Whats going on wrestling fans? Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, and for most of you having to return to work after a three day weekend probably sucks. But have no fear, for your reading pleasure, I am back for another round of questions and answers with #ask7pound.

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So how about a little DID YOU KNOW?

Did you know that Triple H holds the record for most Wrestlemania losses at 10? Three of those losses came from the man who holds the record for most Wrestlemania wins, The Undertaker at 22. 

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Here are the questions for this week.

Chris from St Louis asks about the Genius


Is the Genius really a poet? I knew he always started the matches as Leaping Lanny Poffo with a poem, then in interviews as the Genius, then he read a poem for Macho Man’s Hall of Fame induction speech. Just wondering if he is a real life poet or if people write these for him?

Lanny is a poet by nature, and has several published poems out in the world wide web. That was his dream to become a professional poet, but wrestling was in his blood, so he decided to use his poetry talents as part of his gimmick. He started in the WWE as Leaping Lanny Poffo, and would write a poem before every match, yes he wrote every single one of them. He would scribe them on a frisbee, and then throw the frisbee out to the fans before the match started. This was a popular gimmick and combined with some real athleticism, he was put with Mr. Perfect as his manager and partner. Then he became known as the Genius. He does hold a countout victory over Hulk Hogan on an edition of Saturday Nights Main Event.


Jerrett from Spokane Washington


Who was the weird looking guy from the Dungeon of Doom? Kevin Sullivan always called him father. That wasnt his father right?

Hell yes it was Kevin Sullivan’s father! No not really. The master of the Dungeon of Doom was known professionally as King Curtis Iaukea. He was a former WWF Tag Team champion back in the 60’s, but spent most of his career in the independent circuit. He also spent some time in the Canadian Football League. He has no relation to the WCW wrestler and former Television champion, Prince Iaukea.


Antione from Chi-Town wants to know about Billy Gunn


I don’t really know how to word this, but around Wrestlemania 15, Billy Gunn was gunning for the IC title, and Road Dogg the Hardcore title. First, why did they break up the Outlaws? Second, I know Road Dog one the IC title while Billy won the Hardcore title, so it was a complete switcharoo. Finally, why did Billy Gunn not get more of a run with the belt when he did eventually win it?

I as well found it kind of weird that Billy Gunn won the Hardcore title while Road Dogg won the Intercontinental Championship at the same time. So we are in the same boat there. Why did they break up the Outlaws? They didnt, they were still a team during this time period as part of DX, but the WWE wanted to see what each could do with a singles career. The WWE had some really high hopes for Billy Gunn and even contemplated on giving him a serious main event push. This is why they had him win the Intercontinental title from Eddie Guerrero and giving him a run with the title. They wanted to see what he could do with the belt and how he could fare against top tier wrestlers. At Armageddon, he faced off against Chris Benoit, and this was to be the key moment for Billy Gunn’s career, if he favored well against Benoit, the sky was the limit. He unfortunately did not have a great match, and his push was derailed. I guess he was not “the One”


Samoa Bo wants to know about “the other Headshrinker”


So the Headshrinkers were a pretty good tag team. Out of the Headshrinkers came Rikishi, but what ever happened to Samu?

Samu left the WWE to recover from some lingering injuries that he had sustained and that were bothering him for years. He left right after the Headshrinkers lost the WWF Tag Team Championship to Shawn Michaels and Diesel right before Summerslam 94 in Chicago. He was replaced by Sione, also known as the Barbarian. Samu then spent some time in ECW, and spent some time in the independent circuit where he is still competing today at the age of 51. He was last seen in the WWE when he and Rosey inducted the Wild Samoans to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Louis from Harrisburg PA chimes in. 


Kind of a dumb question and I know its not really what you answer typically. But how is a wrestling ring built?

Not a dumb question at all, there are never dumb questions, only dumb people…hahaha. Anyway, most rings are generally built the same way and most will have some modifications to their liking. Obviously it starts with four posts, twelve turbuckles, ropes, plywood, many 2×4’s, and some cables to help support the ring. Then you can have a canvas, or mat, some sort of padding so the ring is not rock solid. Here is a link for some ring plans for you and where you can purchase accessories if you are serious about building one.


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