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The NBA Finals are set. Cleveland vs Golden State, Stephen Curry vs Lebron James. We give you our thoughts on this years Finals matchup, and also discuss a little bit on Steph Curry. What was our initial reaction when he went down hard on the court? This and much more on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions


On May 22nd, ESPN published an article on the best teams in the NBA according to Elo. What are your thoughts on this article.
Steve: How can you disagree with the fact that the 95-96 Chicago Bulls are not the best team ever? 72-10, NBA Champions, and in dominant fashion. I honestly believe that the Bulls gave the Sonics 2 games in that NBA Finals, they could have swept their way to the title, but I think they wanted to win it at home. I’ll never forget when Jordan fell to the floor after winning the championship and broke down as it was his first title since losing his father. This Bulls team was easily the best ever. I think my biggest surprise was how high they had this year’s Golden State team, at #4, not that I necessarily disagree with it, but with so many top teams out there, I was shocked they were this high on the list.
David: Well, Kinda got a problem. They went by regular season records, and stunner of stunner, the Bulls are the best. Have a question for you- even with the crappy hall of fame that the Naismith has- how many Hall of Famers did the Bulls beat in that playoff run? “Among the top 50 seasons all-time, only six from before 1980 make the list.”That right there pretty much kills me. You have a bloated league- and if you happen to get 3 Hall of Famers (MJ/Pip/Rodman) and you should win 30 games not even trying in an expansion league. This also doesn’t take rule changes into account. Imagine Isiah without hand-checking. How are the Heat when they can get slammed into the floor without a foul being called? How do you determine the GOAT team? I do it with my eyes. I don’t see the either Bulls team beating the mid-80s Lakers or Celtics under mid-80s rules.
Chad: I think that the article is generally correct in the rankings having the 95-96 Bulls at the top but at the same time I do believe that it is a little early to determine where the Warriors ranks as far as great teams in the league; It is hard to ignore 67 wins in the regular season; depending on their performance in the finals could determine their ranking.
What is your excitement level on this year’s NBA Finals?
Steve: I am very excited about this years Finals. You have a young talented Golden State team vs a LeBron James led team. This is LeBron’s fifth straight Finals appearance, and Curry’s first. It features two rookie coaches in Steve Kerr and LeBron Ja.. oh David Blatt. The current MVP vs last years MVP. While I predicted that this will be a short series, won by the Warriors in 5 games. I would not be surprised if the Cavs show up. If they play like they did in Game 4 against the Hawks, all bets are off. This could be a back and forth series. But Im staying with my initial pick with Warriors in 5.
David: Pretty High. It does depend on the refs though. If LeBron has more free throws than Curry has three point attempts, I’m done.
Chad:  My excitement level is probably a 7 out of 10 this is the matchup I want to see but with the injury to Kevin Love it decreases some of the excitement but the way Golden State can score I don’t see Cleveland being able to keep up Warriors in 6.
Do you agree with the Bulls decision to fire Tom Thibodeau?
Steve: Am I surprised? No, anyone who remotely followed the Bulls saw this coming from a mile away, probably even before the season started. I don’t think Thibs keeps his job if the Bulls win the NBA title. He and John Paxson just did not see eye to eye, and Thibs is far from a “yes man.” I think this was absolutely the stupidist decision that the Bulls have made in quite some time, and have a gut feeling that this will come back to haunt them.
David: Tom burned out his team. I don’t think the Bulls did themselves any
favors with the way they treated him on the way out the door.
Chad: I really don’t agree because of the team getting to the playoffs; yes they were being hampered by injuries but they still got there. My major opposition to the firing is that I don’t see the hiring of Fred Hoiberg as a major improvement in coaching and that the head coach usually knows his team better than the front office.
What was your initial thought when Stephen Curry hit the ground in Game 4 against the Rockets?
Steve: At first look, when Curry left the game, I thought “Holy shit, the Warriors are screwed.” Then I realized who we are talking about here, and knew the kind of competitor Steph Curry is. Unless he broke something, he would be back out there, and sure enough he missed about a half of a quarter. Which in that game it did not mean much as the Rockets pretty much had that game wrapped up. But it definitely was a scare if you are a Golden State Warriors fan.
David: Uh, ouch?
Chad: I thought the had a concussion and that the series would end up going 6 or 7 games. Kind of surprised he came back in the same game but I guess he was medically cleared and now Golden State is the Western Conference Final champion.
What are your thoughts on Stephen Curry allowing his daughter Riley to be a part of his press conference, being that she was a little on the disruptive side?
Steve: Loved it. It was about as exciting as watching the Golden State Warriors, and Steph Curry play basketball. I will admit, as I was watching this press conference LIVE, I was glued to the TV just to see what Riley was going to do. I was cracking up when she went behind the curtain and just appeared as she drug the curtain with her. I was laughing my ass off. And Curry is just sitting there answering the questions, trying to keep his daughter under control. I was wondering if she was going to destroy the set on a few occasions. Then when they took her out, I changed the channel. I thought this was hilarious, and now I hope he puts her in all of the press conferences, even if it is just a cameo appearance, despite what some of the reporters say that it takes away from their jobs. Dude seriously? Write about that, it is more entertaining.
David: Its a press conference. The Press has gotten lazy with 80 ways to ask the same thing, the players are bored and watching the clock, and no one says anything anyway. If the players want to say anything, they have twitter, and if the reporters have any “analysis” then they post a lazy 15 second blurb on SportsCenter. Quick, give me ANYTHING the other 23 players said during the press conferences for any of the West Finals. I’ll wait.
Chad: I really don’t mind this; I hav no problem with athletes bringing kids to a press conference I see as no big no deal. Some would call it being disruptive I would call it being adorable.

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