WTF 6/3, Hate and cruelty… does it ever stop?


All violence and cruelty is abhorrent… both physical and emotional… hate is abhorrent… the paradox is I hate violence. Hate and cruelty…

I have had my own personal bouts with violence… done to me as well as perpetrated by me… regarding the violence I have done to others… there was some physical stuff in the past that I have had to atone for and there was some emotional shit I’ve done that I can only pray that I have been forgiven and that I still continually make amends for in any manner that I can…

I have worked hard and long at learning to control my emotions… I have had success but I still have not totally overcome that tendency to sometimes allow frustration to overtake my brain and periodically react asininely…

The stuff done to me… it’s been awhile since anyone has done me harm… grievous harm… and sometimes I still think about certain things but I believe I have forgiven those who have trespassed against me… still sometimes I wonder will I ever forget…

Still… I damn well hate violence in all its forms… war… man’s inhumanity to man… people just robbing and stealing and beating and killing one another… screaming and yelling and bullying… physically and psychologically abusing… I hate it all… but… the stuff that really gets into my belly and makes my stomach crawl and elicit moisture to sometimes seep down from my eyes is when I read, or hear, about cruelty to children or animals…

I wasn’t going to write about this next story because when I first saw the headline, and an accompanying picture, on the online version of the NYDN, I said to myself that I don’t want to even read this sad sick shit… it just always tears me up and makes me sad and then angry. Why are there assholes out there doing this dumbass insane bullshit? But, eventually, I did, and, yes I wound up with tears as I read the words of the story.

What headline? What picture? What story?

This… Dog found with muzzle taped shut in S.C. could lose tongue

joe1A pupdog down in South Carolina was a well-known stray in a certain North Charleston neighborhood… the friendly animal was last seen on Memorial Day and the no one saw the pup dog until it was found at a doorstep on the following Wednesday.

The 15-month-old Staffordshire terrier mix had her snout taped tightly with electrical tape…her tongue caught between her sharp teeth… for what is believed to have been the two days since she was last seen on Memorial Day.

Some son of a bitch had taped the poor critters tightly shut… so tight that the blood flow to her tongue was lost.cruetlty

Dr. Lucy Fuller, the Charleston Animal Society’s senior director of veterinary care, said. “Caitlyn is in a lot of pain, her condition is critical, and her prognosis is guarded. A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications.”

A Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach spokesperson said, “This is the most malicious case of animal abuse I have seen in my entire career. To leave this dog in pain, unable to eat or drink and to now leave her in the position where her life is at stake because she may lose her tongue is heartbreaking.”

The good news is Caitlyn was taken to a specialty care facility and is reported to be recovering but her future is still guarded.

cruelty1The Humane Society of the United States is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the abuse.

The Humane Society’s South Carolina state director said, “Caitlyn is a friendly dog who may have suffered for days and is now fighting for her life. Anyone capable of such a heartless act of cruelty should be held accountable, and we hope this reward will encourage anyone with information to come forward.”

Now then… ya know how I began this column… about abhorring violence? There are times when I see, or hear, about something that stirs in me certain emotions… that makes me insides churn and just want to lash out and kick somebody’s ass… take matters into my own hands and be the judge, jury and executioner.

I mean I don’t like doing harm to anyone… but sometimes… in certain cases… when a certain cretin that has done something really horrid; has been captured and is being transported to the lockup they accidentally might somehow get their noggin scrunched against a patrol car door.. or… maybe trip over a carelessly left mop and bucket on the way down to their cell and take a terrible horrific tumble… I mean shit do happen…

I mean, if, some pukes were to eventually be found out and somehow taken into custody… who wrapped some damn electrical tape around a poor trusting pup dog’s snout and then left it to die a tortuous death of starvation and pain… would it be so bad if they…

But, I guess it would be taking and making myself into the shit for brains lowlife piece of inhumaneness that I hate and where would that leave me?

But stilllll… shit sometimes do happen and ya just never know when instant karma’s gonna get ya.

Hate and cruelty… what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…

A controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest back on May 3 in Texas on May 3rd, was targeted by a shit-for-brains- pair of terrorists who launched an ill-fated so-called ISIS inspired attack. The only deaths that occurred at that time were of the two misguided lunkheads who attacked the inaugural $10,000 Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest.

hateOn Friday (5/29) in the form of a response to that attack an anti-Muslim rally that was organized by ex-marine Jon Ritzheimer was held outside the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

Phoenix as in Arizona Phoenix.

About 500 peeps… give or take… were there … some clutching assault rifles (Arizona is an open carry state), American flags and placards… the placards had nothing nice to say about Islam or a Prophet Muhammad cartoon drawing contest.jon

The rally was filled with much posturing and hate mongering speechifying and some stepping on the Koran.

It also drew many other peeps who protested the protest rally by holding signs with messages like “Love not hate” and “Stop the hate.”

