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Every day I pick up my New York Daily News and I wind up reading about violence in one form or another… street gangs killing each other… and innocent bystanders… bullies in school and in politics… war… cop brutality … peeps just killing other peeps for all sorts of crazy rationales… ya’ll name it. Just one day I would like to pick up the paper and see… no bullies… no violence…

joe11) Last Thursday (5/21) New Jersey governor Chris Christie cried the blues and called out the media for using a double standard on prospective 2016 Republican candidates… and moaned that he was the most vilified of them all.

On CNBC’s “Squawk Box” he said, “I do believe there is an absolute bias and a rush to judgment. I mean, I was guilty, I was guilty.”

He was, at that moment, talking about a September 2013 incident… the Bridgegate scandal… where several lanes of traffic on the George Washington Bridge were shut down as a punishment to a local politico who had failed to back Christie in his last election campaign. Christie was never found to have been directly involved.

Chris Christie
Chris Christie

Christie was using that as an example how he gets treated by the media in comparison to how Hillary Clinton has been treated since it was revealed that she deleted thousands of personal emails that many think contained official business during her tenure as secretary of state.

Christie asked, “Can you imagine if it were me who deleted my emails. If I had come out the day after the Bridgegate thing was announced and said, ‘By the way all my emails are on the private server and I deleted a whole bunch of them and I destroyed the server but you need to take my word for it, the emails had nothing to do with the bridge stuff,” Christie said. “Can you image what the reaction would have been? Yet today we don’t even talk about the email situation with Secretary Clinton anymore.”

Now, I’m not exactly sure what he means here because I have read many articles that have lambasted Clinton for what she did with those emails as well as many other actions she did while she was the Secretary of State. A lot of them have not been overly kind. Some of them sorta kinda disrespectful all depending on how ya’ll might wanna take them.

For the most part she seems to have taken whatever she gets with a decent measure of tact and calmness. I don’t recall her ever losing her temper o getting overly flustered when answering media questions that have been posed to her. She might stonewall a tad but never with any heat or disrespect that I am aware.

In other words I have never seen or heard of her acting the part of the bully.

Which is something Christie does with regularity…

Case in point…. At a recent event… the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club dinner… during which reporters satirize the government they cover in skits and songs, Christie during his turn at the podium told a member of the press to “open your eyes,” and “clean the shit out of your ears,” as well as telling the dude to “get the fuck away from me.”

A Christie spokesman said the Republican leader’s put-downs were clearly meant “in jest and parody.”

I’m not so sure…

Like there are times when certain peeps made comments that he thought were opposed to his way of thinking… and he acted in rudely and like a spoiled brat… like a former governor who was stripped of police security at public events; a Rutgers professor who lost state financing for cherished programs; a state senator whose candidate for a judgeship suddenly stalled; another senator who was disinvited from an event with the governor in his own district.

Or, like the time he was at the Jersey boardwalk and some dude challenged him on the lack of real progress in helping people get the aid they needed to help them rebuild their lives after super storm Sandy… he told the guy to “keep walking” and then when the dude suggested meeting him over lunch… Christie said something to the effect of yeah pal…you’d be the last guy on earth I would sit down and have a talk.

Or, his habit of mocking the press and others who question him, his policies, or his actions; of punishing even trivial acts of rebellion or disagreement with rude, demonstrative, contentious and threatening words or behavior.

In simple language… maybe he perceives the media treating him differently and more harshly than other potential candidates because he treats them so damn harshly…

So, why in the hell should they be “kind” to him?

But, the truth in my estimation?

He acts the part of the bully more often than not with his loud and bombastic posturing and in my experience most bullies always have some sort of persecution complex… why is everybody always picking on me? I’m just a nice guy telling it like it is and being straight.

Just a suggestion… ya catch more flies with honey than ya’ll do with piss and vinegar…

2) Recently, I heard about this story that McDonalds allegedly has a new policy which is preventing customers from buying food for homeless people.

Evidence tells me that the new policy doesn’t exist.

Evidence also tells me that a certain United Kingdom McDonald’s does have that policy.

Daniel Jackson, a landscaper, was almost denied service at a McDonald’s in Manchester because he was wearing dirty clothes and he “looked homeless.” Jackson told Manchester Evening News that he hadn’t had something to eat since breakfast so he figured he get a bite at McDonald’s. Problem was he had just gotten off from work and was wearing “scruffy clothes” because he had been working outside all day doing landscape work. And the manager at the MacDonald’s where he went said he wasn’t going to serve Jackson because he looked homeless and the restaurant had a zero tolerance policy on serving homeless people.

Manchester MacDonalds
Manchester MacDonald’s

Then same Mickey Ds… a 19-year-old girl named Charlotte Farrow tried to get a homeless guy who she saw on her walk to work something to eat and she was told that it was their policy not to serve homeless people.

