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The Wrestling Roundtable is back fresh off the heels of Payback, and now we are only a week and half away from The Elimination Chamber. We will discuss the Elimination Chamber, along with much much more on this weeks edition of the Wrestling Roundtable.

Lets start with this weeks Power Rankings

1. Seth Rollins- Despite how he did it, Rollins walked out of Payback as the WWE Champion.

2. Dean Ambrose- The new number one contender seems ready to reign as champion.

3. John Cena- Forced Rusev to say “I Quit” or did he. Now Kevin Owens stands in his way.

4. Roman Reigns- Came so close to winning the title at Payback, what is next for Roman?

5. Randy Orton- The Viper took a pedigree from Seth Rollins, can Orton rebound and get back in the title hunt?

This week in professional wrestling.

Wrestling lost two legends this week in wrestling history as The Macho Man Randy Savage as well as The British Bulldog both passed away.

Kane’s movie “See No Evil” debuted in theaters.

The WWF became the WWE as they were forced to drop the F from their name.

And now on to this weeks questions. 


Are you looking forward to Elimination Chamber, and is it too soon for the WWE to have another Pay Per View just two weeks from the last one?

Steve: The WWE has done a great job in booking this show with only two weeks from the last event. Is it too soon? Probably, but if you are a subscriber to the WWE Network, you are not paying for the event like you would have had to on Pay Per View. So why not? I have always liked this match, from its start back in 2002. So I for one am really looking forward to this show. With the added WWE title match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, these two can tear the house down. And John Cena vs Kevin Owens? This match could be one of the best on the card. I have not been impressed with the last two WWE pay per views, but this one is shaping up to be a great one.

Eric: WWE Elimination Chamber is coming up very quickly, as a matter of fact it’s two removed from the last time WWE had a ppv. I had said it before and I’ll say it again, the WWE has too many ppvs. If they were to keep the big four and add in maybe two more, I  think would be a lot better. It would give them more time to build the story lines and make the shows much more stronger instead of having a bunch of glorifiedMonday night RAWs. I am excited for two things at the Chamber, first of all the tag team title Elimination Chamber match which I will talk about later and the other thing I’m excited for is Kevin Owens vs John Cena. This match has potential for show stealer written all over it. I think this match will be epic and amazing. Kevin Owens is an amazing performer and putting him in the ring with Cena, I think we have a potential classic on our hands here.

Josh:  I will answer the second part of that question first.  Yes, it is absolutely WAY too soon to have another PPV.  I have long been a proponent of going to 6 PPV’s per year (one every other month).  It seems that WWE is not heeding my advice and instead going the opposite way, to 24 PPV’s per year (2 per month)…Pretty soon every individual RAW will be it’s own Pay Per View….There is a saying “Saying that everyone is special is the same as saying that no one is.”  The more of these “Special Events” you pack into the year, the less special each of them becomes.   That being said…Yes, I am excited for Elimination Chamber….The WWE title match is going to be awesome, as we all know that Ambrose and Rollins can go.  The IC match in the chamber will probably get the short end of the stick as far as time goes, but should be solid with the competitors.  However I do not like having Rusev in the match. The LAST thing he needs is another mid card title, and I can’t see him being able to take another loss….The Tag Team match in the chamber will most likely steal the show.  But man….Cena vs. Owens….whew, that promo on Raw blew me away.  Kevin even broke the WWE formula and acknowledged his indy cred….When Owens said “I have been doing this longer than you.” to Cena…I about died….great work, can’t wait to see what this guy does on a big stage!

Chad: I do think that two weeks is to quick for a new pay per view, I think usually it should be roughly about 4 weeks to properly build a pay per view. That being said I am looking forward to this pay per view as I believe the two chamber matches and the Cena vs Owens match are very intriguing matches.


What is your greatest Elimination Chamber memory?

Steve: It has to be the first one with Shawn Michaels winning and completing his comeback and winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It was like a exclamation point on his career and to cement his legacy that he has done it all. While he only held it for a month before losing it back to Triple H, it was a chance for Shawn Michaels to wear World Title gold one more time.

Eric:  I may sound like a stick in the mud here, but I have never really been a big fan of the Elimination Chamber. I don’t know what it is, but this match has never really interested me that much. If I had to pick one though, I would go with the original Elimination Chamber match from Survivor Series 2002, I always have been and always will be a big Shawn Michaels fan and watching him win that match and win the world title was amazing. It was a well deserved victory. I know it’s kinda a generic choice but then again I don’t really care for the Elimination Chamber match.

Josh:  There really haven’t been too many super memorable chamber moments for me.  Chambers tend to be a lot of pretty good spots, but no GREAT spots, whereas Hell in a Cell has some AMAZING spots.  That being said, I do find the chamber matches very entertaining.  I remember John Morrison scaling the chain like a spider and hanging upside down….that was pretty cool.

Chad: My favorite chamber moment would be from the first Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002 with Shawn Michaels winning the Chamber match while still being part-time and the match happening in WWE’s home in Madison Square Garden.


Is having the WWE Tag Team Championship defended in the Chamber a good move, bad move, or does it really matter?

Steve: I don’t really know to be honest. I mean I guess we will have to wait and see how this transpires. It seems on the surface that there is just too many teams in the chamber match and it will fill up fast. I was thinking at first when I heard this match was going to happen that it was going to be three teams with one member in each pod. However, this could be interesting, and Im willing to give it a shot. I am interested to see what the Lucha Dragons will do off the top of one of the pods, it sets up for some pretty cool shit.