In fact, the two groups of protestors faced off when authorities step in and strung up some yellow tape and posted cops in riot gear.

Last I heard there we no injuries and no got shot or killed or wounded in any fashion… if any injuries were sustained they at least were not from any ill intentions of either group.

Now as all this was being said and done Ritzheimer claimed he’s been targeted by terrorists.

An armed Ritzheimer, flanked by burly men wearing “Fuck Islam!” T-shirts, told media sources, “I’m having to sell my house. My family is going into hiding. They’re calling for lone wolves to behead me. That’s terrorism right here in America.”

Then he added… “I hope more patriots take a stand.”

Now before I get onto his last comment… and I fully intend to… I just wanna say this… and ya’ll take it any way ya’ll want… but if ya’ll go dancing with devil then the devil just might turn out to be fickle dancer of opportunity who dances off with some other dancers with like intentions.

So… I really have no compassion for Mr. Ritzheimer what so ever. And, I think he oughta shut his crybaby crocodile tears of “Oh, poor, poor pitiful me.” Ya’ll carry on with words of hate then ya’ll best expect hate to be returned in a many folded manner.

It’s just the nature of the hate business is what I thinks.


In my book true patriots… or… people who exemplify what America is supposed to represent… don’t go around disrespecting other religions or other ethnic groups… they don’t foment hate. I believe anyone who claims to be a so-called true American believes in what the country was supposedly founded for which last I heard included freedom of religion among other things… and that type of person doesn’t go around saying fuck anybody nor do they stomp upon and disrespect holy books.

Now, in this USofA of ours, we also have a limited version of freedom of speech and the freedom to congregate in groups and protest all kinds of stuff if’n anyone is so inclined…

I certainly remember my days of “Hell no we won’t go” and “One, two, three, four; no more fucking war” and other such pithy slogans some of which did not speak kindly about certain of our then political peeps in charge.

So, Ritzheimer and his minion can certainly do whatever they please… and say whatever they want… but speaking words of hate and performing acts of derision against the ways and beliefs of an entire group of folks because some asshole violent sect of that particular ethnicity did something despicable???

Sorry… I just don’t have time for folks who think the best answer to hate is to bring on more hate. It don’t work that way is how I sees it.

But, then Ritzheimer whines about taking on threats when it’s all said and done?

Come on dude… ya’ll knew the job was dangerous when ya’ll took upon yourself to go on spouting out your evil words. So, stop the damn whining and face the path that you chose.

I suppose now the government will have to spend our tax dollars to protect his puny ass and mind… but, damn dude what the hell did ya’ll expect?

Ya be dealing with craziness and terrorists and then go pulling on their coattails… ya just expected the mutts to say… “Oh, right, cool… go in peace”?isis vs islam

I’ve said a form of this many times before… but, essentially… when you go to bed in shit with dirt bags; then ya’ll is gonna get up with shit all over yourself and be just another dirt bag.

And, maybe instead of hating on all of Islam if’n he said fuck ISIS instead… he might of had an argument I could have understood?

Just saying…

The man said what?!

Mike Lupica, a sports columnist for the New York Daily News and a sometimes opinion columnist for the same rag, recently wrote a column where he declared that gun violence is the real problem with our country and that it’s time for our politicians to finally do more than just talk about firearm control.


He then goes on to speechify about how cops firing their weapons are up in America over the past few years. He avers that the “…numbers are troubling, especially when you factor in how many shootings involved unarmed victims, so many of the victims people of color. By now the whole world knows about famous shootings like that in Ferguson, Mo., and North Charleston, S.C., and in Cleveland, and that is just the short list.”

He goes further when he talks about Freddie Gray in Baltimore and that Baltimore has had at least 40 homicides in just a month. He asks where is the protest over those 40 deaths.

And mentions that in nearby Washington D.C that a 28-year old reporter named Charnice Milton was shot to death waiting for a bus. She was the collateral damage of a drive by that was trying to kill someone other than her.

He points out that in just the week gone by there were five other deaths besides Milton’s D.C.

He writes how in a Yonkers (NY) apartment 4-year-old Mikalyla Manners found a gun and somehow it went off into her face. How a gun was just laying around so that a child could find it and wind up dead.

He make the point that this gun stuff is not about overzealous or even badass cops but is “…playing in apartments and on street corners, at bus stops and outside bars, all over America.”

He then ends his op-ed piece: “Cops aren’t killing this country, income inequality isn’t killing it, race won’t kill it, no matter how hard race always tries. Wall Street isn’t killing this country. Guns are.”

Ahem… sometimes I have occasion to stop short at what Mr. Lupica issues from his mouth… this is an occasion.

