How is she not more courageous than someone who only changed their sexuality? How is someone who held onto her dreams even in the face of death not deemed more courageous than someone who decided to change their pronoun from he to she?

I’m not downplaying Caitlyn at all. As I stated I truly don’t care, however, I have to admit I’m already tired of the attention that this thing is getting. Props to her, shame to ESPN, and enough already. Let me just sit here listening to my music, posting inappropriate yet funny memes, and waiting for the next distraction to come along to get us all riled up. Agreed? Fine.

I’m done. I’m all over the place with this and I don’t think I can write anymore. Thanks for supporting


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  1. I hear ya on this Caitlyn/Bruce situation…

    Fair warning… I intend to write in my next WTF about what Snoop said about her on Instagram and then include my own perspective as well…

  2. The science project thing? While I found that ignorant on Snoop’s part, it’s pretty consistent with his Instagram. He says what he feels and that is his perogative.

    Also? I expected you to address it at some point. Looking forward to reading your perspective.

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