Eric: So at this Elimination Chamber event the WWE WORLD Tag team titles will be defended for the first time in an Elimination Chamber match. I mentioned earlier I was looking forward to this and I really am. I am interested to see how this will play out. I have always been a big fan of tag team wrestling and to see a first like this in WWE history, this has great potential. Everyone always remembers the first of something, it is has all other things are measured up to. Even though I am not a fan of the Elimination Chamber match, I am very interested to see this Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber match. Good move here WWE.

Josh:  Great move.  This is something that I think should have been done a while ago, something never done before with the tag titles.  And with the mix of tag teams in there, there will be some AMAZING action going on inside that cage.  I don’t see New Day dropping the titles so soon, although if they do, Prime Time Players seem like the logical choice.  This will be a sink or swim moment for the tag division.  If this match goes at the level it could, then the tag division will be back, and with a vengeance, but if it flops, look for a lot less time to be spent on the tag division.  But to take this question one step further, next up, Divas in the chamber for the Divas title….Let the ladies mix it up a bit with some extreme stuff.  You can’t tell me that Paige, Naomi, and Tamina wouldn’t love to have a match in the elimination chamber.  Throw some NXT talent like Charlotte and Bailey in there, and you have a serious match with a lot of potential…but cest la vie, it will never happen…sigh.

Chad: For me I’m leaning more towards bad move with 12 guys running around the confined space of the Chamber I see it as being more of a disorganized chaos then a normal chamber match.


So far, Seth Rollins’ run as WWE Champion has been what many would say sub-par. What does the WWE need to do to make his run a success, if there is anything that can be done?

Steve: So far the reign of Seth Rollins has made him look like a punk ass bitch. I honestly feel that they have ruined him as a top talent because of the way he is winning matches. What they need to do to make his run mean something, is have him win matches on his own without the help of Kane, J & J Security, or whoever else he recruits. He needs to solidify his reign as champion. Rollins could very well be the future, but until he starts doing things on his own, his reign, to me is one of the worst ever.

Eric:  I don’t think Seth Rollins reign as WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION has been that bad. I think it could have been a lot worse than what it has been. I just don’t think we have seen his full potential used yet. Seth Rollins is an amazing talent and I think if you give him the right person to work with, he can show off his talent in the ring. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg and we will see great matches with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title. Both men are young and hungry and will give everything they got to steal the show everytime. I think Seth Rollins will prove very soon that he deserves to be WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and that his title reign will be great.

Josh:  I would not say that the run has been sub-par….He hasn’t had that great of opponents, at least not opponents that match up well with him.  His match at Chamber with Dean Ambrose will be a turning point.  I do not expect him to drop the title, but rather go into SummerSlam with it.  But Ambrose is a guy that Rollins could believably beat clean, and Rollins NEEDS to beat Ambrose clean.  That will start his run around, and then at SummerSlam, you put stipulations on the match for him to retain against Lesnar, and he should probably carry the title to Survivor Series, where I would have him drop it to Bray Wyatt….that is how I book it, but WWE doesn’t do things the smart way at all times.

Chad: I think for Seth Rollins I think his reign was doomed from the beginning with the match being Brock vs Roman at WrestleMania and the announcement of Brock’s contract signing I think people see Rollins as a placeholder for the title until Brock’s eventual return overcoming the odds against the Authority’s handpicked champion


Which match on Payback do you think, “stole the show”, and what was your overall takeaway from the event?

Steve: It was “okay” I mean it didnt have me on the edge of my seat, but it didnt completely bore me either. The Fatal Four way was a good match, though I wish they would have kept it between the four participants, and not Kane and the two bitches. I liked the momentarily Shield reuniting. A friend of mine thinks that the WWE was testing the crowd to see what reaction they would have if the Shield came back as a team. Who knows? I think they are going to succeed individually. The Cena vs Rusev match was pretty good, though I would have hoped it would have been a non-controversial finish. However, any finish with Lana is good with me.  The match I thought that really stole the show may surprise you. Bray Wyatt vs Ryback really did so much better than I thought. Now, usually when I am watching wrestling, I am doing something else, whether it be messing around on Facebook, Twitter, or researching questions for #ask7pound. I was glued to the TV during this match and if it wasnt for an injury to Ryback it could have been even better. But overall the show was decent. A good set up for Elimination Chamber.

Eric: This past Sunday was WWE Payback event. I did watch the event on the WWE network. The match that I believe was the show stealer/ match of the night goes to Cena vs Rusev in the I Quit match. This match had so much action and excitement in it. Lots of back and forth, you never knew what was going to happen. I was definitely very impressed with that match. I will give the whole event a 7 out of 10. Other than the I quit match, the tag team title match was good and so was the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE match was very good also.  Other than those three matches, the event didn’t have anything else interesting or good happening on the show. The show didn’t have anything else that was very memorable. If I had to watch it again, I would watch those three matches and be done with it. I will admit this, it was way better than Extreme Rules last month!

Josh:  There were two matches that really were set apart at Payback, the tag title match, and the Ryback vs Wyatt match.  The other matches were ok, but I hated the ending for the Cena/Rusev match and Kane’s CONSTANT involvement was eye-gougingly annoying.  I would have been ok if at the VERY END he did something to allow Rollins to retain, but like 5 minutes into the match he is already interfering?  There was no suspense, we knew Rollins would retain at that point.  The tag match had great spots and the ending was perfect for the characters that the New Day are now portraying.  And Wyatt/Ryback was surprisingly smooth.  Those guys can go.  Bray Wyatt will be champion by year end.

Chad: Payback was a decent offering with several good moments but I believe that the Tag Title match was the show stealer. Personally I love tag matches having 2 out of 3 falls gives so many options as far as storytelling for the match. Anytime you get this is awesome chants is always a good think.


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