UFC 187: Now What?


UFC 187: So now what?

After what many think is the best UFC card in YEARS. Not only was it a great card, it changed the landscape at the top of several divisions. Where do we go from here? Let me throw on my Joe Silva cap and see where I would be heading, if I was in the big chair. Time for UFC 187 Fallout

I’m going to go by division here.


John Dodson title fight

JD vs DJ 2.0? Yes Please
JD vs DJ 2.0?
Yes Please

Next? Dodson barely won that fight, but he won. He deserves another shot.

Zach Makovsky vs Kyoji Horiguchi

Kyoji is just coming off a title shot so lets see how good he really is. Zach barely lost to the number 1 contender. Sounds like a matchup to go with.

Joseph Benavidez vs John Lineker

I love Uncle Creepy, but we finally had someone breakup the Fantastic Flyweight Foursome. This is a pretty easy title eliminator

John Moraga vs Ian McCall

You knew we were gonna get Uncle Creepy in here, right? Loser vs Loser, two top 6 guys still. Winner gets Henry Cejudo, if he wins next month.


Donald Cerrone vs Rafael dos AnjosCowboy Cerrone

Yup. Title shot. I think Khabib should have gotten a title shot, but you get hurt, you wait in line. Cerrone is hot, popular and sounds like he’s willing to do what he’s told by UFC brass now. Khabib can play with Benson Henderson or Anthony Pettis and then get his show at Cerrone.

John Makdessi vs Ross Pearson

Makdessi is owed a solid by the UFC. Ross is a winnable fight and can get you a fight of the night bonus.


Chris Weidman

The problem here is New York. If I’m the UFC, I wait a few months to see what happens here. If I can put together an MSG card, I want Weidman vs Rockhold as the main event. If not- then I’m putting Weidman vs Jacare as the main event in Vegas or somewhere else, I can give Rockhold someone like Vitor, since there is some serious haterade there. Jacare or Luke vs Yoel Romero (if he wins vs Lyoto) would be a good co-main on the next Middleweight title defense. If Yoel loses, then slide Mousasi into that spot.
Vitor is the fun one. If I’m Dana, I want him to go back to 205. I can put him against a host of top guys that were not there when he was there. Anyone for Rampage vs Belfort as the co-main on Big Fox? If he wants to stay at 185, then he has to wait for the Romero/Lyoto fight and face the loser. I’m really wanting to see him at 205 though. Vitor vs Manuwa or OSP can really put some eyeballs on the guy that retires him.

Weidman vs Rochhold (if NY) or Jacare (if elsewhere)
Yoel/Mousasi vs the other one.

Light Heavyweight

Daniel Cormier
Did you know Bader is number 4 in the rankings? Ouch. Did you also know he’s the only 205er with 3 wins in a row in the UFC? I don’t think Cormier is a draw, but I know Bader isn’t. Lets see what pull DC has while people pile into 205 now that the King is gone for a while.

Daniel Cormier vs Ryan Bader

Manuwa is 15-1, if he wins then he can be Bisping’s replacement as the guy to push in England. This can main event over there, and get some eyeballs on this guy. Its a bit of a jump, but we need someone to push vs our new champion- and I don’t want DC waiting around for Jon Jones or the OSP/Glover winner.

Rumble Johnson vs Jimi Manuwa


Anyone want to go to Europe? I got a great Fight Night main event here. Arlovski is on a run, and Stipe just took out Mark Hunt, but I’m not sure I can sell a Stipe vs Cain fight. Stipe makes Arlovski go to sleep in highlight fashion? Maybe I can kill time waiting on JDS vs Cain IV.

Andre Arlovski vs Stipe Miocic Arlovski

I need to know what is wrong with Travis Browne. Is that chin ok, or dented or even broken. Mark Hunt is the chin checker at heavyweight.

Travis Browne vs Mark Hunt

So thats what I’d do as Joe Daddy. Thoughts? Would you like to see this more often? Let me know.

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