Movie Review: The Living Daylights


 Movie Review:
The Living Daylights

More Bond More Bond More Bond.

Listening to a few podcasts that I listen too, Timothy Dalton isn’t exactly loved by most fans, its seems like he’s considered a stopgap after Moore. Kind of odd, considering how often he was offered the role.

Again, not knowing this Bond- or any of them until recently, lets see how he does, shall we?

We start off with Bond and two other Double-0 agents being offered a chance to take out a base on the Rock of Gibraltar in a training exercise, and the guards know they are coming, so they parachute in, but pretty quickly, things turn bad as one man cuts the line one of the Double-0s is using to climb up, Apparently he is NOT Inego Montoya.. Another Agent is killed, and for some reason the assassin grabs a truck and tries to storm the base, But Bond jumps on top of the truck, and hijinks and action sequences ensue. In a fun climax, Bond pulls his reserve chute after the truck goes off the side of the Rock, and the truck explodes, and Bond lands on a yacht, owned by some bored rich bitch. Bond swipes the phone, telling M that he will be in to report in within the hour, then looking at the girl, tells M, make that 2 hours. That’s just classic Bond there. A great intro to the new guy.Brosnan

What follows is Bond being charged with guarding a high-ranking Russian defector, and while he is given a nice weapon and told to take out the sniper, he figures out that she is not only Hot, but doesn’t know what way to point a rifle. Under the protests of another official, he doesn’t kill her, but is still able to get the defector into England. He states that the Russians have instituted a program to kill all spies- including Bond. That doesn’t last as the Russians are able to take him back alive, but now Bond isn’t sure that the defection is real, and tries to save the HOT Chick from being erased by the Soviets. The rest of the movie is Bond trying to see what is really going on with the Russians, and what the Hot Cello player has under those shoulder pads.

I love John Rhys-Davies as General Pushkin by the way. Seems like everytime he’s in a movie, he brings it. I wish we’d get him more often.

So how is it?

Bond Girl ChelloTo be honest, I like Dalton so far, now that I have seen half his Bonds. I think he is more in the Connery Role than the Moore Role of Bond. He’s not that funny, but he does have good material, but he plays more of a Kick Your Ass type of guy. He really doesn’t come across as a womanizer, either. You would think Dalton is the type of Bond to put a round in everyone’s head- then go through the Russian’s pockets for the information.

The action scenes are decent to good, to me, I can’t really complain. I’m not a big fan of the last boss- and I’ll talk about that in the spoiler portion. Overall, I do like this one, and while, again, a better re-write could have made this one a much better movie, I’ll go with a 7 here. If you like Bond, but don’t to see the older ones, and Roger Moore just isn’t your cup of tea, then this could be a good one to start with.

Spoilers Shead

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