When questioned by the Manchester Evening News, McDonalds apologized for the humiliating ordeals but insisted that this was not an official company policy.

No word on what action MacDonald’s did to make sure that franchise in Manchester ceases to do what it appears it is doing.

Hopefully, some ass of an idiot got his butt fired…

To think that some poor person gets dealt a piss poor hand in life and when they try to get a bite to eat someone has the audacity to say sorry we don’t serve people of your ilk.

One, its freaking MacDonald’s… not some five star restaurant…

Two, it completely victimizes homeless people.

Three, if somebody has the money in hand and they want to buy a meal then they should be sold the meal.



Just another form of bullying… feeling, oh, so damn righteous and omnipotent… at least in his sad little corner of the world where he’s the manager of a freaking Mickey Ds.

Piece of advice… the same people you abuse on your way up… you meet with, on your way down…

3) Vice President Biden made a phone call to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi in an attempt to mend a rift that evidently was created when Secretary of Defense Ash Carter…among others… blamed Iraq’s military for fleeing previously held territory despite vastly outnumbering ISIS terrorists.

Biden’s call, publicized by the White House, is said to have told the Prime Minister that the Iraqi military has acted with “enormous sacrifice and bravery” and reiterated the U.S.’s support for Iraq in the fight against ISIS.

Ash Carter
Ash Carter

Biden’s intercession was prompted because after SecDef Carter said what he said about the Iraqi forces, a big wig Iraqi accused Carter of having “incorrect information,” and the big cheese of Iran’s elite Quds forces accused the U.S. of not doing a “damn thing,” to stop the ISIS.

This is what he… Carter… said to CNN… “What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered. In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight, they withdrew from the site, and that says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis to fight ISIL (aka ISIS) and defend themselves.”

“We can give them training, we can give them equipment… we obviously can’t give them the will to fight. But if we give them training, we give them equipment, and give them support, and give them some time, I hope they will develop the will to fight, because only if they fight can ISIL remain defeated.”

And ya know what? The SecDef is freaking correct. We going into the Middle East and exerting all the force that we can is not gonna work… the countries being threatened with te outrage called ISIS… or ISIL… needs to be the ones to eradicate the terrorists.

We can bomb the terrorists back to the Stone Age and all it will ever do is… once the smoke has cleared and we have left the scene… is fallow the terrorists to just lick their wounds, regroup and revive themselves and step right back into the vacuum that exists. And if we return all it will accomplish is us getting stuck in the Big Muddy one more time.

The countries that are threatened need to step up to the ultimate bullies and they need to say stop it; it ends here… enough… get the fuck out and don’t come back because we will kick your ever loving ass.

Personally… I don’t see that really happening right now, so, I gotta say… Carter are simply telling the truth and the Iraqis, among others over there, need to take heed. Instead of crying the blues…

4) Graphic designer student Johanna Burai, from Stockholm, Sweden, launched World White Web as a project to bring attention to the norm of whiteness online.

Burai wrote on her portfolio website, “This work started when I searched for ‘hand’ on Google and the search results showed only white hands. Then I noticed that the themes of white hands were recurring every time I visited a portfolio or blog about graphic design.”

I have brought this issue up some time ago when I once wrote that the internet search engines were racist…

I edit another column for this website that appears every Thursday… MLBRT…

Every week I come up with five baseball questions and three guys plus myself provide answers and opinions about the posed questions. One of the contributors was not able to give his input for a week or two due to his being on vacation… so… I thought in place of his answers I would just put a figure off the internet that had someone in a beach chair on some tropical sandy beach with his hand out grasping an umbrella drink.

The person is black…

When I posed the question for what I wanted to my search engine, all I got were white images… either real or cartoons that were white peeps holding onto the umbrella drinks.

So, I said… okay… I’ll include the fact I want a black person holding the drink into my query…

I mostly got back the same white images, but, when the images did depict black people… they showed black folks doing mostly triple X-rated and things totally unrelated to what I wanted.

I declared that the internet was racist…

So, I actually welcome and applaud Burai’s campaign to add more diverse images featuring people of color in internet searches… just wonder how successful the campaign is gonna be.

I got my eye on this one…

5) What the damn fuck is going on down in Baltimore?

News article I read the other day reported that “At least 28 people were shot over Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore, nine of them fatally, marking a record-breaking month of violence in the embattled city…”

Dozens are murdered In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray.
Dozens are murdered In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the shootings capped off the surge of crime over the 3-day weekend, adding to Baltimore’s deadliest month since 1999.

The total as of the article I read… 35 homicides just in May, and 108 homicides since New Year’s Day.

This is all compounded by the fact Baltimore is still feeling the effects of the riots that happened after the Death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

The dramatic uptick in the violence led some folks to take to the streets of Baltimore in peaceful protest.

