MLBRT 5/21, Trade deadline coming early this season?

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2015 Season is only about 25% over… or still has about 120 plus games to go… but some teams might be looking forward to the trade deadline as their opportunity to contend in 2015 might be fading

Is the clock ticking already? Tulo? Should he go or should he stay? And the Rangers… time to rebuild and start over with youth?

And WTF is going on with all the TJ operations and quad strains???

These questions and more get the once over by the crew in this weeks Major League Baseball Round Table…

1)’s Jon Heyman says break up the Rockies and start by trading Tulowitzki right now… He says, “…the Rockies are just not very good… Tulo is a terrific player, but no one player can save this Rockies mess… They just lost 11 in a row. They have posted no better than a .457 winning percentage five years running, counting this one so far. The idea that they can compete with the Dodgers and Giants and Padres without some major alterations is nothing more than a fairy tale for now. No amount of commitment to the current plan is going to change things… This team needs to do big things to have a chance. And the first big thing they have to do is to trade Tulo.”

Your opinion of what Heyman alleges? Should Colorado bail out; trade Tulo and get as many prospects as they can and start rebuilding?

Archie1Archie: Given the fact they have NOT built a winning team around him thus far would lead one to believe that the Rockies are not in a mind set to build around him in the future. And, as far as his future goes, how many more seasons does he have left to build around? He turns 31 this fall and for most MLB players that means he is on the back side of his career already. Exactly how many “building years” constitute building around a player I’m not sure, but, one thing is for sure, the Rockies have failed in that quest. He has already been there ten years and he is the only reason for fans to turn out to a game. Other than Tulo what’s to watch?BOLD-troy-tulowitzki-rockie

If they trade Tulo now for “future talent” I’m afraid their attendance will drop down into the Atlanta Braves realm of “next to nothing.”

E.J. 12Earl: They should deal Tulo. He’s got a big contract so finding takers will be difficult but there’s two teams right here in New York City who need Tulowitzki, have assets to part with, and shouldn’t balk from his contract. The Rockies aren’t going anywhere fast so they might as well deal the talent that has some name recognition and start over.

major leagueJoe: Yes, they should. However, there is the problem of what Tulo is still owed on the contract he signed with the Rockies. Up until now, from all accounts that I have read, the Rockies don’t want to eat salary in a trade. That will have to change or they will be stuck with Tulo and eventually as good as the relationship the owners and Tulo have presently… it will sour thus making a bad situation into a toxic situation.

Once they make up their mind to finally eat some of the money then make the best trade they can as son as they can. Why? Next, I believe, Tulo, becomes a 10 & 5 player and can veto any trade if he so desires. Not sure he would do that except if the Rockies tried to trade him to a team with poor to little chance to make the playoffs. th9HHN2GGP

I have no idea which team would be the best trade partner who could offer the best prospect package so I’ll leave that up to the experts but the Rockies need to trade Tulo for their benefit as well as his.

Steve 01Steve: Yes, a thousand times yes.

The Rockies have about a little less than zero chance to compete in the National League West this season. Carlos Gonzales and Troy Tulowitzki still have some real estate value and the Rockies can get some very good prospects from a select number of teams. Carlos Gonzales and Troy Tulowitzki are border line superstars, and, you cannot rebuild a team with superstars on your team. The Rockies need to rebuild and basically start from scratch, then, when they have some grown talent, they can find their star player in order to compete again. Do this now while your two stars still have some trade value.  

2) Adrian Beltre recently hit his 400th career home run.  The 36-year-old Beltre broke a three-way tie with Andres Galaragga and Al Kaline at 399 homers. He is the 52nd player to hit 400. He is only the fifth full-time third baseman to hit 400 homers. 

Is he a Hall of Fame player?

Archie1Archie: Quite simply put, uh….No. Beltre400HR

He has 17 years of service and he has only made the ASG four times. Never won any MVPs (finished 2nd and 3rd). He has never led the league in any of the top Offensive categories. He has never stabilized himself or endured himself to any team for the long haul (i.e. Jeter, Chipper, etc.). So, I can see where the BBWAA will never vote him in.

E.J. 12Earl: I’ll make my answer real short: good player but not Hall of Fame worthy.


major leagueJoe: This guy is as borderline as you can get.

I think right now he is in the Hall of the Very Good… he is 36 and maybe has 2 or 3 years left to play and I don’t know if he can do enough to up his numbers to put him over the top to be a HOF player.

If somehow he were to get 3000 hits, then, I think that might do the trick. He is about 360 hits short from the 3000 total and barring injury he could get there in the time he has left as MLB player. And, that might make the BBWAA sit up and take notice.

Steve 01Steve: I am on the fence here. I am leaning towards that Beltre is in the Hall of very good.

It does not seem that any player within the steroid era that puts up power numbers is getting into the Hall of Fame because the writers are too leery of putting someone in who may have used. I’m not saying in any way that Beltre has done anything wrong, but, unless you are a player with an amazing batting average and 3000 hits, I don’t think you are getting in.

The exception to this will be Albert Pujols when he is ready to hang it up, because he put up other amazing numbers other than just home runs.  

3) Regarding the Texas Rangers… Although they have Beltre, and, Prince Fielder is starting to mash the ball again, they just don’t look like they have the horses to compete in the AL West over the long haul. They presently are languishing in the bottom of the division and their team stats are middling at best… they rank 12th in batting average; 11th in runs; and 10th in ERA.

When the trading deadline nears, and teams who are in the playoff hunt are looking for that extra piece to compete, should the front office think about trading players like Beltre, 36-years-old, and, Fielder, 31-years-old?

