Movie Review: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max SqMovie Review:
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Well, ain’t we a pair.

You could say that. This movie is pretty much known for being the one with Tina Turner.” Is that a good thing? Or is the only pair worth watching attached to Tina’s hips?

We are 15 years after the Road Warrior, and Max is now using his car as a stagecoach, driving a team of Camels across the desert. Before I can get through a bar of “Rawhide” Max gets attacked by father and son team in a plane. I guess they don’t recognize him from the last movie, and on a side note- you go Gyro Captain! Max is knocked off the car, and the plane drops the kid off, who swipe everything and take off. Max has somewhere traded in his dog named dog for a Monkey, who starts throwing things out. Max follows the trail to Bartertown.

We get some fun stuffMad max collector

Max: I’ve got skills, I could trade them.

The Collector: Sorry, the brothel’s full.

Oh yeah, I love this dude already. Max tell him he has a certain set of skills, and is brought before Tina F’N Turner who offers him a deal. Kill Blaster, and he gets his stuff back and resupplied. Max takes the deal after going into the pig sty under the city to scout out Blaster and sees that they do have his car. Blaster is one-half of the ruler of Underworld, the muscle to the dwarf that is Master, who normally rides on Blaster’s back. Yup they have his car, so Mel picks a fight with Blaster- and its two men enter, one man leave time.

Master BlasterSo now we get ThunderDome. A nice little cage match between Mel Gibson and the helmeted Blaster. Is Max going to win the fight? Can he trust Tina Turner? What the heck is “beyond” ThunderDome?

This is my favorite of the 3 films thus far in the series, pretty much up to my stopping point. Everyone is having a ball, and the costumes are hilarious.

Then it goes to Hell.

As soon as Mel hits the desert again, my enjoyment level takes a pretty big nose-dive. I spend the last half of the movie wanting to get back to Tina and to see if Mel can get his crap back, outsmart Tina and beat her Minions. So why do we spend SO much time away with the dumbasses of the desert?

I have to ding this one pretty badly for the third act, the finale is again a bit stupid, but at least the big baddie fight is left to the end. I’m going a 7, from a solid 9 movie we had before those snot-nosed kids got involved.

Spoilers Shead

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