One activist marcher told the Baltimore Sun, “Today, we are making a unified stand together… one city, one people… against all violence in this city. All forms of violence in our community are wrong.”

Amen to that and damn straight…stop

Why violence happens is multi-pronged monster that needs tackling… but… I’ll tell one thing… a big reason why there is this type of violence that is going down in cities like Baltimore… it’s not the only reason… not by a log shot but it is a big part of why it happens… economic inequality.

This is not to say we need to be giving out handouts to every Jill and Joe running up and down the block but we do need to find a way to create jobs… meaningful jobs… that provide living wages for those who want them.

And, I bet dollars to doughnuts most of these caught in lives overwhelmed with violence because of feeling entrapped in a futile inescapable fate of destitution and hopelessness do want another answer out of their malaise.

They just want one thing they can hold onto… is that too much to offer them?

nyu_tisch_robert_de_niro6) Did anyone catch the video of double Oscar-winner Robert DeNiro’s commencement speech ( to NYU’s Tisch School of Arts school grads? When he told them “You’re fucked….”

I really got nothing to add… he says it all in the video…

Just check it out… it’s some damn good advice for anyone who wants to listen….

7) Check this picture out…


Jon Black, owner of Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle shop in Cape Coral, and Capt. Ben Chancey were filming a spot for the online fishing show “Chew On This” and were trying to land a big catch while on the tiny one person kayak. This is what they caught…

The two men believe they set the record for the largest fish caught on a kayak. They measured it at 83 inches long and more than 73 inches in girth and estimate it weighed 552 pounds.

The mother of all fish fries about to go down, right?


It was returned to the water.

8) File this under… It must be nice to have money…

Wang Sicong, the 27-year-old son of Wang Jianlin, whose fortune is estimated at $34 billion, posted pictures of his dog wearing two watches on his front paws.watch28n-1-web

No not that $25 dollar Timex kind of watch ya can find in places like CVS… but two Apple gold watches that cost between $10,000 and $17,000.

The rich mutt… Sicong, not the dog… posted the picture of the dog wearing the atches wit hthe words… “I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too tuhao (Chinese term for rich people who are uncultured) so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?”

This why some of us get a tad pissed off with rich peeps… damn freaking tuhao bastard.

9) another picture from a post from Facebook by my friend Dan…


Just gotta ask… yeah, why doesn’t someone do that?

10) Shianne Norman spoke at the sentencing of the two pukes who were the cause of her young son being shot to death… the result of two gangs trading fire…390-morgan-0527

This is… through her tears… what she had to say… “My son, Lloyd Christopher Morgan Jr., would have been somebody. And they took that away from me. I took him outside to play, and I never brung my son back home. My son never lost any teeth. My son didn’t get to go to kindergarten.

“Today is my son’s birthday. Chris would have been 7 today and instead of my family yesterday throwing a barbecue, and bringing in the summer, having Memorial Day, I did nothing, but think about this day right here… how I was going to have to make an impact statement to people, to two men who I don’t even think give two damns about the fact that they took my son’s life.”

One puke was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter as part of a plea deal negotiated in April. His fellow gang member got 8 years for criminal possession of a weapon.

Sounds fair…


Young boy’s life gone… 20 years for a life? 8 years for a life?

They get to live, eventually get free from jail… a young boy’s life gone…

Sounds fair while a mom is living a sentence of pain and loss that will last forever in one form or another… Right?


Let’s Stop the Violence…

NOW! Damn it…

Sorry, no gratuitous pictures this week…

Another thousand words…


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  1. Bullies are everywhere, not just on school playgrounds on in Governor’s Offices. They run McDonald’s franchises, train police in lawkeeping and riot control, and lead inexperienced and unaware Reserve troops against those protesting violence.

    There is no room in the mind of a bully to acknowledge to himself or herself — or to others — that he or she is a bully. His or her bullying actions can, of course, be fully justified. A bully will protest being unfairly treated while being escorted to the Principal’s Office or the prisoner’s dock,

    The main weapon of a bully is violence or the threat of violence. Ridding the world of bullies will not solve all its problems. But it might clear out some of the underbrush which would help address some of the underlying problems which lead to violence.

  2. As I may have alluded to or mentioned in one of my blogs, my mother was hospitalized not too long ago. Anyway, after a day sitting at her bed side I stopped at a McDonald’s on the way home. In the drive thru a homeless man asked me for a dollar. Asked the man if he was hungry and said yeah. Bought him a burger off the $1 menu and handed him a $1. If someone from that McDonald’s had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t buy that man food, I’d have ended up in jail that night. What an insensitive backwards ass policy.

  3. I would guess almost all violence that is committed is done by a person exhibiting some form of being a bully in one fashion or another…

  4. ya know what? … if that were to ever happen to me… I’d probably be in jail right alongside of ya.

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