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Game of Thrones

Welcome to our Game of Thrones 5.7— “The Gift” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, so please don’t be that person.~David

FYI- Flipped the script again this week, normally I send EJ the questions, then I add my answers after he replies, this week, I answered them, then sent them to EJ.

1. Is Sam gonna have to leave the Wall? Samwell Tarly

David: Well, I thought it would give the First Ranger a chance to show he’s not all ass, in how he dealt with two would be rapists, and also a chance to name Samwise the Measter and send him to go learn. Now? Samwise has lost the moral high ground in doing the dirty with his lady. It is not revealed if Jon showed Sam all his tricks.

Earl: Yeah I think Sam is leaving the wall. He won’t be a deserter since that would cost him his head but someone has to replace Maester Aemon, so why not Sam? Clearly he can’t fight, and he won’t be able to keep Gilly safe at the wall but given the chance to leave and go to Oldtown to become a Maester would be the best thing for him and Gilly.

2. Did you think Reek was going to leave the candle? Reek


David: I hoped not. I really did. Seemed like to quick a change for Theon if he just snapped back. I do like that he found Ramsey in the room he was supposed to leave the candle, so we are not 100% sure she’s not getting through to him. I do think Sansa is on her way to figuring out she’s got to do this on her own. (Cue Laverne and Shirley theme) 

Earl: While I still think Theon is going to rediscover his inner Greyjoy, I did think it would have been too soon and too convenient for him to light the candle in the broken tower. My heart sank when he ratted out Sansa but that had to happen at this point in the story.

3. Did you see Cersi going to jail coming? Cersei


David: Yup. Soon as she pretty much got blown off by the Queen, I knew she was going to join her. Her cousin Lancel has never been much of a leader or even a smart guy, he just knows a ton- but now the High Sparrow has the tools to bring down teh crown, and doesn’t need her anymore. If Margery was broken? Then the two Queens could have walked out together under a new truce. Now? They are done for.


Earl: Well I did say some weeks ago that zealots don’t respect politics. There was no way the High Sparrow was going to keep avoiding Cersei and her indiscretions. The man had to know from day one that Cersei has her perversions but the man had to play the game while consolidating his power. He has it now and Cersei finally gets what she has coming to her. She’s outsmarted herself. Now we get to see what happens next.

4. What does Tommen do now? TOmmen


David: Whatever the High Sparrow tells him to do. You know what he needs? His uncle Tyrion. He only has Pycel really, and he is neither moral nor brilliant. Varys could have been a great help, since he can banter with the High Sparrow, and for the most part, moral, keep in mind the Romans though Eunuchs were incorruptible.

Earl: Not a damn thing. Tommen is powerless but he seems smart enough to know that he can’t sic the army on the sparrows. That won’t work. Tommen may or may not know his true origins but I’m afraid he’s about to find out that his uncle is really his father.

5. Is Bronn safe? Bronn

David: Bronn is always safe. He’s the MAN. I do think he’s traded up in ladies, the only problem is, if he leaves the toilet seat up, he’s a dead man. I do think she saved him. There is really no reason to have another poison around her neck, since it was a fairly quick mission.

Earl: Bronn is my hero and that actress playing the youngest Sand Snake has an AMAZING body. Good Lord! I know it’s a TV show but I hope Bronn gets a chance to hit that. I really do. If the writers kill off Bronn, I might have to stop watching the show. Let Bronn live!!

6. Is Jorah going to be forgiven?

David: I think Tyrion saves him. He’s not one to not pay a debt, and I think Jorah ends up being his bodyguard. Jorah will do what he is told, and Tyrion, if accepted becomes the smartest man in the capitol.
Earl: For now. Dany needs Tyrion and Jorah bringing him there was big. Not sure is Daario or Hizdar will mess it all up but it’d be best for the direction of the show to pair Jorah and Tyrion with Dany. Oh yeah, they also need to cure the man’s Greyscale. Lest we forget.

6. Who is Bealish bringing to the Queen of Thorns?Olenna Tyrell


David: I think I know. You Ready?



Think on it. The Sparrow can bring down Tommen. Gendry is the only Bratheon left by the old king. Bealish can control King’s Landing- The Queen of Thorns can be happy to haul ass out of the capital- or marry Margery to her THIRD king, and the Lannisters can wear themselves out vs the Sparrows.

Earl: You know what? I like your Gendry theory and you could really be on to something. I know the episode presents it like Lancel was the gift but I doubt Littlefinger’s plan was that simple. The sparrows already had Lancel in their midsts. I don’t think they needed Littlefinger’s intervention in making one plus one equal two.
So who do I think is Littlefinger’s gift? Jon Snow? Maybe he resisted Stannis’ overtures because he had something with Littlefinger. Plus we’ve heard a lot of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark this season and as the fan theory goes: R+L = J.
Finally, as a parting gift for this week, to keep Earl happy
GOT Tylene

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