Archie1Archie:  Absolutely, let them start with Hamilton, (choke, hiss, psst). Just kidding.

Should Rangers trade Beltre or Fielder?
Should Rangers trade Beltre or Fielder?

But, with Beltre and Fielder they could draw much interest and gain some good young talent.

Texas is middle of the pack for age of players but in 1-2 more years they will be getting long in the tooth and in need of young talent. Moving Beltre and Fielder for young guns would make great sense for them; IF they have given up on this year.

E.J. 12Earl: Absolutely. Trading Beltre and Fielder would help. The Rangers do need a reset and trading the two aging vets would bring some youth back.

Fielder in particular. Yeah he’s fallen off some but he is still 31. Maybe a change of scenery will help out his game.

major leagueJoe: Yes… definitely Beltre and if they can maybe Fielder depending what they could get back in terms of the prospect package. But as far as Beltre goes… they need to think about it now because at 36 Beltre’s trade value will begin to diminish especially if he were to go into a prolonged slump later in the year. But, they do nee to time it just right and not pull the trade trigger too early so they can maximize what they get in return as teams grow desperate as the trade deadline nears.

Steve 01Steve: I don’t think that the Rangers are too far from competing. And, I even think that if they are buyers and can get some starting pitching to help out their offense, they can compete for the division this season. Texas_Rangers8

However, this is a do or die year for Texas in terms of what they can get for a guy like Adrian Beltre, or, Prince Fielder. No one is going to take on Fielder’s contract unless the Rangers pay for it.

Here is a clue Texas, stop over paying for guys, so you when you want to consider trading someone, you have the ability to trade him without losing tens of millions of dollars or be stuck with them. 

4) We all have a favorite team that we root for… who’s your closet team… which team do you secretly root for unless they are playing your favorite team? And, why?

Archie1Archie: You guys may find this hard to believe but I can honestly say NO ONE! Braves

I would seriously have to consider which team I would pull for IF something were to happen to the Braves. But, I would probably still follow the Braves if them moved to another major city unless they did something stupid like move to Canada or Mexico………or………the AL.

E.J. 12Earl: Mets fan since young. Been to Shea Stadium a handful of times, but, I also root openly for the Toronto Blue Jays because I have close friends of my family up there and made several trips to what was known as the Skydome. Since I root for both teams equally, I can’t call either one my closet team.Miami-Marlins-

However, I do have a closet team. That team? The Marlins. Why? Don’t know why really but I like to see the Marlins doing well.

Joe: Big Yankee fan… and many Yankee fans hate the Mets… Me? Nope, I don’t. In fact I kinda root for them as long as they ain’t playing against my Yanks. CubsHOWEVER, my secret team I root for? The Chicago Cubs.

Guess, I just fall into the trap of them guys being so long without a World Series ring and being the perennial underdog that I just wanna see them win.

Kinda been that way since I was kid, too. Always just sorta liked the Cubs.

If they were to meet the Yankees in the World Series? Sorry dudes, your only number two in my heart…

Steve 01Steve: It is no secret that my favorite team is and always has been the Atlanta Braves.

I grew up watching the Braves on TBS back in the 80’s almost every weekend when I was watching TBS World Championship Wrestling. They kind of grew on me, watching guys develop like Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Steve Avery, David Justice, Ron Gant, just to name a few. I never stopped watching them and rooting for them. mlb-stlouiscardinals

As for who is close? I am about an hour and a half away from Chicago, so the Cubs and White Sox, and about 3 hours from St. Louis. While I will prefer to watch the Cubs over any of the other two “local” teams, especially this year, I will root on any of the local teams, if, they are in the post-season. Not a fair weathered fan, just like to see the local teams succeed.
Unless, of course, they are playing the Braves. 


5)  Seems to be a lot of quad injuries for position players and Tommy John surgeries for pitchers lately… any ideas (or guesses) why?

Archie1Archie: I have speculated for years now that the strength and conditioning of MLB players in today’s times build such strong muscles that tendons, bones, ligaments and all the other things that attach them cannot support the extra strain. Baseball-training-manual-231x300

That and way too many players thinking that since they are in great physical build (and of course the mindset of the young being indestructible) they do not properly stretch and cool down before and after each outing.

Another thing about baseball players is that they do an exorbitant amount of “standing around” waiting for something to happen and then they go from zero to full speed in a second or two.

E.J. 12Earl: Overuse and mechanics would lead to injuries.

Putting a lot of pressure and torque on muscles and limbs not really meant to handle that force would lead to injuries.

major leagueJoe: 1) The players today do too much weight training and over bulk themselves and their tendons. muscles and bones can’t deal with the over conditioning of heir bodies. Something has got to give and its tendons or muscles and sometime bones. th4BW07N8M

2) As far as the pitchers… Personally I think all this limiting the pitchers on innings and subjecting them to pitch counts and all is more bad than good. I think they need to throw more not less. Yes, they need to get into the proper shape to do that and learn how to build up stamina… note: that’s stamina and not strength or bulk… but they need to pitch more not less.

Steve 01Steve: Okay, what I am about to say is only my thought and opinion, and is in no way to imply I know exactly if this is true or not.

I don’t think the guys in today’s game are putting in the work and practice to properly develop their arm strength, and, when they go out on the mound every fifth day, they over do it, thus causing serious problems with their arms and shoulders. bullpen-sessions-

As a pitcher myself, it is so important to work your arm out by throwing at least 3 times in between starts at half speed. This keeps your arm strong and more durable. I just don’t think these guys today are doing what they need to do in order to maintain a healthy career.

Again, only my opinion but the question is right, this is happening way more than it has in the past. 

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