I mean, how in the hell can he even think to say that last line and sincerely believe that and that alone is at the gist of what troubles America? To suggest we get rid of the guns in America, or at the minimum, enact some damn tough-ass laws about guns (which we do need), and, then, poof… viola… all our troubles would be then far away… they would evaporate… finally come to a finding resolution and we can go back to the lie that we once used to believe… that Father Know Best.. Ozzie and Harriet… Beaver’s mom and dad were the real epitome of what America was all about.

Father Knows Best
Father Knows Best

Mom, apple pie and baseball and justice for all.

We may have not known it then but it was all a bunch of horse manure pig in poke nonsense that was shoved down into our little nonthinking minds. That life may have existed for some peeps but ya’ll think inequality, killing, rape, robberies, violence, frauds, what have you… was a nonexistent reality back in them there days?

I got a bridge in Brooklyn that might interest ya’ll… I can sell it to ya’ll on the cheap.

There is racism in this here beloved country of ours… inequality is still alive and well just as it was back in the Beaver’s day…

Wall Street is as greedy as ever… ya don’t think it was greedy back then? We just didn’t know as much as we now know.

I will also wager that since we have come into the age of all sorts of news and information all the time… 24/7… we also hear a lot more about all sorts of other stuff that we never knew really believed existed tothe extent ha tit did.

Ya’ll think child abuse is something new under the sun? The pain and suffering that goes on now is that new? It just wasn’t’ spoken about. .

Husbands beating on wives… and wives even beating on husbands… raping … murders… bullying… all that stuff is not new under the sun we are just that much more aware.

I hate to steal a hackneyed line from the other side… but guns are not killing America; it the insipid greed, the heat, the mistrust, the fear that is rampant through the lives we all live.

Americas lies are killing America and the sooner we wake up and smell the damn reality that is engulfed around us all and begin understand the line from a song that I love that says… Peace will return when all hate is gone…

We have a long way to go to get there but it’s a dream worth having and one that is achievable. But to believe Mr. Lupica when he writes that guns and simply guns alone are killing America is to believe in a folly that will, most assuredly, lead us down a thorny path not worth traveling.

The killing of America will not be by guns but by being naïve and ignorant and believing in stupidity. We will just be another flock of sheep ripe and ready for slaughtering.

Slick Willie was slick but… 

impeachedFace book post I recently saw… If, I understand the history correctly, in the late 1990s, the President was impeached (Slick Willie) for lying about a sexual affair by a House of Representatives led by a man who was also then hiding a sexual affair,(Fig Newtown Gingrich admitted to cheating on 1s & 2nd wives on 5/9/2007) who was supposed to be replaced by another Congressman who stepped down (Louisiana Rep. Bob Livingston) when forced to reveal that he too was having a sexual affair, which led to the election of a new Speaker of the House who now has been indicted for lying about payments covering up his sexual contact with a boy. (J. Dennis Hastert).liar

This was written by Orin Kerr, who is the Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor at The George Washington University Law School, where he has taught since 2001. He teaches and writes in the area of criminal procedure and computer crime law.


Yikes doesn’t even begin to cover this…

KerrLook it, Clinton was an asshole for lying about what he did when he did it. That’s a given but truthfully I’ve always thought I could care less what all anyone is doing with what’s in their pants as long as they don’t harm anyone else and then, most importantly, do their job.

And, I had always believed the elephants were conducting a witch hunt back when they impeached Slick Willie but I had never realized, or understood, how much of a witch hunt or how hypocritical the elephants were until I read this.

Please… let he without sin cast the first stone… and how much time… time that could have been spent doing real governing… and how much of our tax dollars… was wasted on this piddly dinky ass crapola???

How safe are we?

Disturbing Fact: An undercover Homeland Security agent successfully smuggled a fake bomb through airport security, a report revealed.

Seems the fake terrorist set off some sort of alarm… that was a good thing… security caught something was possibly wrong.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 02:  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents screen passengers at Los Angeles International Airport on May 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Security presence has been escalated at airports, train stations and public places after the killing of Osama Bin Laden by the United States in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The bad thing… the screeners didn’t find a fake bomb that was strapped to his back when they patted him down.

Worse Disturbing Fact: Undercover investigators from Homeland Security got fake explosives and banned weapons through security during 95% of the trials they conducted at dozens of airports.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent $540 million on checked baggage screening equipment and $11 million on training since 2009.

A department of Homeland security said, “Despite that investment, TSA has not improved checked baggage screening since our last report in 2009.”

So where the hell did they spend all that money and what did they accomplish?

Absolutely nothing I see…

Can we get a rebate on our tax money?

And, is someone getting their ass canned for this waste of our money?

Bet no one is… if ya want my thinking.

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  1. Like the format change. Good as always, and honestly I refuse to read Lupica. Refuse to read him. He’s not a bad guy but outside of sports, he just talks out of his ass. We all do, I guess, but he just feels more self-righteous than most when he does.

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