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Welcome back Wrestling Fans to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. We all hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. We have a lot of fun stuff to discuss this week.

Let’s start as always with the Power Rankings.

1. Dean Ambrose- the lunatic gets his opportunity at Elimination Chamber to win WWE gold.

2. Seth Rollins- Tried to pull one over on Ambrose, and that may just cost him his title.

3. John Cena- The United States Champion has his work cut out for him against Kevin Owens.

4. Roman Reigns- Reigns staying in the mix of things still battling with the WWE Champion.

5. Rusev-  Backto his winning ways, and back in the Power Rankings.

This week in professional wrestling. 

1999- Owen Hart tragically was killed at the Over the Edge Pay Per View event. Owen fell almost 75 feet from the ceiling of Kemper Arena in Kansas City Mo. His harness to lower him down to the ring released sending him to his death. The following night, the WWE paid tribute to Owen on Raw. RIP Owen Hart.

The WWE held a In Your House Pay Per View called Beware of Dog. During the broadcast, the arena lost power when lightning struck the TV cable truck, which also lost millions of subscribers who purchased the event on Pay-Per-View. The WWE held a second even the next night, free to all PPV subscribers and called it In Your House Beware of Dog 2.

Ted Dibase revealed that he has brought back the Undertaker just months after The Undertaker rose from the coffin at the Royal Rumble 1994. (PSSST, there is a question on #ask7pound this Tuesday on this as well)


Here are the questions this week. 


Samoa Joe recently debuted at NXT TAKEOVER and setup a feud between himself and Kevin Owens. What are your feelings on this feud?

Steve: I think that it will prove to be an amazing feud. Both about the same size, and about the same style of wrestling/brawling. I could see some mega matches between these two over the next couple of months, and quite possibly making the way into the main roster in the WWE.

Eric: We recently saw the NXT television debut of Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe has been a very established name, not only on the independent scene but also in other major organizations such as ROH and TNA. To see him debut in the WWE like that and automatically started feuding with Kevin Owens. I think both of these guys are a point in their career where this feud is going to be amazing. You have two guys who started on the independent scene and became big names and now are going to have a feud. I think when it finally happens and we see these guys go one on one, we are in for a treat. Both men will put on an amazing performance and we will see a classic once these two square off. WWE two thumbs up on this feud!!

Josh: This is the perfect feud to start Samoa Joe.  Look for Joe to win the title, and Owens to start showing on the main roster.  Joe and Owens are similar builds, and similar careers, finally getting the shot at the big time.  I am really excited for the matchup between them, and even more excited for both men to debut on the main roster and start feuds with some of WWE’s best.  I would love seeing Owens vs Bray Wyatt, or Samoa Joe vs Cena (likewise Owens vs. Cena this weekend will be fantastic).  All in all, great feud, great way to start Joe’s WWE tenure.

Chad: Owens vs Joe is a matchup I have been looking forward to ever since the rumors of Joe coming to WWE started up. They’re both impressive athletes and can go in the ring evident by their successes in other promotion most notably Ring of Honor.


Elimination Chamber is this Sunday on the WWE network. (for just $9.99)We know the participants in both Chamber matches, make your prediction on who wins those matches.

Steve: I like the Lucha Dragons to take the tag team championship in the first ever tag team Elimination chamber match. I will take Sheamus to take the Intercontinental Championship in the Intercontinental championship match.

Eric: The Elimination Chamber is this Sunday on the WWE network for  $9.99. There will be two Elimination Chamber matches on the card. One for the WWE Intercontinental championship and one for the WWE Tag Team titles. My predictions for those two matches go as followed: For the WWE Intercontinental championship, my prediction is Sheamus. He’s got the most to gain from this. He has come back to the WWE as a heel and I think if he wants to get over even more as a heel, the need to put the Intercontinental title on him. Once they do that they can continue to build him up as a heel in the WWE and he can have some major feuds for that championship. Now for the Tag Team titles. I gotta go with the Prime Time Playas. I really want to see the Lucha Dragons win, and I think they will be tag team champions eventually. I just don’t think it is their time yet to be WWE Tag Team champions. The Prime Time Playas are the dark course in this match and could be finally time they get their well deserved push and win the tag team titles.

Josh: For the tag titles, I like the New Day to Retain….as much as it pains me to say it, they are INCREDIBLY over as heels.  I would not have thought that possible.  But I look for them to retain as I don’t see taking the titles off this early.  Although if they are eliminated, I see Prime Time Players as the most likely candidates for the win.   As far as the IC title goes, most people are going with Seamus, as it seems a spoiler was released by mistake, however, I can see WWE throwing us a swerve here, and look for Ryback to pick up his first title.  I know it is a long shot, but the guy has tremendously improved, and it would be a worthwhile investment to see what he can do with a title.

Chad:  IC- I’ll go with Sheamus to get the heel victory to start a run with the title for the Summer; Fella!

Tag- My heart says the Lucha Dragons but my wallet says a New Day

Dan from Toronto, OH asked:

If you could bring any one wrestler back, (alive or dead) who would it be and how would you book them?

Steve: Good Question. What I will say may surprise you a little bit. I bring back Rowdy Roddy Pambroseiper and put him in a team with Dean Ambrose. I see alot of Piper in Ambrose back in his prime, and I think they can compliment each other very well. Both were a little unhinged, and both had some awesome talent in the ring, and on the mic. You could make for a very entertaining segment with these two.

