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EVIL DEAD (2013)

I do love the Evil Dead series, It has been a while since I saw the original, but I have seen the Evil Dead 2 recently, and my kids love the Army of Darkness movie- when the series goes full camp. It’s actually the first R-Rated movie my boys have ever seen- and I’m sure their mother would freak if they knew they watched something from the Evil Dead series. I do wonder how in the heck it’s an R-Rated movie, but then again, I live in a world that James Bond lives in a PG movie world, even after smacking around a woman or two

So let’s get into the reboot shall we?

This movie starts off quickly, with a young woman all panicked and scared and running through those woods we all know and love, and getting captured in a fun little scene. A bit brutal, but I thought it was awesome. Then she comes too in a room- might be underground, and she’s tied to a post, and a man is there with a witch who is trying to convince him to set her soul free. We find out that this is a man and daughter, right when the man is almost broken, she goes all Reagan on him, and he sets her on fire. Poor dude.

Evil Dead BookOh yeah, I’m loving the opener. Strong STRONG open here.

Now we get the main story. A girl is brought out to the woods to try and kick an addiction. Her friends and her brother are going to keep her out here until she straightens out, and her parents cabin is the perfect place, since nothing is nearby. They discover blood on the cabin floor leading to the root cellar, and they also find a shallow grave, with a book wrapped in BARBED WIRE. Moving along, the one douchebag friend decides to open the book, since it must be a first edition of Giant Size X-Men or something, and even though there are warnings all over the place, he decides to break out the junior detective kit, and read some of the words. Unlike Ash, he says the words correctly, and wakes something up in the woods.

So how is the movie?Evil Dead Poster


I loved it. It’s a bit campy, I did pick out a bunch of callbacks to the original, and I’ll discuss the one I hated in the spoilers, but I thought the gore was pretty-well spaced until then end, when it almost seems like they found a vat of blood and was all “well, we got it, might as well use it.” I do feel that it is a strong movie, and a good continuation of the series, if they go this direction . . .outside of a major flaw at the end. I will give this one a solid recommendation, an 8 in fact, and I will be looking to pick this one up, as soon as the extended cut is available.


Spoilers Shead

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