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We still are working on a top ten for you fans to wrap your brains around, so for now we will go with once again, a little did you know?

Did you know that Hulk Hogan has only competed for the Intercontinental Championship on onehoganvswarrior occasion? At Wrestlemania VI in the champion vs champion, title for title match against the Ultimate Warrior. Hogan has competed for the WWE tag team championships twice in his career. At Wrestlemania IX with Brutus the Barber Beefcake against Money Inc. and also teaming with Edge and winning the titles over Billy and Chuck. They lost the titles just a few weeks later. 

Now here are the questions for this week. 

Yuri from all the way out East in New Hampshire asks about Mrs Latino Heat

I was just wondering why Vickie Guerrero left the WWE? It seemed like her character was the most over with the fans as a heel at the time she left, with her Excuse me screech. Was she fired?

No, Vickie was not fired from the WWE. She actually requested to be let out of her contract in June, 2014. She was written off of TV after losing a match to Stephanie McMahon in which if Vickie lost, she would sub-sequentially be fired. She lost, was fired, and when she left she paid a tribute to her late husband Eddie Guerrero by doing his taunt on the ramp way. She left to an abundance of cheers for the first time in her career. vicki

Vickie left the WWE for two reasons. First, was to spend more time with her daughters as her road schedule kept her away from watching her daughters grow up. She also recently stated that she began going to school to start a career in medical administration and is doing this as of right now. I would not count out the fact that we could very well possibly see Vickie Guerrero in a WWE ring down the road in a guest role, but I would not look for her to return on a full time basis.


Wyatt from Bakersfield CA. asks about the dummies in wrestling.

So I know there were some wrestlers who had some gimmicks that portrayed them to be real idiots. For example, Sid and Scott Steiner did not seem very intelligent. My question is, were there wrestlers who were portrayed as dumb but in essence were very smart?

Well let me start off by saying this first. Sid Vicious is a big man, and really seriously is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I remember a Nitro when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were making fun of him, Sid came out and literally stated that “You are half the man that I am, and I have half the brain that you do.” This had Hall and Nash almost in tears in the ring as Sid really made fun of himself and not on purpose. So while Sid is not really stupid, he just can’t talk very well. Still I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. Here is the video of that segment, it is worth a watch.

Scott Steiner did graduate from the University of Michigan, but again his interview skills are just not up to par. However, he is really no idiot. Though, his actions as of late people may think otherwise. As it was said that he was banned from attending the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this past year after Hulk Hogan’s wife accused him of threatening to kill Hogan at a San Jose airport. So maybe in fact, he is an idiot. However, his brother Rick Steiner graduated from Michigan with a ricksteiner Bachelors degree in Education. Steiner in the early to mid stages of his career was billed as a well let’s call it a “not so bright” individual. He wore mismatched shoes, and did not really know how to speak very well. He even created his own little drawing on his hand that he spoke to named Alex. In real life, Steiner, with a B.A. in Education from Michigan currently is a member of the Cherokee County School Board, and also owns and operates his own real estate company. So Rick Steiner is no moron. He is in fact a very intellectual human being. I assume that he and Alex are no longer friends, but who knows, maybe he is his partner in real estate.

George the Animal Steele was portrayed by William Myers, who could not speak, and ran around with georgesteelehis hand in the air chasing people yelling YOU, YOU, YOU. His best friend was a stuffed animal that he called “Mine” so on television, Steele was probably dumber than a box of rocks. However, Myers is a very smart guy. He graduated with a bachelors degree in science from Michigan State University, and then got his Masters degree from Central Michigan University. He became a teacher, and a college professor in psychology.  He was also a prominent football coach and is a member of Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame. Bet you never knew that!


Blaine from West Virginia asks about the Undertaker II

Who was the second Undertaker that Ted Dibiase brought in and then face the real Undertaker at Summerslam?  


