June 30, 2015 Stephan 1

Welcome back wrestling fans to another round of questions by you the fans on the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. This week, you the fans have asked questions about how much of an […]

Movies / TV

Movie Review: Cube (1997)

June 29, 2015 David Snipes 0

I’d never heard of this movie when it came out, but I have seen it time and time again on the underrated horror movie lists. It came on one of my movie channels, so I […]


Coach vs Player: Chicken or Egg

June 28, 2015 David Snipes 0

CHICKEN OR THE EGG IS IT THE COACH OR THE PLAYER WHICH MAKES THE OTHER? I’m always reading and hearing a particular undercurrent in sports talk that generally makes for great banter back and forth. […]


Breakdown of the Triangle Offense

June 27, 2015 Guest Writer 0

Breakdown of the Triangle Offense We’re hearing about the triangle offense again as the Lakers face the Nuggets in the NBA Western Conference finals. The triangle triple post offense — more commonly referred to as […]


Yuki Nakai: Warrior Spirit

June 27, 2015 Collin 0

Yuki Nakai: Warrior Spirit  Yuki Nakai is now relatively unknown among MMA fans.  In fact, he really was never too well known among MMA fans, as he only had a mere 7 matches, and even […]


2015 NBA Draft Diary

June 26, 2015 David Snipes 2

I love the Draft. As I told a friend of mine who was wondering why anyone could care about any draft. I simply think that the draft is the only way that mid-major and small […]


In my Damn Opinion: ROH vs TNA

June 26, 2015 Stephan 5

Wrestling fans its me again Eric Asafailo, and this is my damn opinion. This week I will discuss my opinion on WWE House shows as well as the talent pool in both Ring of Honor […]


Pre-NBA Draft Thoughts

June 25, 2015 David Snipes 0

Pre-NBA Draft Thoughts Lets say you are the Wolves. And you get a phone call. Player X has just signed for 4 years 40 Mill a year, but he just slept with the owners daughter […]


Wrestling Roundtable

June 25, 2015 Stephan 4

It Thursday, and that only means one thing. No not the day before Friday. It’s the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, the panel is going to throw you a curve ball, as we discuss some former […]


WTF 6/24, Charleston happened… and?

June 24, 2015 Joe Cantiello 0

Ya’ll know about the horrendous shooting and murders down in Charleston, South Carolina… yep… another mass shooting and killing. I’m not going to get into the wheres and withals of what went down and what […]