The NBA Finals

Warriors Cavs

After seemingly 10 months, its finally down to two teams! The NBA Finals will either give the Warriors their first title since Nixon, or give Cleveland their first title ever with the hometown boy! Its MVP vs the best player in the game! It’s a guy who doesn’t coach vs a team who is showing coaching matters!

Cleveland FinalsPicking Cleveland:

Earl: Cavs in 6 games. Yes I know the Warriors and Steph Curry feel like the favorites on these Finals but I’m going with LeBron here. This would be his fifth consecutive NBA Finals and although he’s playing with guys who’s never been this far, I feel his experience will help carry the day.

Bill: CLE in 6

João: Cavaliers in 7. I know the Warriors are a more favorite pick right now for most pundits and fans out there, but just hear me out for a second. Yes, the Warriors led the regular season, they have home court advantage and this season’s MVP in Steph Curry. Yes, the Cavaliers are without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving’s status seems to be pretty much up in the air. But the Cavaliers have other players who have been able to step up: JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Matt Dellavedova and the dominant interior presence of Tristan Thompson. Thompson and Mozgov add muscle inside that the Cavaliers will not be able to match. Plus the Warriors lack someone who can act as Jimmy Butler in defending LeBron James. The Warriors will also have some nights in which they will go cold from beyond the arc and LeBron’s championship experience will prevail here.

Picking The WarriorsWarriors come out and play

Steve: Warriors over Cavs in 5 games. This is what I said at the start, and I am not wavering off of it. Cleveland is too beat up to contend with Golden State and their high powered offense. I give Cleveland one game out of pure respect for LeBron, but that is it. This will be a short series. Steph Curry will be the Finals MVP

David: The Warriors will defeat the Lebronnonites in the NBA Finals.


1) Health. The Cavs has not faced a 100% team in these playoffs, The Celtics, the Bulls have both been shadows of their former selves, and the Hawks were a medical ward. and even with Love being down, the Cavs still Irving a little dinged. The Warriors are about as healthy as a Finals team can be, with Curry being OK after headbutting the floor.

2) JR Smith is your third best player. Think about that. LeBron has had Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as his tag team partners the past few years, now he has JR Smith and Irving  – even Mike Miller has deteriorated to the point he can’t get the splinters out of his rear end. That ain’t Pat Riley- or his clone standing there on the bench either, you have the NBA Coaching equivalent of Chris Webber over there. Can you trust Kyrie?

3) The Warriors has won 44 of 47 times they have hit the floor in San Fran. They have one of the best home court advantages in sports, and there won’t be many tickets for any Cavs fans trying to sneak in. Even with the Finals dumping the 2-3-2 format, that is still a massive advantage.

Also; Joao and David are midway through working on a Barstool on this very topic, we should be posting that before game one!

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  1. I am no big NBA expert… but I can read and I do read a lot… everything I read from all the so-called experts seem to point to the Warriors being better than the Cavs, or equal to the Cavs, in every aspect of the game (including coaching) except when it comes to LeBron… simple fact is that most say the Warriors can’t and won’t stop LeBron… so, they won’t. They will simply out play the Cavs in all the others aspects of the game.

    So many pundits are picking the Warriors.

    Add to the fact that I just don’t like LeBron… I won’t get into why but I just don’t. Suffice it to say, in my opinion, he ain’t no Michael Jordan.

    So, all in all you’d think it would be real easy to pick the Warriors in maybe 6 to take out the Cavs…

    But then… I never thought the Cavs would get this far… in fact, I didn’t think they would even make the playoffs back when the season was two weeks old… but here they are…

    My brain is taking the Warriors in 6 but I can’t help feeling that somehow the sumnabeetch will pull that damn magic rabbit out of the hat and the Cavs take it all in 7.

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