Let’s do a little history lesson before I answer your question. If you recall, the Undertaker rose from the dead I guess you could say back at the Royal Rumble 1994. Later that summer, Ted Dibiase claimed that he has found the Undertaker and will be returning him to the WWE. Dibiase was the one who broughtbrianlee the real Undertaker to the WWE back at Survivor Series 1990, so it was only fitting that he had what it took to bring the Undertaker back to life so to say. He debuted the Undertaker on an edition of Shawn Michaels show, the Heartbreak Hotel. Out came a man who appeared to be the Undertaker, who was portrayed as Brian Lee. Lee was a mainstay for Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling, where he was a two time SMW World Champion. After about a month, Paul Bearer revealed that this was not the Undertaker, and his Undertaker would face Dibiase’s Undertaker at Summerslam 94. The match took place and was won by the Undertaker.. well Paul Bearer’s Undertaker. Lee, the UnderFAKER was taken out in the back in a coffin, then was never heard from again in the WWE. Lee was also a member of the Disciples of Apocalypse with Crush during the attitude era.

Gary from Montgomery AL wants to know about wrestling twins

I know of a couple, but how many wrestler look a likes are out there in the celebrity world?


Well hopefully I can shed some light on a couple of new ones to your list. Here is what I have come up with, and I will put some photos to help with comparing. First, one that I have already listed a top is Jeff Jarrett and Gordon Ramsay. I always thought these two looked alike. Jarrett who is a multiple time jerichoramsyWorld Champion in WCW and TNA, while Ramsay is the host of many reality shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, and Hotel Hell. Speaking of Ramsay, he also resembles another former WWE superstar in Chris Jericho. Just look at the similarities between these two guys.

So who else will make this list? There are several other cenawahlbergsuperstars that really resemble some celebrities. I won’t name them all, but will put the best in my opinion on here. Lets star with Captain obvious with Fifteen time WWE Champion John Cena and his celebrity twin Mark Wahlberg. If you think about it, these two actually come from the same mold. Both are from the Boston area, and both have that Massachusetts accent. I would be surprised, Gary if this was not on the list.

Another one that was easy and I have always thought of being look a likes, are former WWE Champion edgewerthEdge and his twin Jayson Werth, who plays right field for the Washington Nationals. This photo is one of many, and shows them with short hair, but they also have many photos of them with long hair as well. Here is one for you that may shock you a litttle bit, but I can see the similarities. How about the Best there hartosbourneis, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, Bret “Hitman” Hart, albeit he is aged in this photo, but doesnt he eerily look a lot like rock and roll legend Ozzy Osbourne? Interestingly, Osbourne did appear at Wrestlemania II, when he was the guest manager of the British Bulldogs. This is the one that I thought was the most humorous out of the bunch.

And the last one that I will add to the list is Virgil and Don Cheadle. When I saw Cheadle in the movie virgildoncheadleCrash, the first thing I thought was that was freaking Virgil, and he changed his name, and went into acting. Well son of a bitch. Just take a look for yourself and you decide. Which one of these do you think is the best, do you have any others? Comment below with your ideas.

Mitch from Cobb County Ga.

It is quite obvious that John Cena has been the face of the WWE for quite some time now despite what they say on TV. Who is the WWE grooming to be the next true face of the WWE, and will Cena eventually pass the torch to that wrestler?

Honestly Mitch, I don’t think the WWE knows who they are grooming to be the next top star in the WWE. I would most definitely agree with you that Cena has to be considered to be the face of the organization at least for the past ten years, and you could make an argument for longer. He is a 15 time WWE champion, United States Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and he is making sweet love to Nikki Bella on a regular basis. How much better can it get? In my opinion however, I think the WWE is experimenting with who the next face is going to be. They had an idea with Roman Reigns, but I think they got a little nervous when the fans all of a sudden turned on him. They are running with Seth Rollins right now, but his first championship run has not been something to be proud of. Then you have Dean Ambrose, who is a wild card here as he has what it takes to lead the WWE into the next generation. You also have guys like Dolph Ziggler, and while he has been established, he is still young enough to make a significant run. You have guys in NXT like Neville, Finn Balor, just to name a few that still could be up and coming superstars. While I like Samoa Joe in NXT, I don’t think he has what it takes to lead the WWE in the future. I know that Vince had some high hopes for a singles career with Cesaro as well, so that could still be a possibility.

Which leads me to your other question, will Cena put Mr X over? I would absolutely think that he would. Probably culminating at a future Wrestlemania where Cena will put over someone to make them the new true face of the company.

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