Movie Review: Byzantium

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Movie Review: Byzantium

Let me first say that I got lied into watching this movie. I listen to a lot of History Podcasts, and one of them did an interview with a writer about a book on Vampires in Byzantium before the Turks took it in 1453. So when I saw a movie called Byzantium, and it showed vampires in the description, I thought it was that one.


This movie is about three stories that bounces back and forth.

Story 1. Emo kid, who keeps writing her story every night, and throws the paper away each morning.Byzantium Emo

Story 2. Her sister, who is a bit over protective- and for a good reason, since she seems to want to tell EVERYONE.

Story 3. 200 years ago, a couple of captains, one good, one evil, come across a girl. The good one gives her a pearl, the evil one makes her a prostitute.

The story bounces around between the stories, and does a decent job of bouncing between for a good part, then it stops caring about story 2, and delves into story 1 for a good portion of the middle part of the movie. The problem is, the Vampire story really doesn’t play into it, unless they want to use it as a get out of trouble-free card. You could has easily done this movie where the women were given knives and an immortality ring or something. Its never explained how they can survive in sunlight, even though one of the characters does ask.

The movie does tend to move enough where you don’t quite turn it off, and you almost get to the point where you get bored enough to grab the remote, just for something to stop you for another 5 minutes, until you feel yourself reaching for the remote.

Byzantium girlThe Question is, who is this movie for? I can’t say that its a chick flick, since the romance is shoved to the background for the conflict between the two leads. You can’t really say that their relationship is really worth it either. I know Vampire fans are gonna hate this, and there really isn’t the nudity or violence to really satisfy anyone looking for that jump.


I’m giving this movie a 2. I can’t see a reason really for anyone to see it. Out of the three stories we have, the one we care about the least, is the one we spend the most time on, and the one I want more of, we spend the least time on.

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