Eric: Great question Dan from Toronto. I thought about this question long and hard. There are many great choices both alive and dead. Alive I could have gone with Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or even Ken Shamrock. Then there is the deceased category. I thought about British Bulldog, Brianeddie Pillman, Owen Hart and even Chris Benoit (might catch hell for the last two choices) After thinking about this for awhile I have come to the conclusion that I would bring back Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was a wonderful talent and he had it all. Hell this is the man who mad Chavo Guerrero interesting enough to see because he had Eddie with him. Eddie was definitely taken way too soon from this world. If he was alive today, I might have him down in NXT, not as a downgrade but as a chance for him to help build the younger talent up and have him show them how it is done to become a true master of the ring. I think Eddie would have been the perfect candidate for that. Also could you imagine Eddie vs Seth Rollins or Sami Zayn or Neville just to name a few. Those matches are now just dreams matches, but we can always imagine how great it would have been to see Eddie vs the up and coming stars of today.

Josh: If I could bring back any wrestler, living or dead?  Easy, Macho Man, Randy Savage.  The work that man could do today…feud / Mega Powers type team with John Cena, although to book his return, I would have him feud with King Barret, moving on from him to challenge for the IC title.  He would then drop the IC title at Survivor Series to Bray Wyatt (that match would be amazing), win the Royal Rumble and beat Cena for the WWE title at WrestleMania…You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be a year of wrestling that would be worth seeing.

Chad: If I could bring anybody back to the WWE right I think

I would bring Devon Dudley back in a manager role for the devonNew Day to give them that veteran presence and to play off of the Reverend D’Von gimmick he had back at the Brand Extension.

Joe from San Diego, CA asked:

Who on the NXT roster (if anyone) do you believe is the next major big name in WWE?

Steve: I hate to say it and I am ashamed to say that I don’t watch NXT very often. I do read about it, but Iowens never seem to have time to watch it on the Network. However, that being said, I know enough about this show to answer this question. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin Owens has what it takes to be a  major name in the WWE main roster. He has already made a name for himself and already has a Pay Per View match against arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time. The sky is the limit for Owens, and only time will tell to see what the WWE does with him.

Eric: The NXT roster has many great young talent on it who are ready for their chance to shine. If I had to pick the next big star out of there. I have two choices. First of all there is Kevin Owens. This man is no rookie. He has been busting his ass in the business for almost 15 years. Kevin Owens is a great talent finnand can do things most bigger guys can’t do. He can also cut a hell of a promo. I think he will be a future WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION one day. My other pick, Finn Balor. This man is one of the best talents I have seen in a long time. He has the look, the moves and the ability to make any match a can’t miss. A man who learned his craft outside of the United States, Finn Balor can move and fly in that ring. I would love to see him make his main roster debut and answer John Cena US open challenge and pin Cena. Think about, Cena issues the challenge, and out walks Finn Balor full body paint and all. The crowd would eat it up like pancakes!! money

Josh: Most are going to say, and rightfully so, Kevin Owens, and they are right, the guy has it.  I am going a little different here.  I watched NXT Takeover and was INCREDIBLY impressed by “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze.  Don’t get me wrong, Balor is amazing, and the day he makes his roster debut, the place is going to pop.  But with Breeze, this is a guy, like Jericho, or Michaels, or HHH, who may not ever be “THE GUY”  but the man has the talent to be in the business for a VERY long time.  He is the guy who the faces will beat to win the title.  He is the guy constantly keeping the faces from their goals.

Chad: I really have to believe that even with the exposure some guys got in a recent E:60 presentation from ESPN. I honestly have to say it’s Kevin Owens for his experience and the way he is being positioned getting to Cena on Monday Night Raw.


How do you feel about the WWE putting Lana with Dolph Ziggler? Good, Bad or don’t really care?

Steve: Its a good way to start a decent feud with Rusev and Dolph Ziggler, so I don’t mind this. It accomplishes two things for the WWE for what they were wanting to do. First, Lana turning face and getting away from Rusev. This is a great opportunity to do that, and also gives Rusev another feud with a top performer not named John Cena and it does not ruin his name by putting him in a feud with someone who is lower in the card, that could bury his character. So it makes sense for this to happen.

Eric: So Lana has dumped Rusev and is now messing around with Dolph Ziggler. One thing we must remember wrestling fans is that professional wrestling is a soap opera at times and this is the proof right here. A man dumps his girlfriend and the girlfriend finds a new man. We have seen this story line played out several times over the years. Too me, I could care less about it. Is it nice to see Lana on tv, absolutely. Do I care who she is dating? No, it’s just another story to tell. This story just doesn’t have any interest to me.

Josh: Don’t really care on this one.  I think she was better with Rusev, and I don’t think Ziggler needs the rub right now, but WWE does, what WWE does.  I will tell you this though, Rusev MUST come out of this feud on top.  If Rusev loses, even through shenanigans, ANY momentum of his is gone, and he will be relegated to permanent midcard status.  Lana will survive, Ziggler will survive, but Rusev is in a very precarious position right now, and cannot afford a loss.

Chad:  To me I’m pretty indifferent on this right now to me I just don’t Ziggler/Lana being something that lasts. Once it has chance to get the full limelight we will see but right now I’m not sold one way or the other

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