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Welcome to our Game of Thrones 5.8— “Hardhome” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, so please don’t be that person.~David

1. Surprised that Tyrion threw Jorah under the bus?Tyrion and Jorah
Earl: A little but I got it from Tyrion’s point of view. His strength is in playing the game and he was right that Daenerys couldn’t kill Jorah, but she couldn’t allow him back in either. It wouldn’t have shown a good message that she could easily forgive someone that was spying on her. Even though Jorah loves her, and I think Daenerys loves him in some fashion, she couldn’t overlook what he did. So, while I think using the expression “throwing under the bus” is a bit strong, I get why Tyrion did it.
David: Yeah, I was. Regardless of what he did, he was working under orders from Varys who is ALSO on his way there- and where the hell is he, anyway? The fact that Jorah did change his mind and ignore orders to kill her, in fact killing the man that was sent from King’s Landing to kill her got ignored. Daenerys wants to rule as an absolute monarch, yet cares what other people think. All I know is if the Sons of the Harpy want to come after me, and my husband might be the one in charge of them, I kinda want Jorah outside my door, now that Selmy is gone. One of the baddest men on the planet- and you are all, Nah, don’t need him around.
2. Do you think Tyrion trying to keep Daenerys on this end of the Narrow Sea a good idea?Tyrion and Dany
Earl: It’s a good suggestion. Daenerys has no allies, and no family. All she has are her dragons and an army she bought. In Essos she has the world she created. In Westeros she would have a world that she would have to conquer, and then hold onto with an army that isn’t native to the land. So, yeah it’s a damn good suggestion. However, it’s not one she is going to listen to.
David: Tyrion isn’t stupid by any means. He knows that the Targaryns have no love on the other side, her father pretty much destroyed everything he touched. But there is another factor here, if Dany’s rear hits the Iron Throne, then who is going to be on a spike outside? Tommen. Tyrion does love his nephew, and they have always had a great relationship. The only chance Tyrion has to keep the rest of his family alive, is to keep Daenerys on THIS side of the narrow sea, but lets be honest, there is a ton of work that needs to be done on this side of the water. There are still thousands of people they could help and rule over.
3. Feel sorry for Cersei yet?hardhome cersei
Earl: Hell no. She’s getting everything and more that she deserves. Funny thing is the best is to come. Her trial isn’t going to get well since she is guilty of all the charges against her. Now, it’s up to the Faith to determine that but as show watchers we know that she has done everything she was accused of. If you’re like me and you take a little joy from Cersei getting punished, then know it’s going to get even better.
David: Well, she did dig her own grave here, and lets be honest, its her own fault. I believe that if you live in glass houses you don’t throw stones, but if you do decide to throw a stone or two, you better have Cy Young and Nolan Ryan with you. Cersei was dumb enough to get caught, and she is paying the price. If she wasn’t smirking coming out of Margarys room, I might have a twinge here, but since she didn’t really go there to get her out for her son, then no. I do think if she gets out, there is going to be some major blood on the floor when she sees that cell again.
4. How surprised were you by the Valyrian Steel making the White Walker explode?Snow vs Walker
Earl: It was a cool moment for sure. Surprised? Not really. Valyrian steel has been described throughout the show to be the best sword there is and some real magical stuff. I’m guessing somewhere over the history of this world there have been fights with the White Walkers and that same Valyrian steel has killed a few in the past. Problem is there aren’t enough Valyrian steel out there to kill them all. There are only a handful of Valyrian steel swords in the World. Not enough to take down a whole army of the undead.
David: We keep hearing about how awesome the Valyrian steel swords are and how rare and special they are. This is actually solid proof that yes, these things are something extra. I’m glad with all the talk, they are not just a little bit of legend- like a Katana Blade folded a thousand times and all that garbage. Valyrian steel IS something different, and we have proof.
5. Is that the White Walker King?White Walker King
Earl: Sure as heck looks like it. Have to admit that was a pretty cool closing scene to see the King raise his arms, and all the dead’s eyes turn blue as they come back to life as wights and White Walkers. Thought that was pretty damn awesome. The showdown between the Walkers and the Watchers of the Wall looks like it’s going to go down in Season Six. In the words of former New York Jets football player Bart Scott: can’t wait!!!!!
David: Bart Scott . . .Jets? Uh, OK, I’ll let that go.
I’ll be honest, I half expected the water to freeze over and the battle to continue. I’m guessing that’s the same dude that turned the Baby a bit ago. One thing about the battle, we don’t just have White Walkers, we have the Zombies as well, you can kill the Zombies – but you either need the Dragon Glass or Valyrian steel to take out the big bosses. It actually helps if you can think of a strategy to seperate the forces. Your bigger problem is finding enough Dragon Glass and Valyrian steel to go around. I wonder if the best thing to do would be to shatter one of the smaller pieces of Dragon Glass and put it on Arrowheads?


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