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The Conference Finals are upon us, and they are also almost over, as it appears that the Hawks and Rockets are about to set their Golf dates. Here to talk about it are the panelists on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week.


Sunday night, Al Horford was ejected after receiving a flagrant two after apparently hitting Matthew Delladedova in the head. Question: Was this a flagrant two, and should Horford have been ejected. 

Steve: Delladedova was all over Horford. It did appear as if he grabbed him going down in real time. I could see a flagrant one, but not a two and a ejection from the game. This is the NBA playoffs, quit whining and play the game. I know you are from Austrailia Delladedova, but seriously? Shake it off, its not like you were injured like Kevin Love.

David: I didn’t see the game, sorry. From what I’ve seen on highlights, its a bit much. This is the playoffs right?


Stemming from the ejection, Do you think that the Hawks would have defeated the Cavs, had Horford stayed in the game?

Steve: I think so, they pushed it to Overtime on the road in Cleveland. Horford had 14 points at Halftime, and assuming it still went to Overtime, he would have been able to lead the Hawks to victory. I think this is a 2-1 series if Horford is not ejected.

David: I doubt it. The Hawks have better players on the injury report than on the court.


The Timberwolves have the number one pick in this years NBA draft. Who do they select, and what time frame if any, do you give Minnesota to contend in the West as they now will have the last two number 1 picks?

Steve: Towns seems like the logical pick, however I know that the Minnesota ownership is really high on Okafor. I think they go with the smart money with Towns, and will move Okafor to the Lakers. So this would give them Wiggins and Towns, it is something to works with, but they are going to need one or two top tier players in order to compete in the West. I give this project 5 years if they continue to try and improve their team.

David: Well, lets keep in mind, the back to back picks are not exactly Duncan and LeBron, they are not Kwame Brown and the Kandi-Man either- or at least we don’t think so. I still think Oakfor is the better pro player now- Town might have more upside, but the Wolves don’t have a huge window for rookie deals. As for contending, it depends on Rubio. You need a guard to win, now more than ever.


Mitch Kupchak stated that Kobe Bryant indicated to him that this was his last season. Do you buy in to what Kuchak says?

Steve: I don’t know and I don’t care. I have never been a fan of Kobe Bryant, and I have a feeling that until he does retire, we will be having this same conversation every single year until it happens. I would hope that Kobe does hang it up though since he has been non existent for the past two years. It may just ruin whatever legacy that he has.

David: Kobe will play as long as it matters to him. I don’t expect him to go ring-hunting, but if the Lakers can contend, he will play, if not- then he walks.


After pushing the Warriors to the limit in Golden State in Games 1 and 2, then going home with a little momentum, and get beat by 35 points. What do you attribute to the Rockets falling flat in Game 3?

Steve: The Rockets just are not that good. They are far overmatched by a much better Golden State Warriors team. It is proof in the pudding that Curry deserved the MVP over Harden.

David: Dwight still not knowing how to box out? McHale not being a very good coach? Not a lot of Depth? Curry being a freakin beast? Pick one.

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