Ultimate Fighter 21 Episode 5

TUF 21 LogoUltimate Fighter 21 Episode 5

Rumble Johnson shows up. For some reason he talks about Carrington Banks right hand. Rumble brings him a beer. Andrews Nakahara
Sabah feels robbed. Hey, posing only does so much. We get a lot of whining. Dan Lambert says if they were going to lose 4 fights those were the four to lose, can’t argue with that.
Dana says ATT needs to find a finisher.
Blackzilians talk team and rah rah rah
ATT talk about being behind and getting some momentum. They bring in Hayder, since he’s never been to a decision.
Blackzillians decide to go with Nakahara, he’s a Brazilian, so of course he is a Ju-Ju master. No wait! He’s a Karate Man, so he only bleeds on the inside. We get training on the beach! That’s pretty cool. Glenn Robinson says that when Vitor Belfort brought Nakahara to the Blackzilians he said that he is going to be a world champion.

House Drama

Hayder HassanHayder and Jason Jackson talk about their fight last year. Jackson says that Hayder pulls his hair, and he’s a dirty fighter. Jackson denies it, but when we get the single camera, he admits he did. No idea how a toe-to-toe fight comes down to a hair pull, but ok.
Graves was up all night drinking and doesn’t come to the weigh-ins. Dan Lambert isn’t happy. Dan thought he was going to be the star of the show. Gotta make the others happy to think that.

Blackzilians are already thinking how many points they need to win.

Graves shows up, no one is really happy to see him. Even Dana bitches about Graves. Everyone loses and he is hurting morale.

Every talks about the standup battle. Jason Jackson says that Hayder only has the hook and the overhand right.

Hayder Hassan vs Andrews

ATT’s Hayder Hassan (6-1) vs. The Blackzilians’ Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2dr)

Hassan stalks Nakahara who is having problems staying back enough to really throw good kicks, once Hassan gets him back against the cage, he poses and allows Nakahara to circle away- no wait, he does the opposite and jabs away, and finally a hook catches Nakahara and some ground and pound finishes the fight.

Finally Dana is happy. I think everyone not wearing a Blackzillian shirt is happy. Dan just says “thats life” and consoles his fighter, who appears to be down a good while. Hassan celebrates, but not nearly as much as Sabah did last week.

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